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MIKE COLMAN: After decades of pretending to be 'Blues fans', it's time for everyone in NSW to own up to reality and admit they ALL want Queensland to win State of Origin K5w世界播



Wayne Bennett once said that Queenslanders all walk a little taller the morning after a State of Origin win. K5w世界播

韦恩·贝内特(Wayne Bennett)曾经说过,昆士兰人在原籍州(State Of Origin)获胜后的第二天早上都会走得更高一些。K5w世界播

NSW supporters say that’s to stop their knuckles dragging along the ground. K5w世界播


Boom boom. K5w世界播


But seriously folks, Bennett – the veteran coach who came out of the old folks’ home to orchestrate a remarkable 2-1 series win in Brisbane on Wednesday night – was right on the money. K5w世界播


Queenslanders do care about Origin more than their NSW counterparts. To them the annual festival of rugby league is about a lot more than drinking XXXX, donning silly headwear and making guttural noises. K5w世界播


It is a reaffirmation of who they are, what they believe in… and of course, drinking XXXX, donning silly headwear and making guttural noises. K5w世界播



For Queenslanders, there's more to the State of Origin than wearing silly headgear. Pictured are rugby league fans showing their true colours during Wednesday night's game K5w世界播


It’s an age-old battle of good versus evil, right versus wrong, Maroon versus Blue. K5w世界播


To Queenslanders there are only two types of people: those born north of the Tweed River and those who wish they were. K5w世界播


And you know what? I reckon they’re right. K5w世界播


Ask a lot of New South Welshmen how they feel the morning after a Queensland Origin win and many will tell you, ‘I couldn’t care less’. K5w世界播



Origin man of the series Cameron Munster celebrates with Maroons trainer Allan 'Alfie' Langer in the Queensland dressing room after their 20-14 win in the decider K5w世界播


They’ll say something like ‘I don’t even watch it’ or utter the words guaranteed to send a Queenslander even crazier than usual, ‘it’s only a game’. K5w世界播


But the real truth of the matter is that the only reason they’re not walking around looking like they’ve just lost their last friend, or banging their head against a wall, is because deep down they want the Maroons to win. K5w世界播


They might not admit it to anyone else – might not even admit it to themselves in fact – but in the inner-most reaches of their subconscious, they are secretly Queensland supporters. K5w世界播



These NSW Blues fans are quietly pleased deep down inside that Queensland has won this year's series, writes Mike Colman K5w世界播



NSW Blues fans ere out in force in Sydney in game two where their side forced the series into a decider K5w世界播


Seriously, how could they not be? K5w世界播


From the day Australians are old enough to use a remote control or computer keyboard, they are indoctrinated with ‘the story’. The movie, TV show or exclusive streaming service presentation which features a group of loveable, off-beat characters from the wrong side of the tracks banding together to beat the stuck-up, arrogant, preppies from Snob Hill. K5w世界播


And that, in a nutshell, is Origin. K5w世界播


Think of the annual three-game series as a sort of Animal House in footy boots. NSW is the upper-crust toffee-nosed Omega fraternity, used to having things handed to them on a silver platter and heading towards a gilt-edged future bank-rolled by their social-climbing parents. Queensland is Delta House next door, ramshackle, falling apart and inhabited by a collection of reprobates, drunks and miscreants led by John Belushi in a maroon number six jersey. K5w世界播

把一年一度的三场系列赛想象成一种穿着足球靴的动物之家。新南威尔士州是上流社会的太妃糖鼻子欧米茄兄弟会,习惯于把东西放在银盘里递给他们,然后走向一个镀金边缘的未来--由他们向上爬的父母滚动。昆士兰就是隔壁的Delta House,摇摇欲坠,四分五裂,居住着一群流浪汉、酒鬼和流氓,其中约翰·贝鲁什(John Belushi)穿着一件栗色的6号球衣。K5w世界播

Come on, admit it, which side would you root for? K5w世界播



The State of the Origin decider at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium (pictured) was the world's biggest sporting event attendance-wise since the coronavirus pandemic began K5w世界播



There's nothing wrong with Blues fans quietly cheering on the Maroons in the State of Origin K5w世界播


A Sydney associate rang me at my Queensland home the morning after I’d screamed myself hoarse at the deciding match at Suncorp Stadium and, before I’d had the chance to gloat about the outcome, gave me some news. K5w世界播


‘I just took a straw poll of the league types in the office,’ he said. ‘They all admitted that secretly they don’t mind the Maroons winning. They were even cheering for them.’ K5w世界播


I know exactly how they feel. I was raised in NSW and lived there for the first 10 years of Origin before moving north. K5w世界播


Even back then I barracked for Queensland during Origin – not that I told anyone. Year after year I would put on my blue t-shirt and Tooheys cap and pretend to cheer for the likes of Sterlo and Junior and Benny Elias while secretly hoping they’d step in a pothole and twist their ankle. K5w世界播



The Queenslands Maroons celebrate moments after clinching the 2020 State of Origin series K5w世界播





Like so many other closet Maroons supporters I was living a double life. It was tough, it led to a lot of sleepless night, but I couldn't help it. K5w世界播


Maybe it was because I was married to a Brisbane girl but more likely it was because I couldn’t help but be drawn to the likes of Choppy Close, Fatty Vautin and Trevor Gillmeister. K5w世界播

也许是因为我娶了布里斯班的一个女孩,但更有可能是因为我情不自禁地被波普·克洛斯(Choppy Close)、胖子沃廷(Fatty Vautin)和特雷弗·吉尔梅斯特(Trevor Gillmeister)这样的人所吸引。K5w世界播

Back then, just like now, they were ‘the story’. K5w世界播


Conditioned as I was to want the unfashionable underdog to win in the final scene of Rocky or Happy Days, I longed for King Wally Lewis or Alfie Langer to pull the rug out from under those smug NSW Blues in the dying seconds of an Origin decider. K5w世界播

由于我希望落基山或快乐时光的最后一场戏中不时髦的失败者获胜,我渴望国王沃利·刘易斯(King Wally Lewis)或阿尔菲·兰格(Alfie Langer)在《起源决定者》(Origin Decider)的最后几秒钟里,从那些沾沾自喜的新南威尔士州的蓝调中拉出地毯。K5w世界播

Which, more often than not, they did. K5w世界播


Just like Cameron Munster and Harry Grant on Wednesday night. K5w世界播


A night when all Queensland supporters walked a little taller. K5w世界播


Those who were born north of the Tweed … and those who wish they were. K5w世界播



Queensland coach Wayne Bennett gets a Gatorade shower after the Maroons claimed their first State of Origin in three years K5w世界播

昆士兰主教练韦恩·贝内特(Wayne Bennett)在马龙人三年来首次声称自己的原籍州后,得到了佳得乐(Gatorade)淋浴K5w世界播

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