2020-11-19 14:03

Japan's daily virus cases surge past previous record high 5YS世界播


TOKYO (AP) — Japan's number of reported coronavirus infections hit a record high in numbers released Thursday, and the prime minister urged maximum caution but stopped short of calling for restrictions on travel or business. 5YS世界播


The Health Ministry reported 2,179 new cases, the first time Japan has seen more than 2,000 new daily cases since the pandemic began. The previous high for new cases was 1,723 on Nov. 14. 5YS世界播


Compared to many other countries, Japan has done well with its efforts to combat the virus, reporting 122,966 infections, with 1,922 deaths, since the pandemic began. But it has seen an uptick in cases in recent days, with record highs both nationally and in Tokyo, the country's largest city. 5YS世界播


Tokyo’s metropolitan government reported 493 new cases Wednesday, surpassing the city’s previous high of 472 on Aug. 1 during the peak of any earlier surge. 5YS世界播


The nationwide spikes, especially in the populated capital region and Hokkaido in the north, are also alarming experts ahead of an upcoming three-day weekend and the winter holiday season. They have called on officials to step up preventive measures. 5YS世界播


Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters Thursday that he has instructed relevant ministers to do their utmost to prevent the infections from escalating and he urged the thorough use of masks. But he said his government's tourism and dining incentives will continue. 5YS世界播


The “GoTo eat” dining campaign aimed at supporting the restaurant and tourism industry should be limited to groups of up to four people, Suga said. He also asked people to wear masks when dining, remove them only they put food in their mouths and immediately put them back on while talking quietly. 5YS世界播

菅义伟说,旨在支持餐饮业和旅游业的“Goto Eat”餐饮活动应该仅限于最多四人的团体。他还要求人们用餐时戴上口罩,只有把食物放进嘴里才能摘下口罩,并在安静交谈的同时立即戴上口罩。5YS世界播

“I ask the people to quietly dine with mask," Suga said. “I will start thoroughly doing that myself.” 5YS世界播


Experts say the wide use of face masks and other common preventative measures, as well as cultural traditions that lack handshakes and kissing, might have helped keep the country’s caseload low. 5YS世界播


A top government panel expert, Shigeru Omi, told a parliamentary session Wednesday that infection “clusters” are now occurring in diverse situations, making preventive measures more challenging and would require scaling down of economic and social activity. 5YS世界播

政府高级专家尾井茂(Shigeru Omi)星期三在一次议会会议上说,感染“聚集性”现在发生在不同的情况下,这使得预防措施更具挑战性,需要缩减经济和社会活动。5YS世界播

"It's time to buckle up again,(asterisk) Omi said. 5YS世界播


Japan Medical Association President Toshio Nakagawa urged Tokyo residents to stay home over the weekend. 5YS世界播


Economy Revitalization Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told reporters late Wednesday that service industry groups are currently revising their safety guidelines to step up preventive measures at restaurants and bars where risks are deemed high. 5YS世界播

经济振兴大臣西村康敏(Yasutoshi Nishimura)周三晚间告诉记者,服务业团体目前正在修订他们的安全指南,以加强被认为风险很高的餐厅和酒吧的预防措施。5YS世界播

Government officials are reluctant to scale back businesses at a time when the economy is still struggling. 5YS世界播


The resurgence could also complicate things as Tokyo prepares to host the Olympics next summer after a postponement due to the pandemic. 5YS世界播


Japan declared a state of emergency in April and May, making nonbinding stay-at-home and business closure requests. The number of cases had leveled off thanks to the measure, even if many people still commuted, picnicked in the park and dined at restaurants that stayed open despite the requests. 5YS世界播


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