2020-11-19 15:35

NI pupils wait for Welsh exam board 'clarity' OhA世界播



Pupils in Northern Ireland taking AS and A-Levels through the Welsh exam board WJEC still do not know if they will have to sit exams in summer 2021. OhA世界播


GCSE, AS and A-Level exams in Wales in 2021 have been cancelled, with grades based on classroom assessments instead. OhA世界播


However, more than 1,000 pupils in Northern Ireland take AS and A-Levels through WJEC, the Welsh exams board. OhA世界播


Discussions are still taking place about whether exam arrangements for those pupils will be the same as Wales. OhA世界播


Many pupils at schools in Northern Ireland take subjects like Physical Education or Sociology through WJEC. OhA世界播


In June 2020, there were 1,935 entries from Northern Irish pupils for AS-Levels through WJEC and 1,466 entries for A-Level. OhA世界播


Some teachers who contacted BBC News NI said that they had still not been told if pupils entered for WJEC qualifications in 2020/21 would have to sit exams next summer or not. OhA世界播


'Need for clarity' OhA世界播


The Northern Ireland exams regulator CCEA said it would try to provide clarity "as soon as possible." OhA世界播


"Following the Welsh Education Minister's decision to cancel WJEC summer 2021 examinations in Wales and introduce alternative assessment arrangements, ongoing communication has been taking place between CCEA Regulation, WJEC and the Department of Education to provide clarity on how this will impact Northern Ireland students entered for WJEC AS and A-Level qualifications next summer," the regulator said. OhA世界播


"CCEA Regulation recognise the need for clarity as soon as possible for these students and their teachers. OhA世界播


"A small cohort of Northern Ireland students are entered to take WJEC AS and A-Level qualifications in summer 2021. OhA世界播

“2021年夏天,一小批北爱尔兰学生将报名参加WJEC AS和A-Level资格考试。OhA世界播

"At this stage, the exact figure has yet to be confirmed as entries have not closed." OhA世界播


Education Minister Peter Weir has previously said GCSE, AS and A-Level exams in Northern Ireland will go ahead in 2021, as they are the "fairest and most equitable" way to assess pupils. OhA世界播


However, the number of exam papers in some subjects has been reduced. OhA世界播


Exams in 2020 were cancelled across the UK and results decided on grades assessed and provided by schools instead. OhA世界播


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