纽约市的The Mark酒店表示,它有现金运营两年

2020-10-14 06:35

Could the ultra-rich save NYC's glitziest hotels? The Mark, where Meghan Markle had her baby shower, says it has cash to operate for TWO YEARS at only 50% capacity because of the 'super-luxury' market and jacks up room prices 20% to $1,300 a night ag9世界播

超级富豪能拯救纽约市最耀眼的酒店吗?梅根·马克尔(Meghan Markle)举行婴儿送礼会的Mark酒店表示,由于“超豪华”市场,该酒店有现金运营两年,容量仅为50%,房间价格上涨20%,至每晚1300美元。ag9世界播


In New York City's decimated hospitality sector, The Mark hotel stands out as one bright spot, claiming that it can rely on business from the ultra wealthy to stay afloat for two years at just half capacity. ag9世界播

在纽约市遭受重创的酒店业,马克酒店(Mark Hotel)脱颖而出,成为一个亮点。该酒店声称,它可以依靠超级富豪的业务,以仅一半的客流量维持两年的运营。ag9世界播

After facing foreclosure in May, ownersAlexico Group hammered out a deal with creditors and have raised average room prices by 20 percent, to $1,300 a night, putting them on solid financial footing, Bloomberg reported. ag9世界播

据彭博社(Bloomberg)报道,在5月份面临丧失抵押品赎回权后,Alicio Group的所有者与债权人敲定了一项协议,并将平均房价提高了20%,达到每晚1300美元,这让他们拥有了坚实的财务基础。ag9世界播

The ritzy Upper East Side hotel, which hosted Meghan Markle's lavish $500,000 baby shower in February 2019, is now banking on high-rolling guests to remain open. ag9世界播

这家豪华的上东区酒店曾在2019年2月举办过梅根·马克尔(Meghan Markle)耗资50万美元的奢华婴儿送礼会,现在正指望高滚动的客人继续营业。ag9世界播

'I don't think people who are visiting New York right now are very price sensitive,' Izak Senbahar, Alexico's president, told the outlet. 'You either need to be here or you don't, and in the super-luxury segment, we're the only game in town.' ag9世界播

Alicio总裁伊扎克·森巴哈(Izak Senbahar)对该报说,我不认为现在来纽约旅游的人对价格非常敏感。你要么需要来这里,要么不来,在超豪华领域,我们是镇上唯一的游戏。ag9世界播


In New York City's decimated hospitality sector, The Mark hotel stands out as one bright spot, claiming that it has the cash to remain open for two years at half capacity ag9世界播

在纽约市遭受重创的酒店业,马克酒店(Mark Hotel)脱颖而出,成为一个亮点,声称它有足够的现金以一半的客流量继续营业两年ag9世界播


The Atrium of The Mark Hotel's Penthouse Suite is seen. The Hotel is relying on 'super-luxury' customers to stay afloat in the coronavirus pandemic ag9世界播



Meghan Markle leaves the The Mark Hotel on East 77th Street in New York City for her baby shower on February 19, 2019 ag9世界播

2019年2月19日,梅根·马克尔离开纽约市东77街的The Mark酒店,去参加她的婴儿送礼会ag9世界播

Food and beverage service, running at about 75 percent of pre-pandemic levels, has been a major revenue driver for the hotel. ag9世界播


The hotel's restaurant by star chefJean-Georges Vongerichten has been offering outdoor dining, drawing both locals and visitors looking for an upscale dining escape. ag9世界播

酒店的明星厨师让-乔治·冯格里希滕(Jean-Georges Vongerichten)的餐厅一直在提供户外用餐,吸引了寻求高档用餐出路的当地人和游客。ag9世界播

Cocktails start at $21, the grilled lamb chops run $56, and the lobster costs $63 at the upscale restaurant. ag9世界播


Although the hotel is currently at about 50 percent capacity, with many of its $8,000 suites sitting empty, its owners believe they can survive for two years on current revenue levels. ag9世界播


'It's not a pretty picture overall,' said Senbahar said. 'But we're generating cash, paying our bills and employing 210 people. That's really an upbeat mode for us.' ag9世界播



The Grand Living Room in The Mark Hotel Penthouse Suite is seen above. The hotel has raised average room prices by 20 percent, to $1,300 a night ag9世界播



The Terrace of the The Mark Hotel Penthouse Suite.It comes as other Manhattan mainstays face an uncertain future ag9世界播



Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten leaves Meghan Markle's baby shower at the Mark Hotel in New York City on February 20, 2019 ag9世界播

2019年2月20日,纽约马克酒店,厨师Jean-Georges Vongerichten离开梅根·马克尔的婴儿送礼会ag9世界播

It comes as other Manhattan mainstays face an uncertain future. ag9世界播


On Monday, The Grand Central Oyster Bar shuttered its doors just 12 days after reopening for the first time in months, with staffers saying new 25 percent indoor seating capacity just won't cut it. ag9世界播

周一,中央牡蛎酒吧(Grand Central Oyster Bar)在重新开业仅12天后就关门了,这是几个月来的第一次,工作人员表示,新的25%的室内座位容量不会减少它的数量。ag9世界播

And last week,The Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown announced that it will shut down for good by the end of this month. ag9世界播


'Due to the current economic impacts, after almost 100 years of welcoming guests to The Grand Dame of New York, The Roosevelt Hotel, is regretfully closing its doors permanently as of Oct. 31, 2020,' the hotel said on its website. ag9世界播


The Roosevelt, which was first opened on September 23, 1924, was owned by Pakistan International Airlines and operated by the United Hotels Company. ag9世界播


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