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Biden says the Trump White House won't give him COVID stockpile information. Here it is. 3vY世界播



WASHINGTON — President-elect Joe Biden blasted the Trump administration Wednesday for refusing to share information needed to help his incoming team battle the coronavirus pandemic, including data on supplies in the national stockpile. 3vY世界播

华盛顿--候任总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)周三抨击特朗普政府拒绝分享帮助他的新团队抗击冠状病毒大流行所需的信息,包括有关全国储备物资的数据。3vY世界播

“We’ve been unable to get access to the kinds of things we need to know about the depths of the stockpiles,” he said during a roundtable with frontline health workers. “We know there’s not much at all.” 3vY世界播


A copy of those stockpile numbers — dated Nov. 16 — was provided to Yahoo News, which is publishing them. The numbers appear to show progress in some areas, such as in the stockpile of N95 respirators and ventilators, but also makes clear that earlier Trump administration promises to bolster the stockpile have fallen short. 3vY世界播

这些库存数字的副本--日期为11月16日--被提供给了发布这些数字的雅虎新闻(Yahoo News)。这些数字似乎表明在某些领域取得了进展,比如在N95口罩和呼吸器的库存方面,但也清楚地表明,特朗普政府早先承诺的增加库存的承诺没有达到要求。3vY世界播


Strategic National Stockpile 3vY世界播


President Trump has frequently blamed the Obama administration for not leaving a sufficient supply of equipment in the National Strategic Stockpile, even falsely claiming the country was left with no ventilators. 3vY世界播


“The cupboard was bare,” Trump told ABC News in the spring. “The other administration, the last administration, left us nothing.” 3vY世界播


There were actually 16,600 ventilators in the stockpile when the pandemic started. 3vY世界播


Biden’s remarks on Wednesday, however, could also be seen as not totally accurate, though he was not specific about what areas he regarded as low. There are now, for example, almost 153,000 ventilators in the stockpile, according the report obtained by Yahoo News, or almost 10 times the amount at the beginning of the pandemic. 3vY世界播

然而,拜登周三的言论也可能被视为不完全准确,尽管他没有具体说明他认为哪些领域较低。例如,根据雅虎新闻(Yahoo News)获得的报告,目前库存中有近15.3万台呼吸机,几乎是疫情爆发时的10倍。3vY世界播

The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 3vY世界播



US President-elect Joe Biden answers questions from the press at The Queen in Wilmington, Delaware on November 16, 2020. (Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images) 3vY世界播

2020年11月16日,美国当选总统乔·拜登在特拉华州威尔明顿女王大厦回答记者提问。(罗伯托·施密特/法新社Getty Images报道)3vY世界播

There are also now in the stockpile about 135 million N95 masks — an item that has been in short supply since the beginning of the pandemic. The Trump administration had previously promised there would be 300 million N95s in the stockpile by the fall. 3vY世界播


In September a spokesperson for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which manages the stockpile, told Yahoo News that it has contracts in place to produce a total of 800 million N95s by the end of 2021. “By the end of 2020, the SNS will hold 22 times more N95 respirators than pre-pandemic inventory levels,” the spokesperson said. 3vY世界播

今年9月,负责管理N95库存的美国卫生与公众服务部(US Department Of Health And Human Services)的一位发言人告诉雅虎新闻(Yahoo News),该公司已经签订了合同,到2021年底总共生产8亿架N95。这位发言人说:“到2020年底,SNS持有的N95口罩数量将是大流行前库存水平的22倍。”3vY世界播

In a statement Wednesday evening to Yahoo News, an HHS spokesperson defended the department’s efforts to increase the stockpile. “It is important to note that HHS is taking care not to disrupt the commercial supply chain that is providing critical and immediate needs for healthcare facilities, and replenishment is ongoing in order to provide additional supplies to the areas experiencing increased rates of infection,” the spokesperson wrote. “Supplies in the [Strategic National Stockpile] inventory are available for immediate deployment to areas where states cannot meet needs from their own stockpiles or are unable to secure sufficient product from the commercial market.” 3vY世界播

在周三晚间给雅虎新闻(Yahoo News)的一份声明中,HHS的一位发言人为该部门增加库存的努力进行了辩护。这位发言人写道:“值得注意的是,卫生与公众服务部正在注意不要扰乱为医疗设施提供关键和迫切需求的商业供应链,目前正在进行补给,以便向感染率上升的地区提供额外的补给。”“(国家战略储备)库存中的物资可以立即部署到各州无法从自己的库存中满足需求或无法从商业市场获得足够产品的地区。”3vY世界播

HHS referred questions about Biden’s comments to the General Services Administration, which is responsible for signing off on paperwork that provides incoming presidential administrations with resources designed to facilitate the transition. The head of GSA has so far declined to sign the necessary paperwork. 3vY世界播

HHS将有关拜登言论的问题提交给总务署(General Services Administration),后者负责签署文件,为即将上任的总统政府提供旨在促进过渡的资源。到目前为止,GSA的负责人拒绝签署必要的文件。3vY世界播

Biden has also criticized the Trump administration for not sharing information on the COVID vaccines, which will need to be distributed next year. 3vY世界播


“Unless [information about the vaccines] is made available soon, we’re going to be behind by weeks or months being able to put together the whole initiative relating to the biggest promise we have with two drug companies coming along and finding 95 percent effectiveness, efficiency in the vaccines, which is enormous promise,” he said. 3vY世界播


“That’s the only slowdown right now we have.” 3vY世界播


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