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Cuomo warns law enforcement they have to implement his Thanksgiving Covid restrictions i2e世界播



New York governor Andrew Cuomo has warned law enforcement they have to implement his Covid restrictions over Thanksgiving (Getty Images) i2e世界播


New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo has warned law enforcement they have to implement his Covid restrictions over Thanksgiving. i2e世界播


Mr Cuomo had faced a revolt from a string of upstate sheriffs who said they would not have officers implement the rules that bans more than 10 people at family gatherings. i2e世界播


"I don't believe as a law enforcement officer you get to pick and choose which laws you enforce," said Mr Cuomo said in response to the criticism. i2e世界播


“My advice on Thanksgiving? Don't be a turkey,” he added. i2e世界播


Mr Cuomo also said that it was his belief that the state would see a large virus spike after Thanksgiving and urged residents to “follow the rules.” i2e世界播


The politician announced last week that indoor get togethers should be limited to just ten people during the holidays. i2e世界播


In response at least four sheriffs in Erie, Fulton, Saratoga and Washington counties said they would not have deputies enforce the rule. i2e世界播


“With regard to the Thanksgiving Executive Order, the Fulton County Sheriff's Office will NOT be enforcing it against our County residents,” wrote Richard Giardino on the Fulton County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. i2e世界播

理查德·贾迪诺(Richard Giardino)在富尔顿县警长办公室Facebook页面上写道:“关于感恩节行政令,富尔顿县警长办公室不会对我们的居民执行该命令。”i2e世界播

“Frankly, I am not sure it could sustain a constitutional challenge in court for several reasons including your house is your castle.” i2e世界播


Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard also said he would not send out deputies to “break up the great tradition of Thanksgiving dinner.” i2e世界播

伊利县警长蒂莫西·霍华德(Timothy Howard)也表示,他不会派警员去“打破感恩节晚餐的伟大传统”。i2e世界播

But he told people in his county to “follow your heart and act responsibly.” i2e世界播


Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo and Jeff Murphy of Washington County both also stated that what people did inside their own homes was beyond their jurisdiction. i2e世界播

萨拉托加县治安官迈克尔·祖洛(Michael Zurlo)和华盛顿县的杰夫·墨菲(Jeff Murphy)也都表示,人们在自己家里做的事情超出了他们的管辖范围。i2e世界播

An advisor for Mr Cuomo urged the state’s residents to follow guidelines with their families. i2e世界播


"We urge everyone to continue to be smart and act responsibly. We know this makes people unhappy, but better unhappy then sick or worse,” said Rich Azzopardi. i2e世界播


New York is not alone in its rules and similar ones exist in neighbouring New Jersey and Connecticut. i2e世界播


Michigan has banned indoor gatherings of more than two households, while Vermont and Washington state have barred indoor gatherings outside immediate households. i2e世界播


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