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Pandemic Pressures Boy Scouts, Already Facing Sex-Abuse Claims Avalanche 6Z6世界播



A lawyer for the Boys Scouts said revenue as of September was down 50% compared with last year as pandemic restrictions have curbed camping activities. 6Z6世界播


Between Covid-19 pressures and more than 95,000 sexual-abuse claims, the survival of the Boy Scouts of America is on the line in bankruptcy court, lawyers for the national youth group said Wednesday. 6Z6世界播


“Covid and the bankruptcy together have created a perfect storm,” said Jessica Boelter, the lead lawyer steering the Boy Scouts through chapter 11, at the organization’s first court appearance since the deadline passed on Monday for sexual-abuse survivors to step forward and file compensation claims. 6Z6世界播

“Covid和破产一起造成了一场完美的风暴,”指导童子军完成破产法第11章的首席律师杰西卡·博尔特(Jessica Boelter)说。周一,性虐待幸存者必须挺身而出,提出赔偿要求,这是该组织自周一截止日期以来首次出庭。6Z6世界播

Without a bankruptcy settlement by next summer with those tens of thousands of men, she said, the organization will be out of money. 6Z6世界播


Revenue as of September was down 50% compared with last year as pandemic restrictions have curbed camping activities, Ms. Boelter said at a hearing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del. 6Z6世界播


Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts racked up $41 million in bankruptcy costs while attempting to addressits failure over the yearsto screen out sexual predators who went on to abuse youngsters. 6Z6世界播


The number of claims exceeded even the loftiest estimates of some sex-abuse attorneys who had spent years suing the Boy Scouts, Catholic dioceses and other institutions for their alleged liability in past misconduct. 6Z6世界播


In recent years, New York, California and other states opened windows for individuals who were sexually abused as children to sue the Boy Scouts and other organizations, regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred. 6Z6世界播


But while the Boy Scouts had planned to face the sexual-abuse claims in bankruptcy, they hadn’t counted on a pandemic that would close camps, keep children out of school and slam the organization’s bottom line, Ms. Boelter said. 6Z6世界播


Private negotiations are under way with lawyers representing victims. Also involved are local Boy Scout councils, which haven’t filed for bankruptcy along with the national organization but are considering contributing to a compensation trust to shield themselves from legal trouble. 6Z6世界播


At least 248 out of 253 local councils, which hold billions of dollars in real estate and other assets, had handed over financial data to be shared in the mediation, earning a reprieve from lawsuits and keeping their seat at the talks. 6Z6世界播


If deal discussions fail to produce an agreed resolution for the Boy Scouts, local councils may be forced to file bankruptcy, one-by-one, across the country, said Ricky Mason, a lawyer for an informal group of them. 6Z6世界播

一个非正式组织的律师里奇·梅森(Ricky Mason)表示,如果交易谈判未能为童子军达成一致的决议,地方议会可能会被迫在全国范围内逐一申请破产。6Z6世界播

“If the settlement negotiations fail, then the [Boy Scouts] case fails and scouting as a whole fails with it,” Mr. Mason said. 6Z6世界播


Insurers who covered the Boy Scouts will need more time to examine the sexual-abuse claims, said Tancred Schiavoni, a lawyer for Century Indemnity Co. , one of the insurance carriers that issued policies covering the organization against legal liability. The Boy Scouts “opened the floodgates,” Mr. Schiavoni said. 6Z6世界播

世纪赔偿公司(Century Indemity Co.)的律师夏沃尼(Tancred Schiavoni)说,承保童子军的保险公司将需要更多时间来审查性虐待索赔。世纪赔偿公司是为童子军出具法律责任保单的保险公司之一。夏沃尼说,童子军“打开了闸门”。6Z6世界播


The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy in February, amid a decline in membership at the century-old organization. Here’s how the largest youth organization in the country found itself filing for bankruptcy. 6Z6世界播


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