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Conspiracy theorist Trump lawyer Sidney Powell sues in Georgia and Michigan with error-filled ‘Kraken’ suits j5m世界播



Sidney Powell at a Trump campaign press conference (REUTERS) j5m世界播


Attorney Sidney Powell, now distanced from the president’s legal team after sharing bizarre claims about election fraud, filed lawsuits on Wednesday in Michigan and Georgia. j5m世界播

律师西德尼·鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)周三在密歇根州和佐治亚州提起诉讼。鲍威尔在分享了关于选举舞弊的离奇指控后,现在与总统的法律团队保持距离。j5m世界播

Her complaints, which allege election fraud, are conspicuously riddled with misspelled words, garbled sentences, and formatting issues. j5m世界播


The Georgia filing comes several days after the state certified its election results following a hand recount of all 5 million ballots cast. Another recount requested by the Trump campaign is now underway in Georgia and will be concluded by 2 December. It is considered highly unlikely to change the result. j5m世界播


The lawsuits are apparently what Ms Powell meant when she said that she would challenge the presidential result by “releasing the kraken” – a phrase she used at a press conference with fellow Trump attorneys, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. j5m世界播

这些诉讼显然就是鲍威尔说她将通过“释放克拉肯”来挑战总统选举结果的意思--这是她在与特朗普的律师同事鲁迪·朱利安尼(Rudy Giuliani)和珍娜·埃利斯(Jenna Ellis)一起举行的新闻发布会上使用的措辞。j5m世界播

After the two lead lawyers issued a statement saying that Ms Powell was no longer part of the campaign’s legal team, she responded with her own remarks, using the hashtag “#KrakenOnSteroids". j5m世界播


Ms Powell has posted links to the Georgia and Michigan suits on her website with the words, “The Kraken is released on Georgia!" and “The Kraken is released on Michigan!” j5m世界播


Ms Powell’s complaint in Georgia names several plaintiffs, including the Republican governor, Brian Kemp, and secretary of state Brad Raffensperger. j5m世界播

鲍威尔在佐治亚州的起诉书列举了几名原告,包括共和党州长布莱恩·坎普(Brian Kemp)和国务卿布拉德·拉芬斯伯格(Brad Raffensperger)。j5m世界播

It makes extravagant claims about the integrity of the result, and focuses heavily on theories of rigged or tampered voting machines provided by Dominion – a company that has been the target of pro-Trump conspiracy theorists since it became clear that the election results were beginning to favour Mr Biden. j5m世界播


The lawsuit claims to demonstrate problems with the state’s electoral machinery so serious that “at a minimum, 96,600 votes must be disregarded”. j5m世界播


The filing also demands that authorities “set aside the 2020 General Election results which fraudulently concluded that Mr Biden defeated President Trump by 12,670 votes”. j5m世界播


The complaint shows signs of having been hastily assembled without proofreading. The word “district” is misspelled twice on the first-page header alone (as “districct” and then “distrcoict”). j5m世界播

起诉书显示出未经校对就匆忙汇编的迹象。单单在第一页的标题上,“区”这个词就拼错了两次(先拼成了“District ct”,然后又拼错了“didicoict”)。j5m世界播

Some sentences appear to have been spliced together, erroneously divided with misplaced full stops or end with closing quotation marks that were never opened. j5m世界播


The Michigan lawsuit appears to have had formatting issues, Bloomberg reported, removing the spaces between words. j5m世界播


The pro-Trump legal efforts to overturn the Georgia result have been met with resistance and irritation from the state’s officials, as the basis of the lawsuits and recount requests morph from one claim to another. j5m世界播


The secretary of state’s office told Fox 5 Atlanta: “It's like playing whack-a-mole. Every time we hear one thing, we knock it down. j5m世界播


“They first said Dominion's flipping votes. We did a hand audit. Dominion wasn't flipping votes. Well, now it's these were illegal votes that were cast. What evidence do you have of that? ‘Well, we feel like it was.’” j5m世界播


Besides her work on behalf of Mr Trump, Ms Powell serves as an attorney for Michael Flynn, who has now been pardoned by Mr Trump after twice pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. j5m世界播

除了代表特朗普工作外,鲍威尔还担任迈克尔·弗林(Michael Flynn)的律师。在两次承认向联邦调查局(FBI)撒谎后,弗林现已被特朗普赦免。j5m世界播

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