Naya Rivera的前任代表幼子提起不当死亡诉讼

2020-11-19 08:10

Naya Rivera's ex-husband files wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of their young son, claiming the Glee star's Lake Piru boat rental had not been equipped with lifesaving devices when she tragically drowned Sft世界播



Naya Rivera's ex-husband has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of their young son, four months after the boy witnessed his mother's tragic drowning at a California lake. Sft世界播

纳亚·里维拉(Naya Rivera)的前夫代表他们年幼的儿子提起了不当死亡诉讼。四个月前,纳亚·里维拉目睹了母亲在加州湖中溺水身亡的惨剧。Sft世界播

Ryan Dorsey, 37, is suing Ventura County, its Parks and Recreation management, and the UnitedWater Conservation District over his ex-wife's death,US Weeklyreported Wednesday. Sft世界播


Rivera, 33, drowned at Lake Piru, northwest of Los Angeles, on July 8 after renting out a pontoon boat with the couple's five-year-old son Josey Hollis. Sft世界播



Naya Rivera's ex-husband Ryan Dorsey on Tuesday filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of their five-year-old son Josey (right) four months after the toddler witnessed his mother's tragic drowning at a California lake Sft世界播

纳亚·里维拉(Naya Rivera)的前夫瑞安·多西(Ryan Dorsey)周二代表他们五岁的儿子乔西(右)提起不当死亡诉讼。四个月前,这名蹒跚学步的孩子目睹了母亲在加州湖中溺水的悲剧Sft世界播


Rivera, 33, drowned in Lake Piru, California on July 8 hours after renting a pontoon boat with her young son Sft世界播


The actress was declared missing hours later after Josey was found alone on the floating vessel with no trace of his mother. Sft世界播


Her body was pulled out of the lake five days later following a grueling recovery operation. Sft世界播


According to the complaint filed on Tuesday, Dorsey said the county is responsible for Rivera's preventable death because the boat rental had not been in compliance with US Coast Guard safety standards at the time. Sft世界播


Dorsey alleged the small vessel had not been supplied with a 'safely accessible ladder', rope, anchor, radio or 'any security mechanisms' to prevent swimmers from being separated from the boat. Sft世界播


'Disturbingly, later inspection revealed that the boat was not even equipped with any flotation or lifesaving devices, in direct violation of California law, which requires that all pontoons longer than 16 feet be equipped with flotation devices,' the documents state. Sft世界播


However, an autopsy report stated that Rivera's son Josey was wearing a life vest when he was found, and one provided for the actress was found on the boat. Sft世界播


The complaint further claimed the lake did not have any signs in the vicinity, including at its swimming area, to warn swimmers of the lake's dangerous conditions and strong currents.It also highlighted the lake's lengthy history of drowning incidents since 1959. Sft世界播



Dorsey, 37, claims Ventura County is responsible for Rivera's preventable death because the boat rental was not in compliance with US Coast Guard safety standards. The two were married from 2014 to 2018 Sft世界播



Security camera at the boat launch captured Rivera and her son arriving to rent a pontoon boat at Lake Piru on July 8 Sft世界播



Naya Rivera's father, George Rivera, second from right, and mother Yolanda, second from left, with members of Ventura County Sheriff's Office, are seen in a boat after Naya Rivera's body was found in Lake Piru on Monday, July 13 Sft世界播


Dorsey also claimed in the suit that the employee who rented the boat to Rivera had allegedly failed to advise her to wear the life jacket included onboard. Sft世界播


Authorities said Josey had been wearing a life vest at the time he was found, but the actress was not. Sft世界播


The man who rented her the boat however had claimed Rivera had declined a life vest, but he put one aboard anyway, according to investigators. Sft世界播


An autopsy report released in September revealed Riveraaccidentally drowned after she and Josey had jumped into the lake together at the count of three. Sft世界播


She quickly helped him back onto the boat before raising her arm in the air and calling for help. Sft世界播


Josey told investigators his mom then disappeared under the surface of the water, the report stated.Her death certificate states she had died within minutes. Sft世界播


Rivera's mother Yolanda told investigators at the time that her daughter 'knew how to swim well.' Sft世界播


Her body was finally recovered five days later. The Ventura County Sheriff's Office said she was most likely trapped in thick vegetation underwater before floating to the top. Sft世界播


The day before her death, Rivera had tweeted a photo of herself with Josey that read, 'just the two of us.' In her memoir, she called him 'my greatest success, and I will never do any better than him.' Sft世界播



The day before her death, Rivera tweeted a photo of herself with Josey that read, 'just the two of us.' In her memoir, she called him 'my greatest success, and I will never do any better than him' Sft世界播



Rivera played Santana in the hit TV show Glee. Her death at 33 has been ruled accidental Sft世界播


The boy is now in the care of Dorsey, who was married to the Glee actress from 2014 to 2018. Sft世界播


Dorsey paid tribute to actress in a post after her death and promised Josey would grow up knowing 'his momma loved him more than life.' Sft世界播


'Life is all about good times and bad times but with Josey it makes the bad a little less so because a part of you will always be with us. Sft世界播


'He'll never forget where he came from. We miss you. We will always love you,' he wrote. Sft世界播


Rivera's death was the third of a major cast member of 'Glee,' the Fox TV musical comedy that Rivera starred in from 2009 to 2015, playing a singing and dancing lesbian cheerleader Santana. Sft世界播

里维拉的死是福克斯电视台(Fox TV)音乐喜剧《欢乐合唱团》(Glee)主要演员中的第三位,里维拉于2009年至2015年主演该剧,饰演又唱又跳的女同性恋啦啦队长桑塔纳(Santana)。Sft世界播

The show has been dubbed as having a 'curse' after a string of heartbreaks and horrors surrounding it. Sft世界播


Rivera's body was found seven years to the day after co-star Cory Monteith died at 31 from a toxic mix of alcohol and heroin. Sft世界播


Another co-star, Mark Salling, who Rivera dated at one point, killed himself in 2018 at age 35 after pleading guilty to child pornography charges. Sft世界播

另一位联合主演马克·塞林(Mark Sling)曾与里维拉约会,2018年在承认儿童色情指控后自杀,享年35岁。Sft世界播

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