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More than 30 people are charged for being part of Coast Guard 'test score-fixing scheme' in which woman entering exam marks 'was paid $3,500 to pass mariners who wanted licenses for positions on ships' E7b世界播



United States Coast Guard employees in charge of issuing credentials to merchant marines ran a fraudulent scheme in which they received up to $3,500 each from some 24 applicants in exchange for passing test scores, it has been alleged. E7b世界播


Three former Coast Guard employees were among 31 people named in a federal indictment handed down on Friday by the US Attorney’s Office in Eastern Louisiana, which is based in New Orleans. E7b世界播


The test score-fixing scheme happened over seven years at a United States Coast Guard exam center in Louisiana, federal prosecutors announced. E7b世界播

联邦检察官宣布,这起操纵考试成绩的计划发生在路易斯安那州的美国海岸警卫队(United States Coast Guard)考试中心,持续了七年。E7b世界播

The indictment centers around Dorothy Smith, a former employee at an exam center in Mandeville, who was required to enter scores for exams merchant mariners were required to pass to get licenses for positions on ships, the US Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana said Monday in a news release. E7b世界播

美国路易斯安那州东区检察官办公室周一在一份新闻稿中表示,起诉书的核心是多萝西·史密斯(Dorothy Smith),她是曼德维尔一家考试中心的前雇员,需要输入商船水手必须通过的考试成绩才能获得轮船职位执照。E7b世界播


The image above is a file photo of a United States Coast Guard vessel. Federal prosecutors in New Orleans announced indictments on Friday against three former Coast Guard employees as well as more than two dozen others for taking part in a test score-fixing scheme in which they paid money in exchange for credentials as merchant marines E7b世界播


Prosecutors said Smith took bribes to fix exam scores and used intermediaries to connect her to maritime workers who were willing to pay. E7b世界播


Two of the intermediaries identified by prosecutors - Eldridge Johnson and Beverly McCrary - were employees of the Coast Guard. E7b世界播

检察官确认的两名中间人-埃尔德里奇·约翰逊(Eldridge Johnson)和贝弗利·麦克拉里(Beverly McCrary)-是海岸警卫队的雇员。E7b世界播

Smith is alleged to have fixed the test scores of individuals who are identified as employees in the maritime industry, including Alexis Bell, Micheal Wooten, Sharron Robinson, and Alonzo Williams. E7b世界播


Those individuals then took part in the scheme by taking bribes in exchange for fixing the test scores of other applicants, it has been alleged. E7b世界播


The release said those intermediaries would funnel the money and the mariners requests to Smith, who would then falsely report the scores in the Coast Guard computer system. E7b世界播


This allowed different applicants to get licenses to work on ships, including for positions like chief engineer. E7b世界播


All of them, including Smith, were charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. E7b世界播


Prosecutors said 24 current and former merchant mariners were charged with unlawfully receiving officer-level licenses. E7b世界播


Those 24 applicants allegedly paid between $1,000 and $3,500 for the unearned credentials. E7b世界播



The test score-fixing scheme happened over seven years at a United States Coast Guard exam center in Louisiana, federal prosecutors announced. The indictment names more than 30 people E7b世界播

联邦检察官宣布,这起操纵考试成绩的计划发生在路易斯安那州的美国海岸警卫队(United States Coast Guard)考试中心,持续了七年。起诉书提到了30多人的名字E7b世界播

If convicted, each defendant faces a sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. E7b世界播


They would also be subject to three years of supervised release. E7b世界播


Falsely handing out credentials to would-be merchant marines could have implications for American national security. E7b世界播


Civilian mariners with the US Merchant Marine transport cargo and passengers during peacetime. E7b世界播


Though merchant marines are not under the command of the military, in times of war they could be an auxiliary to the Navy. E7b世界播


That means they would be called up to ship soldiers and supplies forthe military. E7b世界播


Merchant Marine officers may also be commissioned as military officers by the Department of Defense. E7b世界播


Last year, President Trumpsigned an executive order that allows military veterans to apply their experience on military ships toward mariner credentialing and waives licensing fees, typically thousands of dollars. E7b世界播


The Trump administration said the executive order fills a shortage in the Merchant Marine. E7b世界播

特朗普政府表示,这项行政命令填补了商船队(Merchant Marine)的短缺。E7b世界播

White House adviser Peter Navarro said the number of those who have sailed in the 18 months before the executive order was signed was below 12,000, and if the US entered into a large-scale military conflict, it could face shortages in Mariners supplying military personnel. E7b世界播

白宫顾问彼得·纳瓦罗(Peter Navarro)表示,在行政命令签署前的18个月内航行的人数不到1.2万人,如果美国卷入大规模军事冲突,它可能面临提供军事人员的水手短缺。E7b世界播

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