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A quarter of a million people have died in the US from Covid-19 2Rv世界播



Covid-19 deaths have continued their bleak march with little respite throughout the year. 2Rv世界播


NEW YORK (NYTIMES) - The United States passed a grim milestone Wednesday (Nov 18), hitting 250,000 coronavirus-related deaths, with the number expected to keep climbing steeply as infections surge nationwide. 2Rv世界播


Experts predict that the country could soon be reporting 2,000 deaths a day or more, matching or exceeding the spring peak, and that 100,000 to 200,000 more Americans could die in the coming months. 2Rv世界播


Just how bad it gets will depend on a variety of factors, including how well preventive measures are followed and when a vaccine is introduced. 2Rv世界播


"It all depends on what we do and how we address this outbreak," said Dr Jeffrey Shaman, a Columbia University professor of environmental health sciences who has modelled the spread of the disease. "That is going to determine how much it runs through us." 2Rv世界播

哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)环境健康科学教授杰弗里·沙曼(Jeffrey Shaman)博士说:“这完全取决于我们做了什么,以及我们如何应对这次疫情。”沙曼博士对疾病的传播进行了建模。“这将决定它对我们的影响有多大。”2Rv世界播

Back in March, when the virus was still relatively new and limited mainly to a few significant pockets like New York, Dr Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the country, predicted that it might kill up to 240,000 Americans. 2Rv世界播

早在3月份,当这种病毒还相对较新,主要局限于纽约等少数几个重要地区时,美国顶级传染病专家安东尼·福奇(Anthony Fuci)博士预测,它可能会导致多达24万美国人死亡。2Rv世界播

It has now passed that mark, with no end in sight. 2Rv世界播


Since the very beginning, preventive measures like wearing masks have been caught up in a political divide, and that remains the case today, as the Trump administration resists beginning a transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden and cooperating on a pandemic strategy. 2Rv世界播

从一开始,戴口罩等预防措施就陷入了政治分歧,如今依然如此,因为特朗普政府拒绝开始将权力移交给候任总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden),并在流行病战略上进行合作。2Rv世界播

New vaccines may begin to have an impact next year, experts said, and for now, developments in treating the disease as well as a younger population getting infected mean that far fewer people who are admitted to hospitals are dying. 2Rv世界播


Infections are also being diagnosed earlier, which helps combat it. 2Rv世界播


The deadliest day of the pandemic in the United States was April 15, when the reported daily toll hit 2,752. 2Rv世界播


There is always a lag in deaths, compared with the rate of infection and hospitalisations, and with the latter measure now hitting records every day - 76,830 Americans were hospitalised Tuesday, according to the Covid Tracking Project - the death toll is certain to go on rising. 2Rv世界播

与感染率和住院率相比,死亡人数总是滞后的,而且后者现在每天都创下纪录--根据Covid Tracking Project的数据,周二有76830名美国人住院--死亡人数肯定会继续上升。2Rv世界播

Covid-19 deaths have continued their bleak march with little respite throughout the year. 2Rv世界播


By March 24, a little more than a month into the pandemic, 50,000 people had died. That number doubled to 100,000 by May 27 and added another 50,000 within two months, by July 29. Two months later, on Sept 22, the total reached 200,000. 2Rv世界播


Toward the end of the summer, the number of cases being reported daily in the United States eased, after a brief spike in July. But they have been soaring again since the beginning of November. 2Rv世界播


On Sept 22, there had been somewhat more than 6.9 million total cases in the United States, according to a New York Times database. As of now, there have been more than 11.5 million. 2Rv世界播

根据《纽约时报》(New York Times)的数据库,截至9月22日,美国的病例总数略高于690万例。到目前为止,已经有超过1150万人。2Rv世界播

The combination of the onset of winter, fatigue with preventive measures, holiday travel and gatherings as well as the patchwork of responses across all 50 states is expected to drive that number still higher. 2Rv世界播


"We have a lot of people who have not been infected with this yet," Dr Shaman said. "If you get complacent, the virus does not care. It is just going to come back." 2Rv世界播


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