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Jacinda Ardern's rival The Crusher says fat people need to take the blame for being obese - sparking backlash from one of her own MPs SGm世界播

杰辛达·阿德恩(Jacinda Ardern)的竞争对手“粉碎者”(The Crusher)表示,肥胖的人需要承担肥胖的责任-这引发了她自己的一名议员的强烈反对。SGm世界播


New Zealand National MPMark Mitchell has spoken out against his party's leader after she called obesity a 'weakness'. SGm世界播

新西兰国家议员马克·米切尔(Mark Mitchell)公开反对他的政党领导人,此前她称肥胖是一种“弱点”。SGm世界播

Judith Collins blasted overweight Kiwis, labelling the growing issue a 'personal choice'. SGm世界播


'It doesn't take much to get frozen veges in the freezer. It's not that hard,' she said at a media conference. SGm世界播


'We can all take personal responsibility and we all have to own up to our little weaknesses on these matters. SGm世界播


'Do not blame systems for personal choices.' SGm世界播



National leader Judith Collins (pictured right) blasted overweight Kiwis, labelling the growing issue of obesity a 'personal choice'. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (pictured left) has warned against laying blame SGm世界播


The divisive conservative stalwart, known as The Crusher, copped a backlash for the comments. SGm世界播


Her deputy leader MrBrownlee told Newstalk ZBon Wednesday that although he agrees obesity can be dealt with through exercise and diet, the issue is much more complex. SGm世界播

她的副领导人马特·布朗利周三告诉Newtrack ZB电视台,尽管他同意可以通过锻炼和节食来解决肥胖问题,但问题要复杂得多。SGm世界播

'Some obesity is related to medical conditions, even psychological conditions that need treating, so it's a more complex issue,' he said. SGm世界播


The issue is becoming a huge problem in New Zealand with official government statistics revealing that one in three kiwis over the age of 15 are now obese. SGm世界播


New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters, has warned there is a 'tsunami of obesity problems' facing the country. SGm世界播

新西兰第一党领袖温斯顿·彼得斯(Winston Peters)警告说,这个国家正面临着一场“肥胖问题的海啸”。SGm世界播


A huge problem: One in three kiwis over the age of 15 are now obese (stock image) SGm世界播


'It's a critical matter and our health system faces a nightmare unless we get going right here and right now to do something about it,' he was quoted in the NZ Herald. SGm世界播


'We can all condemn them ... but the reality is, they'll have sadly truncated lives and many illnesses which are avoidable and I'd like to think that this country has a seriously practical dialogue about it rather than just condemning people.' SGm世界播


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also warned against laying blame. SGm世界播

总理杰辛达·阿德恩(Jacinda Ardern)也警告不要归咎于此。SGm世界播

'I think on an issue like this, people are, we are all, products of our environment. You can't deny that and so we do have to look at all the multiple factors that contribute to obesity issues in New Zealand.' SGm世界播


Although calls have ramped up for a broader national strategy targeting the problem, Mr Mitchellsays he's against invasive government intervention. SGm世界播


'To say that there should be some state-mandated action enforcing people to be a particular size, I think that's a step too far,' he said. SGm世界播


The war of words comes as the country is set to go the ballot box on Saturday. SGm世界播


Polling overwhelmingly suggests Labor's Arden will be elected to another term in office, with voters widely supportive of her response to the COVID-19 pandemic. SGm世界播



New Zealand National MP Mark Mitchell (pictured left) has spoken out against his party's leader Judith Collins (pictured right) after she called obesity a 'weakness' SGm世界播


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