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'I hit something!' Authorities release 911 call made by shaken South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg seconds after he struck and killed a 55-year-old man who was walking along a highway JWe世界播

“我撞到什么东西了!”当局释放了震惊的南达科他州股份公司Jason Ravnsborg拨打的911电话,几秒钟前,他撞死了一名55岁的男子,这名男子当时正走在高速公路上。JWe世界播


Authorities have released audio of the 911 call made bySouth Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg moments after he hit and killed a man while driving on a rural road near Highmore on September 12. JWe世界播

当局公布了南达科他州总检察长杰森·拉文斯伯格(Jason Ravnsborg)拨打911电话的音频,9月12日,拉文斯堡在海莫尔附近的一条乡村公路上驾车撞死了一名男子。JWe世界播

Ravnsborg, 44, was driving home from a Republican Party fundraising event around 10.30 pm when he struck Joe Boever, 55, who was walking along the roadway in the dark. JWe世界播

44岁的Ravnsborg在晚上10点半左右结束共和党筹款活动后驱车回家时,撞上了55岁的乔·博弗(Joe Boever),后者当时正在黑暗中走在马路上。JWe世界播

Audio of the 911 call, made public on Tuesday, features a shaken-sounding Ravnsborg telling the dispatcher that he is unsure of what he had just hit. JWe世界播


'911. This is Ally. How can I help you?' the operator asks at the beginning of the two-minute call. JWe世界播


'Ally. This… well… Ally, I'm the Attorney General. And I am… I don't know… I hit something,' Ravnsborg replies. JWe世界播


'Are you injured at all?' Ally then asks the high-powered politician, to which he responds: 'I am not, but my car sure as hell is... it sure hit me, smashed my windshield'. JWe世界播


When quizzed as to whether he had hit a deer, Ravnsborg then states: 'I have no idea'. JWe世界播


The operator goes on to tell the AG that a local sheriff would be dispatched to the scene. JWe世界播



Authorities have released audio of the 911 call made by South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg (left) moments after he hit and killed Joe Boever (right) while driving on a rural road near Highmore on September 12. JWe世界播




Late last month,Boever's cousin Victor Nemec spoke with DailyMailTV, stating that he was unsure as to why his relative was out on the road at the time the AG hit him. JWe世界播

上月底,博弗的堂兄维克多·内梅克(Victor Nemec)接受了每日邮报(DailyMailTV)的采访,并表示他不确定AG袭击他时,他的亲戚为什么在路上。JWe世界播

Boever had accidentally driven his own truck into a ditch on the same road earlier that day, and it has been theorized that he may have been going to retrieve items from that vehicle. JWe世界播


Nemec told DailyMailTV that he does not expect the investigation into his cousin's death to be transparent. JWe世界播


'Jason Ravnsborg is a coward for how he's acted since killing my cousin. I think his first reaction to the situation was how to save his own a**. Instead of telling us what really happened. He needed to do the right thing even if it's going to hurt his career. JWe世界播


'I believe this state is going to try to cover this up as much as possible.' JWe世界播



Last month, DailyMailTV spoke with Boever's family who called Ravnsborg a 'coward' who is trying to 'save his own a**. Pictured are Boever's cousins nick and Victor Nemec JWe世界播



Boever's body was not found until the next morning. His family believe the state is being 'tight-lipped' in the investigation. Pictured is the crash site JWe世界播


However, Ravsnborg insists that the had no idea he struck Boever - a tragic fact he says he did not learn until the following day. JWe世界播


After Ravsnborg made the 911 call shortly after the crash,Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek was dispatched to the scene. JWe世界播

车祸发生后不久,拉夫斯伯格拨打了911电话,海德县警长迈克·沃莱克(Mike Volek)被派往现场。JWe世界播

Believing that Ravnsborg had hit a deer, Volek loaned the politician his personal car to drive home. JWe世界播


'At no time did either of us suspect that I had been involved in an accident with a person,' Ravnsborg wrote in a subsequent statement. JWe世界播


Because Ravnsborg's car was too damaged to drive and a tow truck would take over an hour to arrive, Volek offered to let the attorney general take his personal car back to his home in Pierre. JWe世界播



The Ford Taurus that Ravnsborg was driving the night he killed Boever had a huge hole in the windshield of the passenger's side (pictured) JWe世界播


The following morning Ravnsborg and his chief of staff made the trip back to Highmore to return Volek's vehicle. JWe世界播


The pair stopped at the crash site on their way and discovered a man's body in the grass near the roadway. JWe世界播


'My chief of staff and I checked and it was apparent that Mr. Boever was deceased,' Ravnsborg wrote. JWe世界播


'I immediately drove to Sheriff Volek's home to report the discovery and he accompanied me back to the scene. JWe世界播


'Once there, the sheriff instructed me that he would handle the investigation, and asked me to return to Pierre.' JWe世界播



Ravnsborg is pictured (circle) at the Rooster's Bar and Grill at the Spink County Republican Party's event just before the fateful crash JWe世界播


Ravnsborg has a history of speeding tickets and traffic violations. JWe世界播


Documents reveal Ravnsborg has received eight speeding tickets, six between 2014 and 2018 in South Dakota, and two in Iowa JWe世界播


He also has received two violations, including one for not wearing a seat belt and another for driving without a proper exhaust and muffler system JWe世界播


Each offense took place in a different county and included speeding on a state highway and speeding on a four-lane road in a rural area. JWe世界播


The South Dakota Department of Public Safety is leading the investigation with the help of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation. JWe世界播


Ravnsborg is reportedly 'fully cooperating' with the investigation. JWe世界播



Documents reveal Ravnsborg had received eight speeding tickets, six between 2014 and 2018 in South Dakota, and two in Iowa JWe世界播


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