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Grand juror: Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron's 'statements and actions' in Breonna Taylor case remain a 'mystery' 1rk世界播


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The only information still "shrouded in mystery" in the Breonna Taylor case are the "actions and statements" of Attorney General Daniel Cameron's prosecutorsduring grand jury proceedings, according to the latest court filing in a grand juror'squest to speak openly. 1rk世界播

肯塔基州路易斯维尔。-根据一名大陪审员寻求公开发言的最新法庭文件,在布雷娜·泰勒(Breonna Taylor)一案中,唯一仍“笼罩在神秘之中”的信息是司法部长丹尼尔·卡梅伦(Daniel Cameron)的检察官在大陪审团程序中的“行动和声明”。1rk世界播

The anonymousgrand jurorasked Jefferson Circuit Judge Annie O'Connell to deny the state's request to delayany potential disclosurethe judge might grant until Cameron's office has an opportunity to appeal. 1rk世界播

这位匿名的大陪审员要求杰斐逊巡回法官安妮·奥康奈尔(Annie O‘Connell)拒绝州政府的请求,即在卡梅伦的办公室有机会上诉之前,法官可能会批准的任何潜在披露。1rk世界播

O'Connell hasn't ruled on either motion. 1rk世界播


Kevin Glogower, the grand juror's attorney, said in his motion that Cameron "cannotchoose to part from the rules in disclosing information and then use hisposition to prevent others from responding to his misleading remarks." 1rk世界播

这位大陪审员的律师凯文·格洛沃尔(Kevin Glogower)在他的动议中表示,卡梅伦“不能选择在披露信息时背离规则,然后利用自己的职位来阻止其他人对他的误导性言论做出回应。”1rk世界播

Though Cameron's office argues the secrecy ofgrand jury proceedings is "well-founded and based on centuries of history, practice and custom in the country and the commonwealth," Glogower said the attorney general "opened the door" to talk "all things grand jury" when he opined about the justification of Taylor's shooting, held a news conference and then spoke openlyon news broadcasts about it. 1rk世界播


Althoughaudio recordings of theevidence presented to the grand jury have become public, neither the grand juror's recommendations nor the deliberations were recorded. Those recordings indicate "conspicuous omissions" during the presentation, the motion said. 1rk世界播


"They have placed much of the proceedings into the public realm without a fight while clinging to this antiquated application," Glogower's motion Sundaysaid. 1rk世界播


It alsopoints tostatements about the case Cameron has made thatcontradict information recently released to the public. 1rk世界播


At a Sept. 23 press conference hours after the grand jury's decision, Cameron said that his investigation didn't include how the no-knockwarrant for Taylor apartment was obtainedandthat the three officers who fired their weapons at Taylor's apartment the night police killed her had "no known involvement" in the "preceding investigation" or warrant process,Glogower wrote in the motion. 1rk世界播


Cameron's statement was "misleading, if not outright false," the motion said. 1rk世界播


Since the lawsuit was filed Sept. 28,the Louisville Metro Police Department's internal investigation has become public and indicates that Sgt. JonathanMattingly, who was shot at Taylor's apartment, was involved in the investigation before the night she died. 1rk世界播


Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove shot Taylor six times and killed her after her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired at them first, saying later he thought someone was breaking in. 1rk世界播


Former Detective Brett Hankison was indicted by the grand jury on three counts of wanton endangerment for firing into an apartment next to Taylor's that was occupied. 1rk世界播

前侦探布雷特·汉克森(Brett Hankison)被大陪审团指控犯有三项肆意危害罪,罪名是向泰勒隔壁被占用的公寓开枪。1rk世界播

No one was charged in Taylor's death. 1rk世界播


Glogower noted Cameron's statement about grand jurors being able to "steer the conversation in a different direction" continues to "expose" the grand jurors to public condemnation by laying responsibility for the proceeding's results at their feet, the motion said. 1rk世界播


Jurors asked questions about evidence they never got to see, including additional body camera footage andwitness sketches, according to the motion. Terms such as "reckless" and "manslaughter" weren't stated in the 15 hours of recorded proceedings, words like "murder" and "homicide" were mentioned only a few times,and all were outside the context of Taylor's death. 1rk世界播


"When it was all over it certainly appears they were only given the option of indicting three counts of wanton endangerment," the motion said. 1rk世界播


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