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Loeffler, Perdue turn to Fox viewers to fund pricey Georgia runoffs 4iB世界播


The price tag for the Georgia Senate runoffs has already cleared $100 million — and it’s climbing fast. 4iB世界播


Top super PACs and Senate committees from both parties have laid down tens of millions of dollars combined in initial advertising buys for the two runoff races, which will decide control of the Senate. It’s only a small fraction of what the groups will ultimately spend between now and Jan. 5, since each party’s top super PACs has bought only a week of TV ads so far. 4iB世界播


Meanwhile, each of the four campaigns have already booked anywhere from $20 million to $40 million on TV, and total spending is already nearing $150 million. The enormous sums could easily match the advertising budget for a full cycle for many competitive Senate races, and yet the figures will likely continue to grow in the coming days and weeks as the campaigns scrap for every dollar — including both GOP senators soliciting donations during interviews on Fox News Channel on Wednesday. 4iB世界播

与此同时,四场竞选活动在电视上的预订额都在2000万美元到4000万美元之间,总支出已经接近1.5亿美元。对于许多竞争激烈的参议院竞选来说,这笔巨大的金额很容易与整个周期的广告预算相匹配,但随着竞选活动每分一美元都在打折,未来几天和几周内,这些数字可能会继续增长--包括两名共和党参议员在周三接受福克斯新闻频道(Fox News Channel)采访时募集捐款。4iB世界播

One Republican working on the runoffs predicted the two races combined could top $500 million in total spending, which would put them firmly in top tier of most expensive Senate races in history, even when excluding everything spent before Nov. 3. 4iB世界播


During a campaign event last week with appointed GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), who is running in the special election, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) joked that Georgia TV stations are “going to make a lot of money over the next few weeks.” 4iB世界播

在上周与共和党参议员凯利·卢弗勒(Kelly Loeffler)举行的竞选活动中,卢比奥(Marco Rubio)参加了竞选活动。卢弗勒正在参加特别选举。他开玩笑说佐治亚州的电视台“在接下来的几周里会赚很多钱。”4iB世界播

“This is literally the showdown of all showdowns in terms of politics and what it means,” said Rubio. 4iB世界播


In the regular race — which is for a full, six-year term — GOP Sen. David Perdue ($24 million) and Democrat Jon Ossoff ($32 million) have combined to book $56 million in ads on their own, according to AdImpact. 4iB世界播

根据AdImpact的数据,在为期六年的常规竞选中,共和党参议员大卫·珀杜(David Perdue)(2,400万美元)和民主党人乔恩·奥斯索夫(Jon Ossoff)(3,200万美元)加在一起,自己预订了5,600万美元的广告。4iB世界播

But those otherworldly totals are eclipsed by what the candidates in the special election — which is for the final two years of former Sen. Johnny Isakson’s term and will be up again in the 2022 midterm election — are spending. Democrat Raphael Warnock has reserved $25.5 million in TV ads, according to AdImpact. Loeffler has already booked $40 million in TV ads for the race. 4iB世界播

但与参加这次特别选举的候选人相比,这些超乎寻常的总数相形见绌。这次特别选举是前参议员约翰尼·伊萨克森(Johnny Isakson)任期的最后两年,将在2022年中期选举中再次上升。据AdImpact报道,民主党人拉斐尔·沃诺克(Raphael Warnock)在电视广告中预留了2550万美元。勒弗勒已经为这场比赛预订了4000万美元的电视广告。4iB世界播

Loeffler mostly self-funded her campaign for the November election, loaning or donating more than $23 million of her own cash for the race, in which she finished second. But Stephen Lawson, a campaign spokesman, said Loeffler — whose net worth is in the hundreds of millions — does not plan to spend her own funds for the runoff. 4iB世界播

勒弗勒主要是自筹11月大选的竞选资金,为竞选借出或捐赠了超过2300万美元的自有现金,她在竞选中获得第二名。但竞选发言人斯蒂芬·劳森(Stephen Lawson)表示,卢弗勒--她的净资产高达数亿美元--不打算为决选花费自己的资金。4iB世界播

That's forced Loeffler to adopt a well-worn GOP strategy for combating a flood of Democratic small-donor money: begging Fox News Channel viewers to send her their loose change. 4iB世界播


“We know that hundreds of millions of dark liberal money is pouring into our state. That’s why it’s so important that everyone across the country get involved,” Loeffler said Wednesday on the cable-news channel, sharing her campaign website and asking people to “chip in five or 10 bucks” to her campaign. 4iB世界播


The comments drew swift condemnation from Democrats because Loeffler was interviewed inside the Capitol, and soliciting donations inside federal buildings is prohibited by Senate ethics rules. 4iB世界播


Later in the evening, Perdue also hit up Sean Hannity's prime-time audience for cash. 4iB世界播

晚上晚些时候,珀杜还向肖恩·汉尼提(Sean Hannity)黄金时段的观众募集现金。4iB世界播

"If we win Georgia, we save America. Frankly, that's why I need your viewers to help us," Perdue said, listing his website and asking viewers to "chip in a few bucks to help us." 4iB世界播


That's not the only way Republicans are tapping into their Fox-watching base for campaign cash. Ad ad from Senate Georgia Battleground Fund, the joint fundraising committee between Perdue, Loeffler and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, launched a national Fox News Channel ad purely to solicit new donations to the fund. 4iB世界播

这并不是共和党人利用他们的福克斯观察基础来筹集竞选资金的唯一方式。参议院佐治亚州战场基金(Senate乔治亚战场基金)的广告,该基金是珀杜、勒弗勒和全国共和党参议员委员会的联合筹款委员会,在福克斯新闻频道(Fox News Channel)推出了一则全国广告,纯粹是为了向该基金募集新的捐款。4iB世界播

“If Democrats win the two runoff elections in Georgia, Republicans lose control of the Senate. This means radical liberal policies like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and defunding our police could become reality,” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says in a voiceover, with the website for the fund on screen throughout the ad. 4iB世界播

如果民主党赢得佐治亚州的两次决选,共和党将失去对参议院的控制。多数党领袖米奇·麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)在画外音中表示,这意味着激进的自由主义政策,如绿色新政(Green New Deal)、全民医疗保险(Medicare)和取消我们警察的资金可能会成为现实,整个广告的屏幕上都显示着该基金的网站。4iB世界播


Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff takes a selfie with a supporter during a drive-thru event Nov. 18, 2020, in Marietta, Ga. 4iB世界播

2020年11月18日,佐治亚州玛丽埃塔,民主党参议院候选人乔恩·奥斯索夫(Jon Ossoff)在一场免下车活动中与支持者自拍4iB世界播

The National Republican Senatorial Committee booked $1.7 million for TV ads in each race starting the first week in December. The committee is also running coordinated ads with both campaigns, according to AdImpact. 4iB世界播


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee made a $6 million initial reservation for the final three weeks of the runoffs, split between the two races. That ad blitz is on top of the multi-million investment the committee announced in field and ground organizing. 4iB世界播


All of these totals represent TV spending — the largest line item on a campaign’s budget — and are only a partial picture of how pricey these races will be. 4iB世界播


But they do reflect the parties' main arguments. Republicans’ early messaging is clear: portray Warnock and Ossoff as radicals. Loeffler’s initial ads last week attacked Warnock over past comments he’s made about police or controversial Rev. Jerimiah Wright, an early effort to define him after he faced little negative advertising during the general election. 4iB世界播

但它们确实反映了两党的主要论点。共和党人的早期信息很明确:把沃诺克和奥斯索夫描绘成激进分子。勒弗勒上周的最初广告抨击了沃诺克过去对警察或有争议的杰里米亚·赖特牧师(Rev.Jerimiah Wright)的评论,这是他在大选期间几乎没有遇到负面广告后为自己定义的早期努力。4iB世界播

Warnock has mostly run positive ads about his own biography, as he did in the run-up to his first-place finish earlier this month. But he also countered with an ad attacking Loeffler over stock trades made during the pandemic. 4iB世界播


And two outside groups have picked up that theme against both Loeffler and Perdue. Georgia Honor and The Georgia Way — both of which are affiliated with Senate Majority PAC, the top Democratic super PAC run by allies of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer — ran separate ads attacking Perdue and Loeffler for stock trades made at the outset of the pandemic, and accusing them of downplaying the virus. The initial investment from the super PACs was $5 million. 4iB世界播

有两个外部团体也选择了这个主题来对抗勒弗勒和珀杜。佐治亚州荣誉和佐治亚州之路-这两家公司都隶属于参议院多数党政治行动委员会(Senate Majority PAC),后者是民主党最高超级政治行动委员会,由少数党领袖查克·舒默(Chuck Schumer)的盟友运营。这两家公司分别投放广告,攻击珀杜(Perdue)和卢弗勒(Loeffler)在疫情爆发时进行的股票交易,并指责他们淡化病毒。超级政治行动委员会的初始投资为500万美元。4iB世界播

Their counterparts, American Crossroads and Senate Leadership Fund, which are run by McConnell’s allies, made an initial $9 million investment this week, launching ads accusing Ossoff of covering up a “trail of dirty money” and calling Warnock a “radical” funded by the “far left.” 4iB世界播


Perdue’s sole TV ad so far tied Ossoff to national Democrats like Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, using Schumer’s comments about wanting to “change America” as a warning of a liberal agenda if Democrats take the majority. 4iB世界播


Ossoff called the early attack ads from Republicans “out of touch” in a Zoom press conference with reporters this week. 4iB世界播


“People are about to spend Thanksgiving without family. This virus is spreading without control,” Ossoff said. “Thousands of Georgians have lost loved ones. Thousands more may die. The sort of over the top partisan invective, I think, is ineffective and irrelevant." 4iB世界播


Ossoff’s messages have focused on Covid recovery and leaned heavily on Biden’s victory in the state and what a Democratic Senate would mean for the incoming administration. He released a minute-long spot Wednesday thanking first responders, and pledging to work with Biden on recovery. That followed a 30-second ad in which Ossoff said the only way to beat the virus was to “give our new president the chance to succeed.” 4iB世界播


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