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Speaker Lindsay Hoyle calls for 'COVID-riddled' Parliament to go VIRTUAL despite opposition from ministers as he 'warns older MPs to stay away' after ANOTHER politician tests positive bmI世界播

议长林赛·霍伊尔(Lindsay Hoyle)不顾部长们的反对,在另一名政客检测呈阳性后,警告年长的议员们不要靠近。他呼吁“COVID千疮百孔”的议会实现虚拟化。bmI世界播


Older MPs are being urged to stay away from the House of Commons as the Speaker warns it is becoming 'riddled' with coronavirus again, with 'nobody wearing masks'. bmI世界播


In a series of video calls this week Sir Lindsay Hoyle advised MPs to avoid making the commute into Westminster, especially if they are in the at-risk age bracket - there are 24 MPs over 70. bmI世界播


Labour's Dame Margaret Hodge, 76, who has been arguing for virtual proceedings to return during the second wave of covid-19, said she had been told not to come in bySir Lindsay as it is 'too dangerous'. bmI世界播

现年76岁的工党女爵士玛格丽特·霍奇(Dame Margaret Hodge)在第二次新冠肺炎浪潮期间一直主张恢复虚拟程序,她说林赛爵士告诉她不要进来,因为这太危险了。bmI世界播

The MP told The Times: 'The Speaker told us his view is don't come in now, it's just too dangerous. The place is riddled with coronavirus again. The police have it, doorkeepers have it, and nobody is wearing masks.' bmI世界播



Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, 63, (pictured in the House of Commons) advised MPs to avoid making commute into Westminster bmI世界播

63岁的议长林赛·霍伊尔(Lindsay Hoyle)爵士(图为下议院)建议议员们避免通勤到威斯敏斯特bmI世界播

Dame Margaret added that commuting from their constituencies across the country to meet together before returning home was 'not very clever'. bmI世界播


Over the weekend it was announced that 45 members of theparliamentary police force, Metropolitan Police officers, had tested positive. bmI世界播


Chris Matheson, 52, a shadow culture minister and MP for the City of Chester, also announced that he had fallen ill on Saturday and subsequently tested positive for Covid-19. bmI世界播


Announcing the diagnosis on his Facebook page, he wrote: 'The symptoms aren't very pleasant, but I don't have it nearly as badly as many others. bmI世界播



Dame Margaret Hodge said that MPs commuting from their constituencies across the country to meet together before returning home was 'not very clever' bmI世界播


'I now have to stay at home and can't attend Parliament in person, but will have a proxy vote which will be cast by one of the opposition whips on my behalf. bmI世界播


'I am trying to rest as much as possible, though I will continue to try and answer my emails and my staff will still be working. I would like to thank them for keeping the show on the road, as they always do. bmI世界播


'Once the symptoms are over, I will have to isolate but my team and I are still here. You must continue to get in touch if there is an issue that you need help with, and if I can't deal with this in person my staff will be on hand to assist.' bmI世界播


Speaking to Times Radio today Sir Lindsay said that MPs could become superspreaders of coronavirus if they don't stop travelling from their constituencies. bmI世界播


He said: 'MPs could easily become superspreaders because they come from all parts of the country...Whatever happens people's lives matter most, their health comes first and people with certain medical conditions, people of a certain age.... My advice - and it's advice not instructions - is put yourself first, look after yourself and make sure you are here for the long term...Do not put yourself at risk.' bmI世界播



Chris Matheson (pictured), a shadow culture minister and MP for the City of Chester, said he fell ill on Saturday and subsequently tested positive for Covid-19 bmI世界播



Health Secretary Matt Hancock during a debate on public health regulation in the House of Commons in London. Tuesday October 13, 2020 bmI世界播

英国卫生大臣马特·汉考克(Matt Hancock)在伦敦下议院就公共卫生法规进行辩论时说。2020年10月13日星期二bmI世界播

A spokeswoman for the Speaker's Office said: 'The Speaker's number one priority is the safety of MPs, their staff and House staff - and to ensure the parliamentary estate is Covid-secure. bmI世界播


'The advice we have given all staff, which is to work from home if they can, is the same for MPs, particularly those who are under medical supervision. bmI世界播


'As Covid cases are rising across the country, the last thing the Speaker wants to do is encourage MPs who are vulnerable to take risks by travelling into Parliament. This is exactly what he told a number of Members during a recent phone call.' bmI世界播


Mr Rees-Mogg has opposed the move back to virtual proceedings, claiming it would send the wrong message to the public. bmI世界播


Speaking to Times Radio Sir Lindsay said the leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees Mogg was setting a 'super' example by wearing a mask and being 'compliant' with the rules. bmI世界播

在接受“泰晤士报”电台采访时,林赛爵士表示,下议院领袖雅各布·里斯·莫格(Jacob Rees Mogg)戴着面具,“遵守”规则,树立了一个“超级”榜样。bmI世界播

At the height of the first wave in March the House of Commons was considered to be a hotbed of infection, with dozens of MPs forced to self-isolate. bmI世界播


In April Sir Lindsay made the same plea to all MPs, calling forParliament to sit remotely using Zoom following Prime Minister Boris Johnson andHealth Secretary Matt Hancock positive covid-19 diagnosis. bmI世界播


Despite this up to 50 MPs at a time have continued to sit in the chamber since June 2, with regular screening for the virus taking place. bmI世界播


Earlier this month MP Margaret Ferrier had the SNP whip withdrawn after travelling from parliament while awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test. bmI世界播

本月早些时候,下院议员玛格丽特·费里尔(Margaret Ferrier)在等待新冠肺炎检测结果时,从议会出发,收回了苏格兰民族党的鞭子。bmI世界播

The Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP was stripped of the nationalist party's whip and faces mounting calls to resign her 80,000-per-year job after an 800-mile round trip between her constituency and London. bmI世界播

这位卢瑟格林和汉密尔顿·韦斯特(Rutherglen And Hamilton West)议员被剥夺了民族主义党的鞭子,在她的选区和伦敦之间往返800英里后,要求她辞去每年8万GB的工作的呼声越来越高。bmI世界播

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