Keystone XL的定位非常有利,以赢得拜登的批准:TC Energy

2020-11-19 14:00

Keystone XL positioned ‘very favourably’ to win Biden’s approval: TC Energy aVd世界播

Keystone XL的定位非常有利,以赢得拜登的批准:TC EnergyaVd世界播

TC Energy (TRP.TO)(TRP) believes its Keystone XL expansion project is on track to win over an incoming U.S. administration that has vowed to halt construction south of the border. aVd世界播

TC Energy(TRP.TO)相信,其Keystone XL扩建项目有望赢得即将上任的美国政府的支持,后者誓言要停止边境以南的建设。aVd世界播

The Calgary-based company said on Tuesday that it is pursuing $37 billion in commercially secured capital projects in North America, including the controversial pipeline that President-elect Joe Biden railed against on the campaign trail, calling it “tarsands we don't need.” aVd世界播

这家总部位于卡尔加里的公司周二表示,它正在北美寻求370亿美元的商业担保资本项目,包括当选总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)在竞选活动中抨击的有争议的输油管道项目,称其为“我们不需要的柏油砂”。aVd世界播

“We've looked at the incoming Biden administration's Build Back Better plan,” Bevin Wirzba, TC Energy’s executive vice president and president of liquids pipelines, told a virtual audience at the company’s annual investor day. “The steps that we have already taken with Keystone XL, we believe have positioned it very favourably.” aVd世界播

TC Energy执行副总裁兼液体管道总裁贝文·维尔兹巴(Bevin Wirzba)在公司年度投资者日上对虚拟观众说,“我们已经研究了即将上任的拜登政府的重建更好计划。”我们相信,我们对Keystone XL已经采取的步骤使其处于非常有利的地位。“。aVd世界播

Among those steps is a newly signed deal with Natural Law Energy, an alliance of Canadian Indigenous communities, for an investment up to $1 billion in the project. The deal would make Keystone XL the first major North American pipeline with Indigenous ownership at a time when energy infrastructure companies face increasing opposition from environmental and some First Nations groups. The deal hinges on Natural Law Energy securing financing. TC Energy said it is expected to close in the third quarter of 2021. Detailed commercial terms were not disclosed. aVd世界播

在这些步骤中,有一项是与加拿大土著社区联盟自然法能源(Natural Law Energy)新签署的一项协议,该协议将在该项目中投资高达10亿美元。这笔交易将使Keystone XL成为北美第一条由土著拥有的大型管道,而目前能源基础设施公司正面临越来越多来自环保和一些原住民团体的反对。这笔交易取决于自然法能源公司(Natural Law Energy)能否获得融资。TC Energy表示,预计将在2021年第三季度完成交易。详细的商业条款没有披露。aVd世界播

The investment follows the Alberta government’s purchase of a $1.5 billion stake in the project, plus $6 million on loan guarantees, announced in March. Wirzba said unlike the province, Natural Law Energy will not exit the investment once the project is in service. Rather, he said the agreement with the group allows it to pursue stakes in future projects. aVd世界播


“This investment will be a long-term minority interest in the project,” Wirzba said. “As we continue to monitor our project execution going forward, and the new elements of opportunities that come up, we’ll continue to work with them as partners to see if it makes sense to bring them in as partners.” aVd世界播


Biden assisted in cancelling the Keystone XL expansion during his tenure as Barack Obama’s vice president in 2015, before President Donald Trump overturned the ruling. More recently, he’s vowed to implement a plan for net-zero emissions in the United States no later than 2050 once in office. aVd世界播

拜登在2015年担任巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)副总统期间协助取消了Keystone XL扩建项目,当时唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统推翻了这一裁决。最近,他誓言一旦上任,将在2050年之前在美国实施净零排放计划。aVd世界播

Forging financial ties to Indigenous groups is a factor TC Energy believes will sway the Biden administration in favour of the project, which would carry 830,000 barrels per day of crude from the Canadian province of Alberta to the U.S. Midwest. aVd世界播

TC Energy认为,与土著团体建立财务联系是影响拜登政府支持该项目的一个因素,该项目每天将把83万桶原油从加拿大阿尔伯塔省输送到美国中西部。aVd世界播

Wirzba said the company is working to build further partnerships with First Nations and Indigenous groups in both Canada and the U.S. He also noted job creation, agreements with unions, and training to transition workers to green jobs will help win Biden’s support. aVd世界播


Incoming chief executive officer Francois Poirier, currently the chief operating officer, echoed Wirzba’s optimism that Keystone XL expansion will progress beyond construction in Canada after more than a decade of delays. aVd世界播

即将上任的首席执行官、现任首席运营官弗朗索瓦·波里尔(Francois Poirier)呼应了Wirzba的乐观看法,即Keystone XL的扩张将在拖延十多年后超越加拿大的建设。aVd世界播

Keystone XL “continues to be a very important project for both Canada and the U.S.,” Poirier said at the virtual meeting on Tuesday. aVd世界播

Poirier在周二的虚拟会议上说,Keystone XL“对加拿大和美国来说都仍然是一个非常重要的项目”。aVd世界播

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