2020-11-19 20:03

'Lockdowns would not be needed if mask use reached 95%': WHO's Europe chief says shutting down for covid is avoidable and school closures are 'not effective' QyZ世界播



Fresh lockdowns would not be needed if mask use reached 95 per cent, the head of the WHO's Europe office said today. QyZ世界播


Hans Kluge said the lockdowns imposed in countries such as Britain and France were 'avoidable' and should be seen as a 'last resort measure' to tackle rising coronavirus cases. QyZ世界播

汉斯·克鲁格(Hans Kluge)说,英国和法国等国实施的封锁是“可以避免的”,应该被视为应对不断上升的冠状病毒病例的“最后手段”。QyZ世界播

'Mask use is by no means a panacea, and needs to be done in combination with other measures. However, if mask use reached 95 per cent, lockdowns would not be needed,' he said. QyZ世界播


Kluge added that primary schools should be kept open during the second wave, saying that closures are 'not effective' because children are not driving infections. QyZ世界播


Britain, France and Germany are among the countries to have kept classrooms open in the autumn after shutting them in the spring. QyZ世界播



Near-universal mask wearing would eliminate the need for new lockdowns, the WHO's Europe director said today (pictured, people wearing masks in Bonn, Germany) QyZ世界播



The latest map of infection rates from the European Centre for Disease Control, with darker red areas having the highest infection rates, including the Czech Republic and parts of France QyZ世界播


While calling the need for lockdowns into question, Kluge also said that restrictions should not be eased too quickly. QyZ世界播


Kluge said that 'Europe is once again the epicentre of the pandemic, together with the United States', warning that some of the continent's health systems are struggling. QyZ世界播


On Wednesday, the WHO said that Europe made up almost half of the world's four million infections last week, but saw its own cases fall by nearly 10 per cent. QyZ世界播


The sharpest rise in new cases was in Austria, which saw a 30 per cent increase in new infections compared to the previous week. QyZ世界播


The WHO also noted that the UK had become the first country in Europe to cross the threshold of 50,000 virus-related deaths. QyZ世界播


Despite encouraging about vaccines, they are 'not a silver bullet because we know the supply will be limited particularly in the beginning', Kluge said today. QyZ世界播


Drug firms Pfizer and Moderna are both seeking approval for their Covid-19 vaccines after trials showed they offered more than 90 per cent protection against the virus. QyZ世界播


However, vaccinating hundreds of millions of people to bring the pandemic to a standstill will be a huge logistical challenge for European governments. QyZ世界播


'There is light at the end of the tunnel but it will be a six tough months,' Kluge told a news conference, speaking from Copenhagen. QyZ世界播


TheWHO is also in touch with the developers of Russia's Sputnik vaccine regarding clinical trial data, Kluge said. QyZ世界播


The Sputnik jab was registered before human trials were completed, alarming many scientists who said the effectiveness of the vaccine was not clear. QyZ世界播



The WHO's Europe director Hans Kluge, pictured, saidprimary schools should be kept open during the second wave, saying that closures are 'not effective' because children are not driving infections QyZ世界播

世卫组织欧洲区主任汉斯·克鲁格(Hans Kluge)(如图)表示,小学应该在第二波期间继续开放,他说关闭小学是无效的,因为孩子们不是导致感染的原因QyZ世界播

Europe has registered more than 29,000 virus deaths in the last week alone and much of the continent is now living under similar measures as in March and April. QyZ世界播


France is part-way through a second national lockdown, while Germany is operating a so-called 'lockdown light' and much of Italy is also living with stay-at-home rules. QyZ世界播


England is planning to return to a regional tier-based system when the national lockdown runs out on December 2. QyZ世界播


The infection rate has fallen in the last two weeks in Spain and France, and is showing signs of slowing in Italy and Germany. QyZ世界播


However, the death rate is likely to peak later than the infection rate because of the lag time between people being infected and becoming seriously ill. QyZ世界播


France and Italy are both averaging around 600 deaths per day, while Germany's figure has doubled to nearly 200 in the space of two weeks. QyZ世界播


In Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic - one of the worst-hit countries in Europe's second wave - has seen cases decline since lockdown measures were imposed. QyZ世界播


Today's figure of 5,515 new cases was the highest daily tally since November 13 but only a third of the peaks recorded in late October and early November. QyZ世界播


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