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Ryan Phelan's ex fiancee insists she didn't want the TV star charged with domestic violence because she wanted him to 'get a job' after incident that was the 'most traumatic' moment of her life 7Nx世界播



The ex fiancee of TV star Ryan Phelan insists she never wanted himcharged with domestic violence offences, before adding the incident was the 'most traumatic' moment in her life. 7Nx世界播


Mr Phelan, 45, was accused of assaulting ballet teacher Chelsea Franklin, 44, at their Sydney home in June this year. 7Nx世界播


Ms Franklin said she was 'relieved' when police prosecutors later dropped the charges in Manly Local Court in September and now wants to see her former partner land a new job in the media. 7Nx世界播


'They weren't my charges to begin with and I wanted Ryan to get a job, so I actually wanted them dropped myself,' she said. 7Nx世界播


'I'm just happy it's over, we can both move forward. It's been the most traumatic experience I've probably ever had in my life… emotionally and financially - just everything.' 7Nx世界播



Ryan Phelan (pictured right) with Chelsea Franklin in happier times - the two have since split 7Nx世界播



TV star Ryan Phelan (left) has shared how his 'world imploded' when he discovered his ex-fiancee Chelsea Franklin (right) had accused him of domestic violence 7Nx世界播



The alleged assault came just days after Mr Phelan lost his job as the host of Channel 7 afternoon program The Daily Edition (Phelan is pictured with former co-host Sally Obermeder) 7Nx世界播


Police alleged Mr Phelan had assaulted Ms Franklin at their Frenchs Forest house, on Sydney's northern beaches, on June 20. 7Nx世界播


Ms Franklin said she was 'shocked and scared' after the alleged incident but never wanted police to lay charges. 7Nx世界播


'The police said it was assault and then it snowballed from there... I said look, I didn't want charges and they were like well, we are doing this for your protection,' she told the Daily Telegraph. 7Nx世界播


Phelan presented himself at Manly police station where officers charged him with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault. 7Nx世界播


He 'emphatically denied' the charges and pleaded not guilty. 7Nx世界播



Chelsea Franklin (pictured left) at the Frenchs Forest home she once shared with Ryan Phelan 7Nx世界播



The luxury home (pictured above) on Sydney's northern beaches is currently on the market 7Nx世界播



Mr Phelan with his solicitor Claudette Chua (left) when his case was heard at Manly Local Court 7Nx世界播


Following the court case,Phelan described how his 'world imploded' when he discovered hisex-fiancee had accused him of domestic violence. 7Nx世界播


'That initial moment (of being accused of assault) and what followed, it's been a daily battle with mental health and finding the strength to deal with these things because so much is just out of your control,' he told 2GB previously. 7Nx世界播

他之前告诉2 GB:“最初(被指控性侵)的那一刻以及随后的事情,每天都在与心理健康作斗争,寻找力量来应对这些事情,因为太多事情都不在你的控制之内。”7Nx世界播

'Obviously when I learnt what had been alleged, I willingly spoke to police to give them the version of events. 7Nx世界播


'I probably did so thinking that it would be cleared up then and there, but it didn't transpire that way.' 7Nx世界播


He said that while he always knew he was going to be 'on the right side of this', it was still a drawn out and painful process. 7Nx世界播


Phelan added he felt relief when charges were finally dropped. 7Nx世界播


When asked about what did happen on the night of the alleged incident, he refused to divulge details. 7Nx世界播


'I just think you're airing dirty laundry which doesn't serve any purpose moving forward. I'm mindful of protecting myself, I'm mindful of protecting Chelsea,' Phelan said at the time. 7Nx世界播


'In a situation like this, there are no winners. I know she's hurting, I know I'm hurting. 7Nx世界播


'When things like this happen, you can be bitter, you can be angry, but at the end of the day I love and care about her.' 7Nx世界播


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