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'Masked Singer' double-elimination has Ken Jeong in tears DNz世界播



The Whatchamacallit and Serpent on 'The Masked Singer' Season 4. (Photos: Fox) DNz世界播


It was an emotional Very Special Episode of The Masked Singer this Wednesday, and not just because we had to say goodbye to two Group B contestants, the Serpent and the Whatchmacallit. When judge Ken Jeong, a former physician himself, found out that the Serpent was none other than singing surgeon Dr. Elvis Francois — whose gorgeous cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine” went viral back in March, after it was featured on Elton John’s iHeart Living Room Concert for America special — he was in tears. DNz世界播

本周三的《蒙面歌手》是一集激动人心的特别节目,不仅仅是因为我们要和B组的两名选手--毒蛇和什么的--说再见。当法官郑肯(Ken Jeong)发现这条蛇不是别人,正是会唱歌的外科医生埃尔维斯·弗朗索瓦(Elvis Francois)时,他泪流满面。今年3月,约翰·列侬(John Lennon)的《想象》(Imagine)在埃尔顿·约翰(Elton John)的iHeart客厅演唱会上出现在美国特别节目中,他对这首歌的华丽封面在网上疯传。郑肯曾是一名内科医生。DNz世界播

“I just have to say, your version of ‘Imagine’ got us through the pandemic, man,” said a choked-up Ken. “That living room concert you did on Fox, that was the first time we saw it, and in a concert of stars — it was like, Elton John, Billy Joe [Armstrong], everybody — the best moment of that living room concert was you. And I told my wife, who's also a doctor, ‘You know, that's what a real doctor does, man.’” DNz世界播

“我只想说,你那版本的‘想象’让我们挺过了大流行,伙计,”肯哽咽着说。“你在福克斯电视台做的客厅演唱会,那是我们第一次看到,在一场明星的演唱会上--就像埃尔顿·约翰(Elton John)、比利·乔(比利·乔[Armstrong]),每个人--那场客厅演唱会最美好的时刻就是你。”我告诉我的妻子,她也是一名医生,‘你知道,这是一个真正的医生应该做的,伙计。’“。DNz世界播

Dr. Elvis returned the love, noting that The Masked Singer is providing a similar healing service during the pandemic. “Patients oftentimes turn on the television while they're in their hospital beds, and coming in and watching a patient watching The Masked Singer, putting a smile on their face, it's just an incredible way for us to move forward together,” he said. DNz世界播


While Dr. Elvis is in no way quitting his extremely important day job, his too-brief Masked Singer run (which ended with a final sexy-smooth performance of the Jonas Brothers’ “Cool”) proved he is indeed multi-talented. The judges had actually guessed that the Serpent was Daveed Diggs, Usher, John Legend, or Boyz II Men’s Wanye Morris. (I thought it was Leslie Odom Jr.) So, the good doctor recently combined his two passions and released the Music Is Medicine EP, featuring his Mayo Clinic colleague and piano accompanist Dr. Will Robinson, to raise money for the Center of Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund. DNz世界播

虽然猫王博士绝不会辞去他极其重要的日常工作,但他过于短暂的蒙面歌手之旅(最后以乔纳斯兄弟(Jonas Brothers)的《酷》(Cool)性感流畅的表演结束)证明了他的确是多才多艺。事实上,评委们已经猜到,这条蛇是戴维德·迪格斯、亚瑟、约翰·传奇或博伊兹二世男子选手旺耶·莫里斯(Wanye Morris)。(我以为是小莱斯利·奥多姆。)。因此,这位好医生最近结合了他的两种激情,发行了由他的梅奥诊所同事兼钢琴伴奏威尔·罗宾逊博士主演的音乐是医学EP,为灾难慈善中心新冠肺炎响应基金筹集资金。DNz世界播

“This guy is smarter than any doctor on the planet, and there's just truly no one more talented than him,” Ken declared. “And I'm crying because I'm jealous that you're more talented than me. And I just want you to know, man, you just got us through a very difficult time, and we love you so much.” DNz世界播


It was an emotionally heightened evening for Ken in another way, because for once, he really did “know who exactly this is” and guessed the Whatchamacallit correctly — as NBA star Lonzo Ball. “Ken, you got something right once in your life!” exclaimed host Nick Cannon, as Ken jumped on his desk for joy, Dead Poets Society-style. Like Dr. Elvis, Lonzo showed that he too has some impressive side-hustle skills, because the judges had totally pegged the Whatchamacallit (whose last song was “Lean Back” by Terror Squad) as Swizz Beatz or even Tyler, the Creator. DNz世界播

从另一方面来说,这对肯来说是一个情绪高涨的夜晚,因为这一次,他真的“知道这到底是谁”,并正确地猜到了这是什么--作为NBA球星隆佐·鲍尔(Lonzo Ball)。“肯,你一生中有一次做对了!”主持人尼克·坎农(Nick Cannon)惊呼道,肯欣喜若狂地跳到自己的办公桌上,这是死亡诗人协会(Dead Poets Society)的风格。和猫王博士一样,隆佐也展示了一些令人印象深刻的侧击技巧,因为评委们完全认为WhatChamacallit(他的最后一首歌是恐怖小队(Terror Squad)的“Lean Back”)是斯威兹·比茨(Swizz Beatz),甚至是创造者泰勒(Tyler)。DNz世界播

So, this means that the Group B’s Seahorse and Crocodile will be moving on to the semifinals, along with Group A’s Sun and Popcorn and two TBD contestants from next week’s Group C finals. I’m already fairly certain that the Sun is LeAnn Rimes and the Popcorn is Taylor Dayne, but who are Group B’s surviving mystery celebrity cosplayers? Let’s assess and guess: DNz世界播


The Seahorse, “… Baby One More Time” DNz世界播

《海马》(The SeaHorse),《…》。宝贝,再来一次“。DNz世界播

After this week’s performance, I could almost believe that this is Britney, b****, performing in disguise in order to escape from her father’s allegedly watchful eye. The Seahorse sounded exactly like Britney! Seriously, was this Derrick Barry from RuPaul’s Drag Race? Eh, probably not, because as Nicole noted, the Seahorse “went to some other stratospheric levels with them vocals.” DNz世界播


The clues: We saw a Christmas wreath, Nashville hot chicken with pickles, two baby dolls, and a “spiritual adviser.” We also learned that the Seahorse was “never in a girl group,” so that rules out anyone from Fifth Harmony, En Vogue, or the Spice Girls — but she was “always solo,” so she’s definitely a professional singer. Past clues, verbal and visual, have included “chicken of the sea,” feathers, dolphins, rodeos, Daisy Duke shorts, “tug of war,” an “emotion ocean,” rainbows, and “fearlessness.” DNz世界播

线索:我们看到了圣诞花环、纳什维尔泡菜热鸡、两个娃娃和一个“精神导师”。我们还了解到,这位海马乐队“从来没有参加过女团”,因此排除了来自Five Harmonity、En Vogue或辣妹组合的任何人--但她“总是独唱”,所以她绝对是一名专业歌手。过去的语言和视觉线索包括“海中之鸡”、羽毛、海豚、牛仔竞技表演、雏菊公爵短裤、“拔河”、“情感海洋”、彩虹和“无所畏惧”。DNz世界播

Judges’ guesses: Kesha, Kellie Pickler, Sia. DNz世界播


My guess: Many of the Seahorse clues point to Jessica Simpson, but they seem way too obvious. That “chicken of the sea” reference is probably another sort of fish: a red herring! Kesha is a solid guess (she has Nashville connections and an album called Rainbow), as is Kellie (she’s been in several Christmas movies, and she’s a “pickler,” get it?). But I’m still calling it maybe and sticking with my original guess of LGBTQ+ ally and Emotion/Tug of War pop star Carly Rae Jepsen. The Seahorse sounds just like Carly (when the Seahorse isn’t sounding just like Britney, that is). Let’s just cut to the feeling and crown Carly the Season 4 champion already! DNz世界播

我的猜测是:海马的许多线索都指向杰西卡·辛普森(Jessica Simpson),但它们似乎太明显了。这个“海中鸡”很可能是另一种鱼:红鲱鱼!凯莎是个靠谱的人(她在纳什维尔有人脉,还有一张名为《彩虹》的专辑),凯莉也是(她出演过几部圣诞电影,她是《皮克勒》中的一员,明白吗?)。但我仍然将其命名为可能,并坚持我最初对LGBTQ+盟友和情感/拔河流行歌星卡莉·雷·杰普森(Carly Rae Jepsen)的猜测。海马音听起来就像卡莉(当然,海马音听起来不像布兰妮)。让我们直截了当地给卡莉加冕第四季冠军吧!DNz世界播

The Crocodile, “Bleeding Love” DNz世界播


The Crocodile has proven to be one of this season’s most versatile vocalists, more of a chameleon than a crocodile, shifting from the raspy rock of his first-week Bon Jovi performance to his own Britney cover, “Toxic,” in week two. This third time out, he showed even more range with a power ballad, delivering what Robin Thicke called his “best vocal” yet. And Nicole Scherzinger gushed, “I’m bleeding love over that performance!” DNz世界播

事实证明,这只鳄鱼是本季最多才多艺的歌手之一,与其说是鳄鱼,不如说是变色龙。他在第一周的邦乔维(Bon Jovi)演唱会上的刺耳摇滚表演,在第二周就变成了布兰妮(Britney)的翻唱《有毒》(Toxic)。这第三次,他用一首充满力量的民谣展现了更多的音域,传递了罗宾·西克所说的他迄今为止“最好的嗓音”。妮可·谢辛格(Nicole Scherzinger)滔滔不绝地说:“我为这场表演付出了爱!”DNz世界播

The clues: His “ride or die” best friend is famous celebrity interviewer, with whom he’s traveled to “six continents.” The Croc star is also an avid gamer who’ll “go step-by-step to get the high score” and has a “one-track mind.” He was also in a "huge cult classic movie.” Other clues this week included a lottery ticket and a vinyl record; past clues have included mentions of a disapproving father, a showbiz childhood filled with “heartache and instability,” pineapples, Las Vegas, Italy, and pirates. DNz世界播


Judges’ guesses: Jared Leto, Jordan Knight, Justin Guarini. DNz世界播


My guesses: The entire internet seems to think this is Nick Carter, whose Backstreet Boys had a successful Vegas residency and have collaborated with Step by Step boy band New Kids on the Block. And the Crocodile really sounds like Nick, even if he sounds a bit different every time he sings. A quick glance at Nick’s IMDB reveals that he was an uncredited extra in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, and he’s also a huge video game dork. So I agree with the internet: This larger-than-life lounge lizard is probably the BSB heartthrob. DNz世界播

我的猜测是:整个互联网似乎都认为这是尼克·卡特(Nick Carter),他的后街男孩(BackStreet Boys)在拉斯维加斯获得了成功的居住权,并与循序渐进的男孩乐队New Kids on the Block合作。而鳄鱼的声音真的很像尼克,尽管他每次唱歌的声音都有一点不同。快速浏览尼克的IMDB就会发现,他是蒂姆·伯顿(Tim Burton)执导的爱德华·剪刀手(Edward ScissorHands)中一个不值得信任的临时演员,他也是一个巨大的电子游戏呆子。因此,我同意互联网的看法:这只比生命更大的休息室蜥蜴可能是BSB的万人迷。DNz世界播

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