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Jack de Belin finally takes to the stand to deny raping a teenage girl along with his teammate and claims he's 'never had a violent conflict with anyone' 5ze世界播



NRL and NSW Blues Origin star Jack de Belin has started giving evidence in his own trial, where he's accused of raping a teenager in 2018. 5ze世界播


The St George Illawarra lock, 29, and Shell Cove man Callan Sinclair, 23, have pleaded not guilty to the aggravated sexual assault of a woman in the bedroom of a North Wollongong unit on December 9, 2018. 5ze世界播

29岁的圣乔治·伊拉瓦拉(St George Illawarra)锁和壳牌湾(Shell Cove)男子卡兰·辛克莱(Callan Sclair)2018年12月9日在北卧龙岗一家公寓的卧室里对一名女子严重性侵一事提出无罪抗辩。5ze世界播

De Belin began detailing his early life, including being a paperboy in Cootamundra and going to a boarding school on a mathematics scholarship in Campbelltown. 5ze世界播


He later took a particular liking for rugby league, breaking into the St George team in 2011 and then NSW's State of Origin team in 2018, the jury heard. 5ze世界播



Jack de Belin has started giving evidence in his alleged rape trial. He's pictured leaving Wollongong District Court on Wednesday 5ze世界播


'Have you ever had any episode of being in a violent conflict with anyone?' his barrister David Campbell SC asked. 5ze世界播

“你有没有和别人发生过暴力冲突?”他的资深大律师大卫·坎贝尔(David Campbell SC)问道。5ze世界播

'No,' de Belin replied. 5ze世界播


The District Court jury on Wednesday heard taped phone calls from December 2018 in which Sinclair and de Belin insisted to friends and family the group sex was consensual. 5ze世界播


The accused men also spoke to each other on the phone, with Sinclair checking if his version of events matched de Belin's. 5ze世界播


'We know for a fact we didn't rape or sexually assault her,' de Belin told Sinclair. 5ze世界播


'It's f***ing bull**** it's even got to this.' 5ze世界播


The woman has told the jury the NRL star undressed her and forced himself on top of her as she said 'no'. 5ze世界播



Co-accused Callan Sinclair is pictured arriving atWollongong District Court on Thursday 5ze世界播

共同被告Callan Sclair被拍到周四抵达卧龙岗地区法院5ze世界播

He then allegedly made way for Sinclair and moved his groin to the then-teenager's head. 5ze世界播


The men allegedly alternated positions as the woman went 'dead and numb inside and just let it happen', the trial has heard. 5ze世界播


'I just had tears out of my eyes the whole time,' she said. 5ze世界播


De Belin's evidence continues. 5ze世界播


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