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LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's top advisor faces sexual misconduct allegations as journalist Yashar Ali becomes second person in three months to come forward with account of 'a decade of abuses' 0Cc世界播

洛杉矶市长埃里克·加希蒂(Eric Garcetti)的首席顾问面临性行为不当指控,记者亚沙尔·阿里(Yashar Ali)成为三个月内第二个挺身而出,称自己遭受了“十年虐待”的人。0Cc世界播


A second person in three months has come forward to accuse the top advisor to Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti of sexual misconduct. 0Cc世界播

三个月内又有第二人挺身而出,指控洛杉矶市长埃里克·加希蒂(Eric Garcetti)的高级顾问性行为不端。0Cc世界播

Journalist Yashar Ali, 40, made detailed allegations in a firsthand account he published online on Monday night in which he claims Garcetti's advisor Rick Jacobs forcibly kissed him on the lips and hugged him several times over a period of more than ten years. 0Cc世界播

40岁的记者亚沙尔·阿里(Yashar Ali)在周一晚上发布在网上的一手描述中提出了详细的指控,他声称加希蒂的顾问里克·雅各布斯(Rick Jacobs)在十多年的时间里强行吻了他的嘴唇,并多次拥抱他。0Cc世界播

It came after a Los Angeles police officer who worked as a bodyguard for Garcetti filed a lawsuit in July alleging Jacobs repeatedly sexually harassed him. 0Cc世界播


Jacobs has vigorously denied the claims of harassment by the officer, although no comment has so far been made about Ali's allegation. 0Cc世界播


Jacobs, who is a former deputy chief of staff to the mayor, is well known in political circles in LA. 0Cc世界播


Ali describes how the alleged sexual assaults took place between 2005 and 2015, usually while he attended dinners and other events at Jacobs' house. 0Cc世界播



Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti's top political adviser, Rick Jacobs, is the subject of sexual misconduct complaints, including a lawsuit 0Cc世界播

洛杉矶市长埃里克·加希蒂(Eric Garcetti)的最高政治顾问里克·雅各布斯(Rick Jacobs)是性行为不当投诉的对象,其中包括一起诉讼0Cc世界播


Freelance journalist Yashar Ali, 40, alleges in a first-person article that Jacobs forcibly kissed him on the lips and hugged him over a period of ten years 0Cc世界播


'Jacobs would grab my face and kiss me on the lips — always twice — and he would turn to other people who witnessed it and say, 'He has the softest lips,' Ali wrote. 0Cc世界播


'Jacobs and I were never in a workplace environment, either. But forcibly kissing someone on the lips isn’t normal interaction between friends and unquestionably requires consent.' 0Cc世界播


He also said that he had 'seen Jacobs at fundraisers over the years subjecting others to forcible kissing, grabbing and sexually explicit comments.' 0Cc世界播



Ali explains in his account how he had met Jacobs during a career working in politics before shifting towards journalism 0Cc世界播


Ali explains in his accounthow he had met Jacobs during a career working in politics before shifting towards journalism. 0Cc世界播


'I considered [Jacobs] a friend, and we had many acquaintances in common,' Ali wrote. 0Cc世界播


He writes how he became infuriated when Jacobs' behavior appeared to be excused by others. 0Cc世界播


'When I asked people who knew Jacobs about the allegations, I received messages like, “Well, you know how Rick is” and “None of us are surprised.” And I remembered how I had seen Jacobs at fundraisers over the years subjecting others to forcible kissing, grabbing and sexually explicit comments.' 0Cc世界播


The responses saw Ali confront Jacobs in a series of text messages this summer. 0Cc世界播


'Rick, I saw your statement denying the allegations by the lapd officer which is your right of course but you used to forcibly kiss me on the lips in front of other people all the time. I hated it. And you would often do it twice and then turn to people and remark how soft my lips were. It was not something I enjoyed at all. Did it make me feel unsafe? No. Do I know the circumstances around the lapd allegations? I don’t. But did they feel familiar? Yes. I forgave you for what you used to do but if you behaved this way towards this man just be honest about it and deal with it. Denials won’t help you if the allegations are true.' 0Cc世界播


Jacobs replied: 'Nothing at all is true. Nothing. It’s fabricated.' 0Cc世界播


Ali responded the following day: 0Cc世界播


'Rick, every single person I’ve spoken to about this in the past 21 hours has said similar things to me, all along the lines of ‘well, you know how Rick is.’ or ‘That’s rick for you.’ You’ve got a problem, I don’t believe you’re a fundamentally bad person. But you’ve got a problem that you need to get help for.' 0Cc世界播



Yashar Ali detailed the alleged abuses he was subjected to in a lengthy article on Monday 0Cc世界播



Yashar Ali attempted to confront Jacobs about his alleged behavior in a series of texts 0Cc世界播



After July's lawsuit against Jacobs was filed, Ali went on to inform a member of Garcetti's team that he would be making his allegations public and hoped that something might be done 0Cc世界播


Soon after the texts, Ali then informed a senior aide to Garcetti that he would be going public with the allegations. 0Cc世界播


'I just wanted to let you know that on many occasions Rick forcibly kissed me on the lips. I will likely be saying something about that soon.' 0Cc世界播


Ali says he and the aide had a phone conversation about what had occurredy, and he was not urged to withold telling his story. 0Cc世界播


He says he had hoped that some action might be taken in the months that followed, but seeing that nothing had been done, he decided to detail everything in this latest story published on Monday night. 0Cc世界播


'Despite hearing my allegations three months ago, no one in the mayor’s office, including the aide I spoke to, has attempted to contact me to learn more about what Jacobs did,' Ali wrote. 0Cc世界播


After detailing the abuse, Ali shed light on the co-dependent relationship that Garcetti and Jacobs appear to have. 0Cc世界播


'In Garcetti’s world, Jacobs has developed a reputation for almost always getting his way, despite best efforts by other officials and advisers to convince Garcetti and that Jacobs’ counsel is misguided. Often, sources told me, Jacobs would get his way only after throwing what was described as a “temper tantrum.” 0Cc世界播


'Jacobs was not only known for his routine sexual misconduct, sources said, but he had a reputation as a bully whose rage often could not be contained and made the work environment within the mayor’s office hostile.' 0Cc世界播



In the lawsuit, LAPD cop Matthew Garza claims that Mayor Garcetti, pictured, was present for much of the harassment but did not intervene and would even 'laugh' at some of the comments 0Cc世界播

在诉讼中,洛杉矶警察局警察马修·加尔扎(Matthew Garza)声称,如图所示,市长加希蒂(Garcetti)在大部分骚扰过程中都在场,但没有干预,甚至会对其中一些评论进行“嘲笑”0Cc世界播

Ali's allegations come after a separate lawsuit was filed against the city by LAPD officer Matthew Garza, who worked as a bodyguard for Mayor Eric Garcetti for seven years. 0Cc世界播

阿里的指控是在洛杉矶警察局警官马修·加尔扎(Matthew Garza)对该市提起单独诉讼之后提出的,马修·加尔扎曾担任市长埃里克·加希蒂(Eric Garcetti)的保镖七年。0Cc世界播

The suit says that Mayor Garcetti, 49, was present when many cases of the alleged harassment took place. 0Cc世界播


'On some occasions, the mayor would laugh at Jacobs' crude comments,' the lawsuit said. 0Cc世界播


Garza became a member of the mayor's security detail in 2013 but over the following years, the suit claims, Garza was 'subjected to unwanted sexual harassment by Jacobs, who is openly gay'. 0Cc世界播


It alleges that the harassment only let up for a brief period in 2016 when Jacobs was on a leave of absence from Garcetti's team of top advisors for an unknown reason. 0Cc世界播



Longtime LA Mayor Eric Garcetti consultant Rick Jacobs, pictured center, was accused of sexual harassment against a cop who worked in the mayor's security detail in a July lawsuit 0Cc世界播

洛杉矶市长埃里克·加希蒂(Eric Garcetti)的长期顾问里克·雅各布斯(Rick Jacobs,如图中所示)在7月份的一起诉讼中被指控对一名在市长安全部门工作的警察进行性骚扰0Cc世界播

According to the suit, the harassment began in 2014 and continued up until October 2019. 0Cc世界播


It claims Jacobs would pull Garza into a 'long, tight hug' while making an 'inappropriate comment' such as '"you’re so strong and handsome"; "your muscles are so tight"; "I love me my strong LAPD officers".' 0Cc世界播


Garza said it made him 'extremely uncomfortable'. 0Cc世界播


'Over a dozen occasions, both while Jacobs was employed by the city and after he left city employment, staffers in Mayor Garcetti’s office apologized to [Garza] for Jacobs’ harassing conduct,' the suit states. 0Cc世界播


'Nevertheless, the mayor’s office never took any action to stop Jacobs’ harassment of [Garza].' 0Cc世界播


The officer says he eventually decided to leave the security detail in June because of Jacobs' behavior. 0Cc世界播


Jacobs has vigorously denied the officer's claims of harassment. 0Cc世界播


'This lawsuit is a work of pure fiction, and is out of left field. Officer Garza and I worked together for many years without incident,' he said in a statement to the LA Times. 0Cc世界播


'I will vigorously defend myself, my character and my reputation.' 0Cc世界播



Mayor Garcetti, pictured, has denied he witnessed any sexual harassment from Rick Jacobs 0Cc世界播


The Mayor has also denied that he witnessed any of the sexual harassment claims laid out in Garza's lawsuit, however no comment has yet been forthcoming over Ali's claims. 0Cc世界播


'The mayor has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and unequivocally did not witness the behavior that Officer Garza alleges,' the mayor's spokesperson Alex Comisar said in July. 0Cc世界播

市长发言人亚历克斯·科米萨尔(Alex Comisar)在7月份说,市长对性骚扰零容忍,明确表示没有目击加尔扎警官指控的行为。0Cc世界播

Despite leaving his city position in 2016 and no longer holding a formal role in any city, Jacobs is still considered to be the mayor’s top adviser. 0Cc世界播


According to the Los Angeles Times, he raised millions of dollars in support of Garcetti’s 2013 mayoral campaign. 0Cc世界播


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