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Felon nicknamed 'Psycho' is hunted by cops in connection to 'serial killings' after skeletal remains of three people are found in Colorado hamlet phC世界播



Adre Jordan Baroz is wanted in connection with the discovery of human remains belonging to three people near a rural hamlet phC世界播


A convicted felon nicknamed 'Psycho' is being hunted by cops in connection to possible serial killings after the skeletal remains of three people were found in a tiny rural hamlet in Colorado's San Luis Valley. phC世界播


Authorities in the state said Wednesday they are searching forAdre Jordan Baroz in connection with the grim discoveries earlier this month. phC世界播

该州当局星期三说,他们正在寻找与本月早些时候可怕的发现有关的阿德雷·乔丹·巴洛兹(Adre Jordan Baroz)。phC世界播

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and local police agencies said Baroz goes by the nickname 'Pyscho', and that a homicide warrant has been issued for his arrest. phC世界播


Searches conducted on November 10 and November 13 discovered the skeletal remains of the people on two properties near Las Sauces, a tiny community about 20 miles from the small city of Alamosa, said Conejos County Sheriff Garth Crowther. phC世界播

科内霍斯县警长加思·克劳瑟(Garth Crowther)说,11月10日和11月13日进行的搜索,在拉斯萨斯附近的两处房产发现了这些人的骨骼遗骸,这是一个距离小城市阿拉莫萨约20英里的小社区。phC世界播

None of the remains have been identified; police say do not yet know if they are male or female.The CBI has said they do not believe the case is connected to missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew, who disappeared in May. phC世界播

没有一具遗体的身份得到确认;警方表示,目前还不知道他们是男性还是女性。CBI表示,他们不认为这起案件与科罗拉多州失踪的母亲苏珊娜·莫尔菲(Suzanne Morphew)有关,她于今年5月失踪。phC世界播

Authorities declined comment on how Baroz, 26, may be connected to the discovery of the remains. They said he is commonly known as 'Psycho' in the area but did not elaborate. phC世界播


Alamosa Police Chief Ken Anderson told reporters that authorities consider Baroz armed and dangerous and that any sightings should be reported to police. phC世界播

阿拉莫萨警察局长肯·安德森(Ken Anderson)告诉记者,当局认为巴洛兹持有武器,非常危险,任何目击事件都应该向警方报告。phC世界播

Authorities from at least four sheriff's offices, police departments in Colorado's San Luis Valley agricultural region and state investigators have formed a task force to investigate the case. phC世界播



The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and local police agencies identified the suspect as convicted felon Adre Jordan Baroz, who goes by the nickname 'Psycho', and said a homicide warrant has been issued for his arrest phC世界播



Law enforcement vehicles are parked at on one two properties where skeletal remains were found about 20 miles south-southeast of Alamosa, Colo. on November 18 phC世界播


'The San Luis valley is very small. Its a tight-knit community,' Anderson. 'Most of us have grown up here. Were just trying to keep the community safe right now.' phC世界播


It was not known if any of the remains are linked to any missing persons cases in the region, which borders New Mexico, said George Dingfelder, the police chief of the small community of Monte Vista. phC世界播

蒙特维斯塔小社区的警察局长乔治·丁费尔德(George DingFelder)说,目前尚不清楚遗体中是否有任何遗骸与该地区与新墨西哥州接壤的失踪人口案件有关。phC世界播

Dingfelder said: 'Just because human remains were found, we are not associating them with the missing persons cases at this time, and for anybody to do so would be irresponsible and complete speculation.' phC世界播


He said authorities got a search warrant for a property near Las Sauces, found human remains there and then found more on a nearby property. phC世界播


Identification of the remains could take weeks, if not months, and it isn't known whether the remains are male, female, what age they may be or how long they were at the properties, Dingfelder said. phC世界播


Authorities are still searching the second property 'to ensure all remains and all evidence is found,' said Conejos County Sheriff Garth Crowder. phC世界播

科内霍斯县警长克劳德(Garth Crowder)说,当局仍在搜查第二处房产,以确保找到所有遗骸和证据。phC世界播


None of the remains found during this search have been identified; police say do not yet know if they are male or female. The CBI has said they do not believe the case is connected to missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew, who disappeared in May phC世界播

在这次搜索中发现的遗体都没有被确认身份;警方说,目前还不知道他们是男性还是女性。CBI表示,他们不认为这起案件与科罗拉多州失踪的母亲苏珊娜·莫尔菲(Suzanne Morphew)有关,她于5月失踪phC世界播


This photo released by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation shows one of two properties where skeletal remains were found on November 18 phC世界播

科罗拉多州调查局(Colorado Bureau Of Investigation)发布的这张照片显示了11月18日发现骨骼遗骸的两处房产中的一处phC世界播

Baroz is from the tiny town of Sanford, near Las Sauces, Anderson said. phC世界播


He has a criminal history in Colorado that includes assault on a peace officer, attempted escape and theft, according to state court records. phC世界播


Baroz also has open criminal cases against him that include several drug charges, possession of a weapon by a felon and assault. phC世界播


'Our priority is to get him into custody and identify the remains,' said John Camper, deputy director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. phC世界播

科罗拉多州调查局(Colorado Bureau Of Investigation)副局长坎珀(John Camper)说,我们的首要任务是拘留他并辨认遗体。phC世界播

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