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The Australian company that has MORE jobs available despite the pandemic - with 250 positions up for grabs 1oX世界播



A company has hundreds of jobs for delivery drivers available, bucking the trend as unemployment skyrockets around Australia. 1oX世界播


Australian-owned delivery company ANC has launched a drive to recruit more contractor owner drivers across the country ahead of 2021. 1oX世界播


ANC, which provides full-service last mile delivery, has predicted a 50 per cent increase in deliveries over the next three months and even more growth next year. 1oX世界播


'Unlike some organisations, we'll be keeping our drivers beyond the festive season,' ANC Managing DirectorJames Taylor said. 1oX世界播

非国大常务董事詹姆斯·泰勒(James Taylor)说,与一些组织不同的是,我们将在节日结束后留住司机。1oX世界播


Australian-owned delivery company ANC has launched a recruitment drive to employ 250 new delivery drivers ahead of Christmas and 2021 (ANC driver Andrew D'Urso pictured) 1oX世界播



The companyhas predicted a 50 per cent increase in deliveries over the next three months and is in need of more workers across Australia (queue at a Brisbane Centrelink pictured) 1oX世界播

该公司曾预测,未来三个月的交货量将增加50%,并在澳大利亚各地需要更多工人(如图为布里斯班中心链接(Brisbane Centrelink)的排队)1oX世界播

'A continuing rise in deliveries throughout 2020 and a number of new client partners using our last mile services means we currently need at least 250 new owner drivers,' he explained. 1oX世界播


ANC experienced a 58 per cent growth in delivery numbers, compared to January, in September this year. 1oX世界播


Mr Taylor also said some of the brands ANC delivered for had experienced a 700 per cent growth since the pandemic began. 1oX世界播


'We've seen a huge increase in whitegoods, such as fridges and freezers, plus desks and chairs from our furniture clients due to more people working from home,' he explained. 1oX世界播


Mr Taylor said ANC was happy to hire workers who were undergoing a career transition. 1oX世界播


'We have owner drivers joining us from various sectors including events, hospitality, the airline industry, removals, real estate - we even have a former stonemason who switched careers.' 1oX世界播


One driver, Andrew D'Urso, worked as an audio-visual technician in live events for over 10 years before joining ANC during the coronavirus pandemic. 1oX世界播

其中一名司机安德鲁·德乌尔索(Andrew D‘Urso)在冠状病毒大流行期间加入非国大之前,曾在现场活动中担任视听技术员超过10年。1oX世界播


ANC Managing Director James Taylor (pictured) said the company were happy to employ and train workers who were undergoing a career transition during the coronavirus pandemic 1oX世界播


'Back in March, within a week, my entire calendar became empty as every event was cancelled,' Mr D'Urso explained. 1oX世界播


'I converted my 1-tonne van, previously used for transporting audio-visual equipment... now I deliver for ANC clients including Bunnings, Barbeques Galore and Telstra.' 1oX世界播


'What I like most of all are the interactions with customers who are happy to see you because you're delivering something they need.' 1oX世界播


MrD'Urso urged anyone considering working as a delivery driver to apply. 1oX世界播


'I would say go with it. I made the change and haven't looked back. ANC is a great place to work. I have had six months of consistent work.' 1oX世界播


Anyone interested can apply on the ANC company website. 1oX世界播


The coronavirus pandemic has devastated Australia's casual workforce, with the unemployment rate rising to 6.9 per cent in September. 1oX世界播


Australia's unemployment rate sat at just 5.5 per cent before the pandemic. 1oX世界播



Australia's unemployment rate has risen to 6.9 per cent due to the coronavirus pandemic (line in front of a Centrelink office during the coronavirus pandemic pictured) 1oX世界播


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