Bikie Shane Bowden头部和胸部被两名持枪歹徒击中

2020-10-14 06:47

Slain bikie Shane Bowden was shot in the head and chest at point blank range by two hooded gunmen who laid in wait outside his home - before taking the perfect opportunity to pounce TFY世界播



A team of 80 police, including 60 detectives, are chasing two gunmen who murdered feared bikie Shane Bowden just after midnight on Sunday. TFY世界播

周日午夜刚过,一支由80名警察组成的小组,其中包括60名侦探,正在追捕两名枪手,这两名枪手谋杀了令人畏惧的自行车谢恩·鲍登(Shane Bowden)。TFY世界播

Bowden, 48, was shot in the head and chest at point-blank range, seconds afterhe drove into his Gold Coast unit about 12.10am on Monday. TFY世界播


Police believe the ruthless killers, both wearing hoodies in the attack, positioned themselves at a nearby parking lot while waiting for Bowden to arrive home. TFY世界播


They are now investigating whether the pair had the bikie under surveillance for a number of weeks before killing him. TFY世界播



Bikie Shane Bowden (pictured above) was murdered on Sunday on the Gold Coast outside his home TFY世界播

周日,Bikie Shane Bowden(上图)在他家外的黄金海岸被谋杀TFY世界播


A bullet hole (circled above) from Bowden's BMW is being forensically examined by police TFY世界播


Police also believe Bowden's murder stemmed from an internal feud involving the Victorian-based Mongols. However, the investigation currently remains focused on the Gold Coast, according to the Bulletin. TFY世界播


Bowden survived a drive-by attempt on his life in Melbourne last July, shortly after he was released from jail. TFY世界播


He had also recently patched back to the Finks after being kicked out of the Mongols. TFY世界播


Police on Tuesday rejected talk about a possible bikie gang war, but underworld figures expect retribution over the brutal slaying of Bowden. TFY世界播


Two burnt out cars found at Beenleigh and Ormeau, believed to be linked to the incident, are being forensically examined. TFY世界播


Footage from CCTV cameras along the street has also been scoured by police. TFY世界播



Forensic officers (pictured) working outside Shane Bowden's address on the Gold Coast TFY世界播


Queensland Police Detective Superintendent Brendan Smith said it appeared that Bowden had been ambushed. TFY世界播

昆士兰警司布伦丹·史密斯(Brendan Smith)表示,鲍登似乎遭到了伏击。TFY世界播

'At this point we believe the victim came home from the gym and has driven into his driveway, the assailants have run in and shot him multiple times and consequently now he is deceased,' he said. TFY世界播


'He's basically driven into his driveway, hasn't even gotten out of his car and has been executed. TFY世界播


'It obviously makes things harder when these types of gangs are involved because they have their own code of silence. TFY世界播


'It's important that people understand that these gangs are criminals… that survive on retribution, violence and threats and if anyone thinks anything otherwise they're an idiot. TFY世界播


'Nobody deserves to die in this manner but, you live by the sword, you die by the sword.' TFY世界播



Murdered bikie Shane Bowden had been feuding with fellow Finks OMCG member Jye Carter over model Tennielle Patterson (pictured) prior to his death at a Gold Coast home on Monday TFY世界播

被谋杀的自行车Shane Bowden周一在黄金海岸的一户人家去世之前,一直与芬兰OMCG成员Jye Carter为模特Tennielle Patterson(如图)争执不下TFY世界播

Daily Mail Australia earlier revealed that prior to his execution, high-profile Finks leader Bowden had been accused by fellow senior member Jye Carter of sleeping with his girlfriend. TFY世界播


Carter had been dating lingerie model Tennielle Patterson for seven months but was of the belief Bowden had become 'involved' with her. TFY世界播

卡特已经和内衣模特Tennielle Patterson约会了七个月,但她相信鲍登已经“爱上”了她。TFY世界播

A handful of Instragram messages sent from Carter to a friend in the aftermath of Bowden's death reveal that he admitted the pair had been 'fighting'. TFY世界播


Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting that Carter was involved in Bowden's murder. TFY世界播


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