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Wisconsin GOP election commissioner praised right-wing provocateur who promoted voter fraud conspiracies rme世界播



CNN projects Biden wins Wisconsin rme世界播


A Republican member of the Wisconsin Election Commission posted a tweet Thursday praising a well-known conspiracy theorist who has spread false claims about voter fraud. rme世界播


The commissioner, Bob Spindell, praised Jack Posobiec, a far-right agitator who is known for spreading conspiracies and disinformation on the Trump-friendly One America News Network. rme世界播

局长鲍勃·斯宾德尔(Bob Spindell)赞扬了极右翼煽动者杰克·波索比奇(Jack Posobiec),他以在支持特朗普的One America News Network上散布阴谋和虚假信息而闻名。rme世界播

"Thank you @JackPosobiec for tuning into the WIS Election Commission Meeting last night. I appreciate your kind words & all the hard work you do. I will keep you up to date on all the interesting things happening with the WIS Recount," Spindell tweeted on Thursday, referring to the election commission's meeting on Wednesday to set parameters for the partial recount. rme世界播


The tweet -- Spindell's first post since July -- was first spotted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. rme世界播

这条推文是斯宾德尔自7月以来的第一条推文,最先被《密尔沃基日报哨兵报》(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)发现。rme世界播

The six-member Wisconsin Election Commission, which includes Spindell, oversees the state's elections. They've played a pivotal role this year, from helping decide which third-party presidential candidates were on the ballot, to setting the parameters for the state's partial recount. rme世界播


The panel's Democratic chairwoman rebuked Spindell at the meeting for spreading what she called a "paranoid conspiracy" that mail ballots were improperly sent to voters. Posobiec posted about Spindell during the meeting and encouraged his 1.2 million followers to follow Spindell. rme世界播


"I do not know him, and I have not been on his Twitter page," Spindell told CNN on Friday. "Just to tell you how much I know about Twitter, I probably had, I don't know, one to two hundred people before this thing started. So, I really wasn't involved in Twitter. But I guess I am now." rme世界播


An ardent Trump supporter, Posobiec is widely known for live-streaming his 2016 investigation of Comet Ping Pong, the restaurant at the center of the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which falsely accused Democratic officials of participating in a child sex trafficking ring. A man who later fired a gun in the pizzeria while searching for supposed predators is now in prison. rme世界播

波索比奇是特朗普的热心支持者,众所周知,他以直播2016年对彗星乒乓(Comet Ping Pong)的调查而闻名。这家餐厅是被揭穿的披萨门阴谋论的核心,该阴谋论错误地指责民主党官员参与了一个儿童性交易团伙。一名男子后来在披萨店开枪,当时他正在寻找所谓的捕食者,现在他正在监狱里。rme世界播

Since the election, Posobiec has repeatedly promoted false claims about the election being stolen from Trump, citing the discredited conspiracies that Trump's legal team is pushing. rme世界播


Posobiec has repeatedly posted anti-Semitic memes and associated with White supremacists and neo-Nazis, drawing condemnations from the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, nonprofits that track hate groups against Jews, African Americans and minorities. rme世界播

Posobiec多次发布反犹模因,并与白人至上主义者和新纳粹主义者联系在一起,招致了反诽谤联盟(Anti-Defamation League)和南方贫困法律中心(Southern贫困Law Center)的谴责,这两个非营利性组织追踪针对犹太人、非裔美国人和少数族裔的仇恨团体。rme世界播

In interviews, Posobiec has distanced himself from the overtly racist figures in far-right circles, telling CNN in 2017 he "fully repudiated...white nationalists and their vile ideology of hatred." rme世界播


CNN projected that President-elect Joe Biden will win Wisconsin. But because of the narrow margin, Trump's campaign requested a recount in two counties, which is underway. Trump and his lawyers have pushed baseless accusations of massive voter fraud while he refuses to concede. rme世界播


In an interview with CNN, Spindell repeatedly raised the possibility of widespread fraud. He said "there isn't any evidence that there isn't any" fraud in Wisconsin, and said that because "every other item in human life has lying, cheating and stealing," a competitive election likely would, too. rme世界播


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