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Good Samaritan will spend an extra two weeks in hotel quarantine while grieving a family tragedy because of one simple act of kindness R25世界播



A FIFO worker who selflessly gave up his spot on a flight is now having to undergo a second fortnight quarantining in an Adelaide hotel while grieving the loss of his father-in-law. R25世界播


Sean Ter Rahe, 48, from Chinchilla, around 290km from Brisbane, had returned from working in Mali, Africa, on November 2. R25世界播

肖恩·泰尔·拉赫(Sean Ter Rahe)现年48岁,来自距离布里斯班约290公里的钦奇利亚,11月2日从非洲马里工作归来。R25世界播

Due to limited spots in hotels in Queensland, Mr Ter Rahe had planned to quarantine in Sydney but was asked to swap with another Sydney resident at the last-minute who had asked to be with their family. R25世界播


So Mr Ter Rahe flew to Adelaide instead to begin his two week quarantine at thePeppers Waymouth Hotel. R25世界播


He was due to leave for Queensland on Tuesday and be with his grieving wife, but due to a sudden increase in coronavirus cases, South Australia entered into a six-day lockdown and those quarantining at Peppers were made to isolate for another two weeks. R25世界播



Sean Ter Rahe, (pictured with wife) arrived in Adelaide on November 2 to undergo his 14 day stay in hotel quarantine. Due to a sudden burst in coronavirus cases, he is now having to undergo another fortnight in the hotel R25世界播

肖恩·泰尔·拉赫(Sean Ter Rahe)(与妻子合影)于11月2日抵达阿德莱德,接受为期14天的酒店隔离。由于冠状病毒病例突然暴发,他现在不得不在酒店再接受两周的治疗R25世界播

'As a FIFO worker, I miss a lot of things. But I should have been there for this and that's what hurts the most,' Mr Ter Rahe told Daily Mail Australia. R25世界播

“作为一名FIFO工作者,我错过了很多东西。但我应该在现场见证这一切,这才是最让我伤心的。”泰尔·拉赫告诉“每日邮报”澳大利亚版(Daily Mail Australia)。R25世界播

While the 48-year-old was meant to return home on Tuesday, he received a call that his father-in-law had been put on life support. R25世界播


Tragically he passed away on Wednesday morning. R25世界播


A heartbroken Mr Ter Rahe is now hoping he will be able to leave quarantine earlier than November 30 so he can go home to his wife. R25世界播


He said those staying in the hotel had been tested for the virus on day 12 of their first stay and won't be tested again until the 26th. R25世界播


'You'd think they'd be testing us every few days. We've been left in the dark,' he said. R25世界播


A letter slipped underneath his door was the only message Mr Ter Rahe received to learn he would be spending another 14 days in the hotel followed by a short phone call. R25世界播


He said he's struggling to understand why the travellers who have tested negative remain holed up in their rooms. R25世界播



The FIFO worker is now hoping to be released from hotel quarantine to go home to his wife who has recently lost her father R25世界播


'We've all done the right thing, and what happens if there's another outbreak? Will we have to stay again?' He said. R25世界播


'The food is absolute garbage. I'm not eating until I get on the plane.' R25世界播


To make matters worse, the FIFO worker has been suffering from a toothache and has been unable to see a dentist. R25世界播


'I'm ready to pack my bag and walk out the door. I'll probably get locked up but at least I'll get my tooth looked at,' he said. R25世界播


Mr Ter Rahe said he's been speaking to South Australian and Queensland authorities each day to see if he can be released any earlier. R25世界播


He said he'd worked in Congo during the Ebola crisis where the health risks were much greater and none of the extreme measures taken by the Australian government were taken. R25世界播


'I'm getting to that point where I'm angry. Everyone tells me "I don't know",' he said. R25世界播



Mr Ter Rahe said he couldn't understand why the travellers who tested negative days ago were still holed up in their rooms for another two weeks R25世界播


'I've been speaking to my wife and she's trying not to cry so I don't cry.' R25世界播


He admitted that having a balcony and a bathroom made him much better off than other travellers but the not knowing of when they could go home was unbearable. R25世界播


'If we're negative let us go? What's the issue?'. R25世界播


ThePeppers Waymouth Hotel is believed to be the source of a cluster of cases inParafield, Adelaide, which jumped to 23 on Wednesday. R25世界播


Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier on Tuesday afternoon apologised for those stranded in hotel quarantine. R25世界播

周二下午,首席公共卫生官尼古拉·斯普里尔(Nicola Spurrier)为那些被困在酒店隔离的人道歉。R25世界播

'I absolutely sympathise and understand your frustration, but in terms of our public safety - not just for South Australia, but for the whole of Australia - I urge you to be patient,' Dr Spurrier said. R25世界播


'Unfortunately, we are still working through whether it is safe for them to do so (be released) because obviously they are in a hotel where we have some active cases within the staff.' R25世界播


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