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Wall Street snaps a four-day winning streak with the Dow closing 150 points down as vaccines are delayed and hopes of a stimulus package fade rVM世界播



Wall Street snapped a four-day winning streak on Tuesday, with halted COVID-19 vaccine trials and an elusive U.S. stimulus agreement weighing on sentiment as third quarter earnings season got underway. rVM世界播


While all three major stock indexes closed in the red, Microsoft and Amazon helped the mitigate the tech-heavy Nasdaq's loss. rVM世界播


At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 157.71 points, or 0.55 percent, to 28,679.48. The S&P 500 lost 22.29 points, or 0.63 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 12.36 points, or 0.1 percent. rVM世界播


Johnson & Johnson announced on Monday it was pausing clinical trials of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate due to an unexplained illness in a study participant. The delay weighed on the company's shares, even after its beat-and-raise earnings report. rVM世界播



The Wall Street sign is seen in front of a giant American flag hanging on the New York Stock Exchange in a file photo. Stocks closed lower on Tuesday after four days of gains rVM世界播


Late in Tuesday's session, rival Eli Lilly & Co said it was also halting its coronavirus antibody trial because of safety concerns. rVM世界播

在周二晚些时候,竞争对手礼来公司(Eli Lilly&Co)表示,出于安全考虑,它也将停止冠状病毒抗体试验。rVM世界播

'We have this recent spike in coronavirus cases coinciding with big drug companies halting vaccine trials,' said Robert Pavlik, chief investment strategist at SlateStone Wealth LLC in New York. rVM世界播

纽约Slatstone Wealth LLC首席投资策略师罗伯特·帕夫利克(Robert Pavlik)说,最近冠状病毒病例的激增恰逢大型制药公司停止疫苗试验。rVM世界播

'That's making the market nervous and in response, you're seeing the lockdown stocks moving higher,' he said. rVM世界播


Hopes for the passage of a new coronavirus relief package faded as U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief proposal from the White House, saying it 'falls significantly short of what this pandemic and deep recession demand.' rVM世界播

随着美国众议院议长佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)拒绝了白宫提出的1.8万亿美元的冠状病毒救助方案,通过新的冠状病毒救助方案的希望变得渺茫,他说,这远远达不到此次疫情和经济深度衰退的要求。rVM世界播

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Republican-led Senate would vote on a targeted pared-down stimulus package on Monday. rVM世界播

参议院多数党领袖米奇·麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)表示,共和党领导的参议院将于周一就一项有针对性的削减刺激计划进行投票。rVM世界播


Hopes for the passage of a new coronavirus relief package faded as U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief proposal rVM世界播


Meanwhile, millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet nearly two-and-a-half months after emergency unemployment assistance expired. rVM世界播


'(Washington is) playing with the market's emotions and individuals' financial futures,' SlateStone Wealth's Pavlik added. 'As this continues, the market is looking past what they're saying because it truly believes stimulus will come some time after the election.' rVM世界播

Slatstone Wealth的Pavlik补充说,(华盛顿正在)玩弄市场情绪和个人‘金融期货’。他说,随着这种情况的持续,市场对他们所说的话视而不见,因为它真的相信刺激措施会在大选后的一段时间到来。rVM世界播

JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup were the first two major U.S. banks to report third-quarter results. rVM世界播

摩根大通(JPMorgan Chase)和花旗集团(Citigroup)是首批公布第三季度业绩的两家美国主要银行。rVM世界播

Although JPMorgan handily beat consensus profit estimates, gaining from a boom in its trading business, its peer Citigroup, while also beating expectations, was slammed by low interest rates and a slowdown in loan demand. Their shares, along with the broader S&P Banking index lost ground. rVM世界播


Apple shares slid after unveiling the latest incarnation of its flagship gadget, the iPhone 12 with 5G connectivity. rVM世界播



A one-day view of the Dow on Tuesday. Boeing weighed heaviest on the index, after the planemakerreported order cancellations for its grounded 737 MAX aircraft rVM世界播

周二道指一日观点。波音(Boeing)在该指数中权重最大,此前该飞机制造商报告称,其停飞的737 Max飞机的订单被取消rVM世界播


The S&P 500 lost 22.29 points, or 0.63 percent, on Tuesday rVM世界播



While all three major stock indexes closed in the red, Microsoft Corp and Amazon.com helped the mitigate the tech-heavy Nasdaq's loss rVM世界播


The third-quarter reporting season has left the starting gate, and analysts now see S&P 500 earnings, in aggregate, falling by 19.6 percent year-on-year, according to Refinitiv. rVM世界播


Other earnings on tap this week include Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, UnitedHealth Group and United Airlines Holdings expected on Wednesday, with Morgan Stanley and Honeywell International due on Thursday. rVM世界播

本周其他可能公布的财报包括美国银行(Bank Of America)、高盛(Goldman Sachs)、富国银行(Wells Fargo)、UnitedHealth Group和联合航空控股(United Airlines Holdings),预计周三将公布财报,摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)和霍尼韦尔国际(Honey。rVM世界播

Shares of Delta Air Lines dropped after the commercial carrier reported a 76 percent plunge in quarterly revenue and announced it has delayed a targeted halt to its cash bleed. rVM世界播

达美航空公司(Delta Air Lines)股价下跌,此前这家商业航空公司公布季度收入暴跌76%,并宣布推迟有针对性地停止现金流失。rVM世界播

Planemaker Boeing reported order cancellations for its grounded 737 MAX aircraft and said deliveries were less than half the number as the same month a year ago. The stock was the heaviest drag on the Dow. rVM世界播

飞机制造商波音公司(Boeing)报告称,其停飞的737 Max飞机的订单被取消,并表示交付数量不到去年同期的一半。该股对道指的拖累最大。rVM世界播

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