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For Covid-19 Vaccine, South Korea Says It Can Wait Until the Price Is Right NGy世界播



Visitors wearing face masks arrive at the Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul on Nov. 16. NGy世界播


SEOUL—As many countries jockey to get Covid-19 vaccines, South Korea is plotting a different course: It can wait. NGy世界播


The laxer stance pulled into the public eye at a Tuesday parliamentary hearing, when South Korea’s health minister said the country had been offered more than 30 million doses of the experimental vaccines made by pharmaceutical companies including Moderna Inc., plus another by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE. Global optimism has soared recently after both vaccines showed effectiveness above 90%. NGy世界播

在周二的国会听证会上,韩国卫生部长表示,已向韩国提供了超过3,000万剂的实验疫苗,这些疫苗由现代制药公司(Modern na Inc.)和辉瑞公司(Pfizer Inc.)生产。和BioNTech SE。最近,在两种疫苗都显示出90%以上的有效性后,全球的乐观情绪飙升。NGy世界播

But South Korea is in no rush to make a deal, as it negotiates to get a reasonable price for the vaccines, said Park Neung-hoo, South Korea’s health minister, at the hearing. Pfizer and Moderna have recently reached out to South Korea, seeking to get the country to swiftly commit to purchase contracts, he added. NGy世界播

但韩国卫生部长朴纽虎(Park Neung-hoo)在听证会上表示,韩国并不急于达成协议,因为它正在谈判,以获得合理的疫苗价格。他补充说,辉瑞和现代最近与韩国进行了接触,试图让韩国迅速承诺购买合同。NGy世界播

“Contrary to expectations, the companies are hurrying to sign a contract with us,” Mr. Park said. NGy世界播


South Korea, whose success in combating the virus has become a global model, wants to eventually vaccinate 60% of the country’s 52 million residents. President Moon Jae-in has pledged the government’s full support. But health officials have been more circumspect, worried that the fast-tracked vaccines may not be effective or could carry long-term side effects. They have stated a preference to see first how rollouts go elsewhere. NGy世界播


Government officials in the U.S., Europe and Japan—which have already procured large batches of vaccines—have said they are hoping to begin administering the treatments early next year, though widespread distribution could take months longer. NGy世界播


Meanwhile, South Korean health officials have aimed to vaccinate its population before next fall. The country plans to release a detailed vaccination program by early next month. NGy世界播


It has previously stated it wanted to obtain 10 million doses through the Covax initiative, the main global effort to broadly provide vaccines, plus another 20 million from private companies. NGy世界播


Moderna has already signed contracts with the U.S., Japan, Canada and Switzerland to supply its vaccine. Pfizer has made deals with the U.S., U.K., European Union, Japan and others. Neither company immediately responded to a request for comment. NGy世界播

Modern na已经与美国、日本、加拿大和瑞士签署了供应疫苗的合同。辉瑞已经与美国、英国、欧盟、日本和其他国家达成了协议。两家公司均未立即回复置评请求。NGy世界播

Health experts say South Korea has the luxury of waiting to see how well the vaccines work because it has kept a strong handle on outbreaks. It can also see which vaccines, among the dozens of candidates, prove to work best, said Chul-woo Rhee, a research scientist at the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul. NGy世界播

卫生专家说,韩国有权等待疫苗的效果如何,因为它对疫情一直保持着强有力的控制。首尔国际疫苗研究所(International Vaccine Institute)的研究科学家李哲宇(Chul-woo Rhee)说,它还可以看到几十种候选疫苗中哪些被证明效果最好。NGy世界播

“There’s no reason to bear the risk and rush to pre-order vaccines when you can maintain a low number of cases,” Mr. Rhee said. “South Korea is not in an urgent situation like the U.S. or Europe.” NGy世界播


South Korea’s reservations are in contrast with the stance of officials in the U.S. and Europe, where virus outbreaks have roared back to new peaks. It also marks a different approach from neighboring Japan, which has already signed deals with three manufacturers to purchase 290 million doses, or enough for 145 million people—more than the country’s population of about 126 million. Japan has pledged about $6.5 billion for the purchases. NGy世界播


Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has said the government aims to vaccinate everyone in the country by the first half of 2021. If successful, that would leave Japan well-prepared for an influx of visitors for the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which are planned to open in July after a one-year delay. NGy世界播


South Korea reported 313 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, the highest number since late August. But the country’s mass testing and contact-tracing program implemented early on has protected medical facilities from being overwhelmed, as in the U.S., and life has largely returned to normal. NGy世界播


Health officials plan to soon tighten social-distancing rules for the Seoul metropolitan area—home to roughly half of the country’s population—though the uptick brings it to the second lowest level of a five-tier system. NGy世界播


While the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have proved to be highly effective in preliminary results, the novel gene-based technology used by the two companies, known as messenger RNA, has never been approved to prevent any infectious disease. NGy世界播


Other potential entries, including those from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca PLC, are expected to be sold at a cheaper price when their trials conclude. NGy世界播

其他潜在的参赛作品,包括强生和阿斯利康(AstraZeneca PLC)的参赛作品,预计在试验结束后将以更低的价格出售。NGy世界播

South Korean health officials said they are considering vaccines from five different companies including Moderna and Pfizer. They believe vaccinating three-fifths of the country’s population will result in herd immunity. NGy世界播


“We are discussing which vaccines to choose, our strategy and order of priority for vaccination,” Kwon Jun-wook, the deputy director of Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, said at a Tuesday briefing. “There is no reason for our citizens to be anxious about vaccine procurement.” NGy世界播

韩国疾病控制与预防机构(Korea Disease Control And Prevention Agency)副主任权俊宇(Kon Jun-wook)在周二的吹风会上说,“我们正在讨论选择哪种疫苗,我们的策略以及疫苗接种的优先顺序。”“我们的公民没有理由对疫苗采购感到焦虑。”NGy世界播

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