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Boris Johnson BLOCKS promotion of MP who Carrie Symonds gave evidence against in sex assault case... although the Tory rising star was cleared of groping woman at Christmas party VM1世界播



A Tory MP cleared of sexual assault despite Carrie Symonds giving evidence against him in court has been barred for promotion by Boris Johnson. VM1世界播


Richard Holden, 35, was last month recommended for a government post by Tory chief whip Mark Spencer, but he was over-ruled by the Prime Minister. VM1世界播

上个月,35岁的理查德·霍尔登(Richard Holden)被保守党党鞭马克·斯宾塞(Mark Spencer)推荐担任政府职位,但他被首相推翻了。VM1世界播

As the MP for North West Durham, Mr Holden is part of the Conservatives' so-called 'Red Wall' of former Labour seats, and has been tipped for a Cabinet future. VM1世界播



Richard Holden, pictured with his girlfriend Charlotte Ivers, has been barred for promotion by Boris Johnson despite being cleared of sexual assault VM1世界播

理查德·霍尔登(Richard Holden)与女友夏洛特·艾弗斯(Charlotte Ivers)合影,被鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)禁止晋升,尽管他没有性侵行为VM1世界播

He has emerged as the unofficial champion of Tory MPs who are urging the Government to honour Mr Johnson's pledge to 'level up' the North of England. VM1世界播


Mr Spencer said Mr Holden should be made a Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to a Cabinet minister, the first rung on the ministerial ladder. It came after several senior ministers told Mr Spencer that Mr Holden was one of the most talented MPs in the latest Commons intake. VM1世界播


But the appointment was dropped after it was made clear Mr Johnson would not allow it. VM1世界播


The Prime Minister has said privately that he will not promote Mr Holden because he fears his fiancee Miss Symonds would disapprove, according to well-placed sources. VM1世界播


He also blocked a plan to give Mr Holden a senior Downing Street post last year. VM1世界播



The Tory MP, 35,was accused of groping a woman at a Christmas party in December 2016, who then made the allegation to Carrie Symonds, then a special adviser to Sajid Javid VM1世界播

这位35岁的保守党议员被控在2016年12月的圣诞派对上猥亵一名女子,这名女子随后向当时担任萨吉德·贾维德特别顾问的凯莉·西蒙兹(Carrie Symonds)提出了指控VM1世界播

Mr Holden was forced to step down as an aide to then-defence secretary Michael Fallon in February 2017 after he was accused of groping a woman at a Christmas party in December 2016. VM1世界播

2017年2月,霍尔登被迫辞去时任国防部长迈克尔·法伦(Michael Fallon)助手的职务,此前他被控在2016年12月的圣诞派对上猥亵一名女子。VM1世界播

His resignation and the sex assault claim were leaked to the Buzzfeed news website at the height of the 'Pestminster' scandal in November 2017, when several MPs were accused of sexual misdemeanours. VM1世界播


Mr Holden, who has worked for the Tory party since 2007, was prosecuted at London's Southwark Crown Court in May 2018. VM1世界播


The court heard that the alleged victim had not complained to anyone for nearly two months when she made the allegation of sexual assault to Miss Symonds, then a special adviser to Sajid Javid, who was the communities secretary at the time. VM1世界播

法庭获悉,被指控的受害者向当时担任社区秘书的萨吉德·贾维德(Sajid Javid)的特别顾问西蒙兹小姐提出性侵指控时,已经近两个月没有向任何人投诉过。VM1世界播

The alleged victim said she had not reported the alleged incident sooner because she 'didn't realise it was a crime... this was just a thing that happened at a party'. VM1世界播


A friend encouraged her to come forward to prevent it happening to other women, she added. She also informed Anne Milton, the Tory deputy chief whip. VM1世界播

她补充说,一位朋友鼓励她挺身而出,防止这种情况发生在其他女性身上。她还通知了保守党副党鞭安妮·米尔顿(Anne Milton)。VM1世界播


Mr Holden was forced to step down as an aide to then-defence secretary Michael Fallon in February 2017 after the allegations VM1世界播

在这些指控发生后,霍尔登于2017年2月被迫辞去时任国防部长迈克尔·法伦(Michael Fallon)助手一职VM1世界播

The alleged victim told the court that one of Mr Holden's hands 'went down behind my skirt and between my tights and underwear'. Mr Holden strongly denied the allegations. His barrister said the pair had exchanged 'flirty' messages before the incident. VM1世界播


Miss Symonds and Mr Javid, who was home secretary by the time of the court case, both gave evidence in support of the alleged victim. A written statement by Miss Symonds was read out to the court, and Mr Javid said a Conservative official told him that Holden 'grabbed the bare flesh' of the alleged victim. VM1世界播


But prosecutors told the jury to ignore Mr Javid's statement because it clashed with the account she had given to the court. Mr Holden was actually charged with sexual assault by touching her clothes, not her skin, as Mr Javid had said. VM1世界播



Baroness Stowell gave evidence on Mr Holden's behalf VM1世界播


However, the MP's legal team accepted Mr Javid's evidence as they believed it showed the alleged victim had changed her story and lacked credibility. VM1世界播


One of Mr Holden's former bosses, former Lords leader Baroness Stowell, who is now chairman of the Charity Commission, was among those to give evidence on his behalf. VM1世界播

霍尔登的前任老板、前上议院领袖、现任慈善委员会主席的斯托威尔男爵夫人(Baroness Stowell)也在为霍尔登作证的人之列。VM1世界播

Baroness Stowell told the court that while it was crucially important for people who had been sexually attacked to come forward, it was incumbent on women such as her to speak up for those they believed were falsely accused. VM1世界播


After a five-day trial, it took a jury less than half an hour to clear Mr Holden. Judge Deborah Taylor told him he left the court 'without a stain on his character' and she hoped he could resume his political career. After the verdict, Mr Holden said he had been through a 'Kafkaesque living nightmare'. It had wrecked his career as a Tory aide, nearly destroyed his relationship with his political reporter girlfriend Charlotte Ivers, and cost him 150,000 in legal fees and lost earnings, he added. VM1世界播

经过五天的审判,陪审团用了不到半个小时就洗清了霍尔登的罪名。法官黛博拉·泰勒(Deborah Taylor)告诉他,他离开最高法院时“没有给自己的人格留下任何污点”,她希望他能重新开始他的政治生涯。判决后,霍尔登说他经历了一场“卡夫卡式的生活噩梦”。他补充说,这毁了他作为保守党助手的职业生涯,几乎摧毁了他与政治记者女友夏洛特·艾弗斯(Charlotte Ivers)的关系,并让他损失了15万英镑的律师费和收入损失。VM1世界播

The PPS job snub was not the first time Mr Holden, one of the most popular Conservative MPs, had been blocked for a key post by Mr Johnson. VM1世界播


A plan to give him a senior position in the Downing Street press office last year was scrapped at the Prime Minister's behest. VM1世界播



Mr Holden put his court ordeal behind him at the last election, overturning a Labour majority of nearly 9,000 VM1世界播


A source said the Tory leader appeared to have been influenced by baseless claims against Lancashire-born Mr Holden, who was educated at a state school and has a degree from the London School of Economics. The source said: 'Every time there's talk of giving Richard a job, he [Mr Johnson] mutters, 'No, I've heard he's a bad man'. It's all nonsense. VM1世界播

一位消息人士表示,这位保守党领袖似乎受到了针对兰开夏郡出生的霍尔登的毫无根据的指控的影响。霍尔登曾在一所公立学校接受教育,拥有伦敦政治经济学院(London School Of Economics)的学位。这位消息人士说:“每次有人说要给理查德一份工作,他(约翰逊先生)就会低声说,‘不,我听说他是个坏人。’”这全是胡说。VM1世界播

'Whenever he has actually come into contact with Richard, he said how much he liked him.' VM1世界播


Mr Holden put his court ordeal behind him at the last election, overturning a Labour majority of nearly 9,000 to become the first Conservative MP for North West Durham. He has since campaigned to protect young people from the dangers of gambling and to scrap the 'toilet tax', the levy on public conveniences charged by some town halls. VM1世界播


There is no suggestion that Miss Symonds – who won praise in 2018 for her successful campaign to stop the early release on parole of black cab rapist John Worboys – is responsible for blocking Mr Holden's promotion. VM1世界播


A No 10 spokesman denied that Mr Johnson was responsible for blocking the promotion. VM1世界播


Mr Holden and Mr Spencer both declined to comment. VM1世界播


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