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The city's not just for the rich! Outrage at Sydney City's plans to cause traffic chaos in the CBD by building a cycleway down the middle of Oxford Street - that only the wealthy inner-city residents will use mGz世界播



A two-lane cycleway will be built straight down the middle of one of Sydney's busiest streets in a move that is being slammed as catering to the select minority who are wealthy enough to live in the inner-city. mGz世界播


The almost two kilometres of new bike lanes will extend from Taylor Square on Oxford street along Liverpool and College streets to the CBD and be completed by March 2021. mGz世界播


'Governments need to stop wasting so much money on a form of transportation that benefits so few,' one furious Sydneysider said. mGz世界播



A two-lane cycle way will be built straight down the middle of one of Sydney's busiest streets in a move that is being slammed by residents as catering to the rich (pictured is an artist's impression of the project) mGz世界播



Commenters online expressed outrage over the plan, saying the council was pandering to cyclists at the expense of drivers mGz世界播


'Good grief. I get that the council wants to pander to the Lycra-clad loudmouths but could they at least use some common sense and direct bikes via lesser used roads where less congestion will be created?' Another person said. mGz世界播


'It's all about Sydney. Are there any funds for the rest of NSW? The New South Wales Liberal National Party is a disgrace and should be kicked out,' a third person said. mGz世界播


'You can't wear a suit or high heels ... You get to work sweaty, tense and full of fumes ... If you live in the CBD, public transport is adequate. If you want to ride on the weekends go somewhere peaceful and picturesque,' a fourth person added. mGz世界播


The project will remove one traffic lane from Oxford Street heading into the city to make room for the cyclists. mGz世界播


In 2015, Sydney City ripped up an existing bicycle lane on College Street constructed at a cost of $5million which ran alongside Hyde Park in the CBD. mGz世界播

2015年,悉尼市拆除了学院街(College Street)上一条现有的自行车道,这条车道耗资500万美元,位于CBD的海德公园(Hyde Park)旁边。mGz世界播

The new project will cost $7million and be jointly funded by the NSW State Government and Sydney City council. mGz世界播



The project will remove one traffic lane from Oxford Street heading into the city to make room for the cyclists (pictured is artists impression of the project) mGz世界播


Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the new bicycle lane were needed as Oxford, College and Liverpool Streets were among the most heavily used in the city. mGz世界播


'Cycling numbers have grown significantly over recent years, especially during COVID, when many took to cycling for the first time,' she said. mGz世界播


'We want to continue to deliver an alternate safe transport option that ensures equitable access to our roads, increases safety and reduces footpath cycling.' mGz世界播


A recent report found of the 2,000 bicycle trips being made on Oxford Street daily, 10 per cent of riders were currently using the footpath to avoid traffic. mGz世界播


However, Sydney is also one of the most spread out cities in the world, stretching to the Royal National Park in the south, Blue Mountains in the west, and the Hawkesbury in the north - with many residents living nowhere near the inner city. mGz世界播


A community consultation will be carried out for the project over the next few weeks. mGz世界播


Daily Mail Australia has contacted the City of Sydney for comment. mGz世界播



The project (pictured is artist's impression) will run through several major inner city intersections potentially causing traffic chaos mGz世界播


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