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John Durham probe into origins of Russia investigation is 'definitely still happening' despite months of silence and top official quitting, source claims wmq世界播

消息人士称,尽管几个月来一直保持沉默,最高官员辞职,但约翰·达勒姆(John Durham)对俄罗斯调查来源的调查仍在进行中。wmq世界播


U.S. Attorney John Durham's probe into alleged FBI misconduct is still underway, sources said about the politically charged investigation. wmq世界播

消息人士称,美国联邦检察官约翰·达勒姆(John Durham)对联邦调查局(FBI)涉嫌不当行为的调查仍在进行中。wmq世界播

The Durham probe ''is definitely still happening,' a source told Fox News, after it appears to have gone dormant for the weeks surrounding the elections. wmq世界播


Another source told Fox News'Durham remains full steam ahead.' wmq世界播


The statements vouching for the continuance of the probe come after Durham, who was tapped by Attorney General Bill Barr for the effort, brought charges against just one individual, FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. wmq世界播

在保证继续调查的声明发布之前,司法部长比尔·巴尔(Bill Barr)指认的达勒姆只对一名个人提出了指控,他是联邦调查局(FBI)律师凯文·克林史密斯(Kevin Clinesmith)。wmq世界播


U.S. attorney John Durham's investigation into alleged FBI misconduct is 'is definitely still happening,' a source told Fox News wmq世界播


The possibility that it would not bring further charges in the lead-up to the elections infuriated President Donald Trump, who vented about it in an October two-hour call-in interview with conservative host Rush Limbaugh. wmq世界播

在大选前不会提出进一步指控的可能性激怒了唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统,他在10月份接受保守派主持人拉什·林堡(Rush Limbaugh)长达两个小时的电话采访时对此发泄了自己的怒火。wmq世界播

Trump raged in October when Limbaugh told him that Barr told Congress not to expect charges in the final weeks before Election Day. Existing DOJ policy prohibits actions that might interfere in an election. wmq世界播


'If that's the case I think it's terrible. It's very disappointing. And I'll tell him to his face,' Trump said during a call-in interview with conservative host Rush Limbaugh. 'I think it's a disgrace. It's an embarrassment,' Trump said. wmq世界播

特朗普在接受保守派主持人拉什·林堡(Rush Limbaugh)的电话采访时说,如果是这样的话,我认为这很糟糕。这非常令人失望。我会当面告诉他。特朗普说,我认为这是一种耻辱,是一种尴尬。wmq世界播


Attorney General Bill Barr tasked Durham with heading a probe into the start of the Russia probe wmq世界播

司法部长比尔·巴尔(Bill Barr)委托达勒姆领导对俄罗斯调查的开始wmq世界播


Kevin Clinesmith, a Washington D.C.-area attorney, was publicly accused by a Congressman of possibly being the FBI lawyer described in the Inspector General's report as allegedly writing anti-Trump messages, including one that declared 'viva le resistance' wmq世界播

华盛顿特区地区检察官凯文·克林史密斯(Kevin Clinesmith)被一名国会议员公开指控,称他可能就是监察长报告中描述的FBI律师,据称他撰写了反特朗普的信息,其中包括一条宣称“抵抗万岁”的信息wmq世界播

Trump has complained for years that people 'spied' on his campaign and demanded action. In final campaign rallies, he even called for former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden to be jailed. wmq世界播

多年来,特朗普一直抱怨人们“监视”他的竞选活动,并要求采取行动。在最后的竞选集会上,他甚至呼吁监禁前总统巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)和前副总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)。wmq世界播

Since the election, he has shifted his focus to unsubstantiated charges of massive voter fraud. Trump declared Wednesday that he 'won' his election against President-elect Joe Biden, despite media networks calling the race for Biden. wmq世界播


He has taken a series of personnel actions since Nov. 3, including firing Pengagon boss Mark Esper and pushing out a top cybersecurity official at the Homeland Security Department who debunked fraud claims on a government web site. wmq世界播

自11月3日以来,他已经采取了一系列人事行动,包括解雇PEngagon老板马克·埃斯佩尔(Mark Esper),并驱逐了国土安全部(Homeland Security Department)的一名高级网络安全官员,这名官员揭露了政府网站上的欺诈指控。wmq世界播

Clinesmith was charged with altering an email relating to surveillance of former Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page. But Durham's probe took no action since. wmq世界播


A source told the network Durham 'does not want this to be viewed political,” predicted he would “punt it to after the election.' wmq世界播


Democrats have continued to howl at actions by Barr that have yielded political benefits for Trump, accusing him of acting like the president's personal lawyer, with some even threatening his impeachment. wmq世界播


Nora Dannehy, the top prosecutor on the probe, quit her post in September. The Hartford Courant reported it was over concerns there was pressure to produce a report before the probe's work was completed. wmq世界播

调查的首席检察官诺拉·丹尼希(Nora Dannehy)于9月份辞职。Hartford Courant报道称,人们担心在调查工作完成之前提交一份报告的压力已经消除。wmq世界播

According to the paper, 'colleagues said Dannehy is not a supporter of President Donald J. Trump and has been concerned in recent weeks by what she believed was pressure from Barr — who appointed Durham — to produce results before the election.' wmq世界播

该报称,同事们说丹尼希不是唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J.Trump)总统的支持者,最近几周她一直担心来自巴尔(Barr)的压力,巴尔任命了达勒姆(Durham),要求他在选举前拿出结果。wmq世界播

The move came days after Barr saidthere 'could be' more charges coming in the probe. wmq世界播


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