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Bondi party girl who flaunted her lavish holidays and dinners at waterfront bars on social media faces 18,000 pages of police evidence against her - after being accused of running drugs in a Dial-a-Dealer ring apy世界播



A glamorous Bondi party girl who was busted for allegedly selling cocaine in a dial-a-dealer scheme will be hit with an incredible 18,000 pages of evidence against her. apy世界播


Danielle Tara Hogan is alleged to have acted as a 'runner' delivering cocaine across the city in the alleged drug network, which was cracked by detectives 12 months ago. apy世界播

丹妮尔·塔拉·霍根(Danielle Tara Hogan)被指控在12个月前被侦探破获的毒品网络中扮演着在全市运送可卡因的“跑步者”的角色。apy世界播

The 24-year-old event planner from North Bondi is alleged to have been dealing cocaine in 2019, around the same time she was posting snaps while she enjoyed holidays, wore designer clothes and relaxed at trendy beachfront bars. apy世界播


She is facing multiple charges with police backing up their case with pages of evidence - including phone tap transcripts and text messages. apy世界播



Danielle Hogan (pictured), from North Bondi, spent 12 days behind bars after she was arrested at her apartment on Thursday, November 7, 2019 apy世界播



The 24-year-old is facing is facing multiple charges with police backing up their case with pages of evidence - including phone tap transcripts and text messages apy世界播


On Wednesday, Burwood Local Court heard Ms Hogan's case is being substantially delayed because of the sheer amount of evidence her defence team is trawling through. apy世界播

周三,伯伍德地方法院(Burwood Local Court)审理了霍根的案件,由于她的辩护律师团队正在搜集大量证据,霍根的案件被大幅推迟。apy世界播

'The brief is about 18,000 pages,' her defence lawyer Ms Jehane Ghabrial said, according to The Daily Telegraph. apy世界播

据《每日电讯报》报道,她的辩护律师Jehane Ghabrial女士说:“案情摘要大约有1.8万页。”apy世界播

'We have spoken to the DPP and advised them on where we are up to and some further material was filed in the order of several thousand pages.' apy世界播


Between August and October 2019, the Instagram influencer was posting pictures of herself in bikinis enjoying the sun at beaches and waterfront bars in Sydney. apy世界播


She was also, police allege, acting as a pizza delivery-style drug courier - selling 380g of cocaine across the harbour city until her November 7 arrest. apy世界播



Hogan was arrested (pictured) at her family's North Bondi apartment on November 7 over the alleged involvement in the drug syndicate apy世界播



Hogan (pictured) will front court again in December over the alleged drug syndicate apy世界播


After strike force detectives swooped on the alleged syndicate, she was charged with five offences, including two counts of ongoing drug supply and participating in a criminal group. apy世界播


The police case hinges on surveillance intercepts of Ms Hogan communicating with other members of the group, a court previously heard. apy世界播


In July, she asked the court to be allowed to continue throwing parties while on bail. apy世界播


She applied to have her curfew extended from 10pm to 11pm so she could work an hour later in her event planning job. apy世界播


She was granted the extra hour but the magistrate stipulated she must have one of her parents with her at the venues. apy世界播



Hogan - who was the seventh person to be charged over the alleged drug ring - is accused of supplying380g of cocaine between August and October 2019 apy世界播


Other bail conditions stipulated that she be required to reside at her family home, leaving only between the hours of 6am and 11pm with a parent, and report to Chatswood Police Station. apy世界播


She wasprohibited from contacting her co-accused or using any encryption apps on her mobile phone, and had to surrender her passport. apy世界播


On Wednesday, Ms Hogan's case was adjourned for one month to allow her defence team to wade through the 18,000 pages and asses the case against her. apy世界播


She will front Burwood Local Court in December. apy世界播



Hogan is required to follow strict bail conditions, including residing at her family property and reporting to Chatswood Police Station apy世界播


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