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Forget toilet paper and booze: South Australians are panic buying MEAT with major butchers forced to place limits on how much their customers can buy W7p世界播



South Australian butchers have been hit by extreme panic buying as customers bought up five days worth of product in hours. W7p世界播


Meat merchants in the Adelaide Hills are scrambling to restock their fridges to feed hungry consumers as South Australia goes into lockdown. W7p世界播


Thousands of shoppers flocked to stores and supermarkets across Adelaide before a six-day hard lockdown began on Wednesday at 11.59pm. W7p世界播


Panic buying measures forced Jo Dunn from Dunn's of Woodside butchersto implement a 2kg restriction on meat purchases for customers. W7p世界播

恐慌性购买措施迫使伍德赛德屠夫邓恩(Dunn‘s)的乔·邓恩(Jo Dunn)对顾客购买肉类实施了2公斤的限制。W7p世界播


South Australian butchers are copping extreme panic buying from customers. Pictured: an empty butcher in Adelaide Hills W7p世界播



Some meat merchants have been forced to put limits on how much customers can buy. Pictured: depleted meat shelves in a Woolworths in rural Adelaide W7p世界播


'What a day. Our stock levels are exhausted (just like us!),' Ms Dunn said on Wednesday evening. W7p世界播


'It’ll take us awhile to restock and get our display half reasonable so please don’t come in the morning as you’ll be disappointed.' W7p世界播


Dunn's of Woodside along withMeat at the Mount in Mount Compass and Mount Pleasant Butchers sold five days worth of meat on Wednesday alone. W7p世界播


Butchers are an essential service and will remain open during South Australia's lockdown, leaving many butchers confused at the amount of bulk buying from customers. W7p世界播


'What a whirlwind! A reminder we are open and after another crazy day, we’re well stocked!' Ms Dunn posted online. W7p世界播


'We’ve got plenty so no need too panic.' W7p世界播



Butchers are an essential service and will be open in South Australia's lockdown. Pictured: minimal stock at Dunn's of Woodside in Adelaide Hills W7p世界播


Katie Gooden from Mount Pleasant Butchers told Adelaide Now nearly every customer was panic buying. W7p世界播


'We didn't have one customer who bought anything under $200 as everyone was bulk buying,' she said. W7p世界播


'It’s pretty crazy as we’re open again today and will be in the days ahead, so there was no need for it. W7p世界播


'But in a way it was good as we had so much stock due to cancellations from cafes and so on which had to close due to restrictions.' W7p世界播


Butchers urged customers to look into delivery options to avoid overcrowding stores, which could potentially be a coronavirus risk. W7p世界播


Essential groceries such as toilet paper have flown off the shelves across the state with Coles supermarkets forced to impose a two-packet limit across South Australia. W7p世界播



Jo Dunn from Dunn's of Woodside butchers asked people not to panic and say there is plenty of meat to go around W7p世界播

来自伍德赛德肉店Dunn‘s的乔·邓恩(Jo Dunn)要求人们不要恐慌,并表示有很多肉可供出售W7p世界播


Customers queue up outside Woolworths at Mitcham amid lockdown restrictions enforced in South Australia on Wednesday W7p世界播


Adelaide was sent into one of the world's strictest lockdowns after the Parafield cluster in the city's north grew to 23 cases on Wednesday. W7p世界播


There were no additional infections reported on Thursday morning. W7p世界播


But chief public health officer Nicola Spurrier said 17 additional cases are being treated as positive infections, but they are still waiting on official test results. W7p世界播


Weddings and funerals are banned along with all outdoor sport and exercise and masks are required outside the home. W7p世界播


People are only allowed to leave their homes once each day to buy groceries or to seek a Covid-19 test or other medical treatment. W7p世界播


Only supermarkets, petrol stations, medical centres, critical infrastructure, public transport, airport and freight services, banks, post offices, school and childcare for essential workers and veterinary services are allowed to stay open. W7p世界播


There are 35 active Covd-19 infections across the state. W7p世界播


Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said the six-day period would be followed by another eight days of continuing restrictions. W7p世界播

警察局长格兰特·史蒂文斯(Grant Stevens)表示,在六天期限之后,还将继续实施八天的限制措施。W7p世界播


Shoppers stocked up on food at as soon as the announcement was made. Pictured: Woolworths at Cumberland Park, Adelaide W7p世界播


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