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New York City Public Schools to Close Thursday, Mayor Says 3Il世界播



New York City will temporarily close its public schools and switch to fully remote learning for its students because of a rising number of Covid-19 cases in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday. 3Il世界播


The announcement came as the share of people tested in the city who are positive for the virus rose to 3% over a seven-day average. The city set that rate as the threshold for stopping in-person instruction in the nation’s largest school district. 3Il世界播


Fully remote learning for all students will begin Thursday and remain in effect at least through November, Mr. de Blasio said. The mayor didn’t say when in-person instruction would start again but said the city would set more rigorous benchmarks for reopening. The mayor had previously said school classrooms wouldn’t automatically reopen if the seven-day average positivity rate dips below 3%. 3Il世界播


“We intend to come back and come back as quickly as possible,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday. 3Il世界播


The closures follow a hectic and difficult chapter for city families. Public schools shut down abruptly in mid-March when the virus surged, and the city scrambled to create a remote-learning plan for the rest of the academic year. 3Il世界播


New York City, which had about 1 million students last year, became one of the few big urban districts nationwide to open for in-person instruction this fall, but more than 541,000 students chose to attend only remotely, according to the most recent data available. 3Il世界播



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, pictured on Nov. 3, said classrooms wouldn’t automatically reopen if the seven-day average positivity rate dips below 3%. 3Il世界播

纽约市市长白思豪(Bill De Blasio)在11月3日的照片中说,如果七天平均阳性率降至3%以下,教室不会自动重新开放3Il世界播

Many students who said they would come to school one to three days a week weren’t showing up on campus, however. The department said in late October that 280,000 students had attended in person at least once since schools reopened at the end of September. 3Il世界播


While many students who chose the hybrid curriculum had in-person classes only one or two days a week, some parents relied on having a break when their children were on campus. 3Il世界播


The school closure news disappointed many parents, who had been anxious for days over updates cautioning that a shutdown was imminent. 3Il世界播


“I’m crying,” said Robin Lester Kenton, a marketing executive with a first-grader and third-grader in Brooklyn. 3Il世界播

“我哭了,”罗宾·莱斯特·肯顿(Robin Lester Kenton)说。他是一名营销主管,在布鲁克林读一年级和三年级。3Il世界播

She said her first-grader suffered from remote days: he was above grade level in reading last March and now was behind. Further, while his in-person teacher called him a natural leader who thrives with classmates, his remote teacher said he acted bored and sleepy in virtual classes. Remote learning is “harmful to him,” she said. 3Il世界播


Many parents pointed to the city’s own declarations that schools were safe, with masks and extra cleaning, as reason to keep them open. 3Il世界播


By Department of Education data, the district’s testing program found a Covid-19 positivity rate of 0.19% out of more than 120,000 students and staff tested. “This has been a reassuring sign that our schools are safe, and we are grateful for the tireless work you do to ensure this is possible,” Chancellor Richard Carranza said in a letter to principals Wednesday. 3Il世界播



As the U.S. continues to set records for new daily coronavirus cases, states from the coasts to the Midwest began enforcing new restrictions to get the surge in infections under control. 3Il世界播


When told of the city’s decision to close schools, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference on Wednesday that the 3% threshold had been established after dialogue with educators and parents. 3Il世界播

当被告知纽约市关闭学校的决定时,纽约州州长安德鲁·科莫(Andrew Cuomo)在周三的新闻发布会上说,3%的门槛是在与教育工作者和家长对话后确定的。3Il世界播

“That was the agreement and the agreement should be honored,” the Democratic governor said. 3Il世界播


Mr. Cuomo had previously said that schools have low transmission rates for the virus. He had also suggested that the city should make closure decisions based on positivity rates at individual schools. 3Il世界播


The United Federation of Teachers had threatened to strike if its demands for cleaning, ventilation, random testing and other steps weren’t met. On Wednesday, union president Michael Mulgrew backed the closure decision, saying: “Now it’s the job of all New Yorkers to maintain social distance, wear masks and take all other steps to substantially lower the infection rate so school buildings can reopen.” 3Il世界播



Students leaving a school in Brooklyn, N.Y., this month. 3Il世界播


Kevin Froner, principal of Manhattan Hunter Science High School, said he had been expecting a shutdown, and only about 10 of his roughly 450 students were still coming to campus anyway, after a location change due to building ventilation problems. “Our focus right now is on high-quality remote instruction,” he said. “I didn’t want to miss a beat when we go remote.” 3Il世界播

曼哈顿亨特科学高中校长凯文·弗兰尔(Kevin Froner)说,他一直预计学校会停课,由于大楼通风问题,学校的大约450名学生中,只有10人仍然会来学校。“我们目前的重点是高质量的远程教学,”他说。“当我们远程通话时,我不想错过任何一个节拍。”3Il世界播

Daniel Katz, a Manhattan father of two children in middle school, said they typically had just one day a week in-person so the closure wouldn’t cause a major change. His bigger concern was that, by his kids’ reports, their Upper West Side classrooms relied on keeping windows open 8 inches for ventilation. 3Il世界播

丹尼尔·卡茨(Daniel Katz)是曼哈顿两个上中学的孩子的父亲,他说,他们通常每周只有一天面对面的时间,所以关闭不会造成重大变化。他更担心的是,根据他的孩子们的报告,他们在上西区的教室依靠开着8英寸的窗户通风。3Il世界播

“The kids are keeping their coats and jackets on to be warm enough,” said Mr. Katz, a professor of education at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. “I have to ask, how is this sustainable as we move into winter?” 3Il世界播

卡茨是新泽西州西顿霍尔大学(Seton Hall University)的教育学教授,他说:“孩子们穿着外套和夹克,以保暖。”“我不得不问,在我们进入冬季之际,这怎么能持续下去呢?”3Il世界播

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