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HHS secretary says department won't work with Biden's team until federal agency determines he won 29W世界播



Washington The Health and Human Services Department will not work with President-elect Joe Biden's team until the General Services Administration makes a determination that he won the election, Secretary Alex Azar said Wednesday, even as public health experts stress that a smooth transition is a critical part of the government's response to the worsening coronavirus pandemic. 29W世界播

华盛顿-美国卫生与公众服务部(Health And Human Services Department)部长亚历克斯·阿扎尔(Alex Azar)周三表示,在总务署(General Services Administration)确定拜登赢得选举之前,卫生与公众服务部(Health And Human Services Department)不会与当选总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)的团队合作。与此同时,公共卫生专家强调,平稳过渡是政府应对日益恶化的冠状病毒疫情的关键部分。29W世界播

"We've made it very clear that when GSA makes a determination, we will ensure complete, cooperative professional transitions and planning," Azar said at a briefing. "We follow the guidance. We're about getting vaccines and therapeutics invented and get the clinical trial data and saving lives here. That's where our focus is as we go forward with our efforts." 29W世界播


Azar was referring to a process known as "ascertainment," a routine recognition by the GSA in the face of a clear presidential victory that would allow the official transition to begin. But although major news networks called the election for Biden nearly two weeks ago, President Donald Trump's campaign has launched long-shot legal challenges in several states, even though they have little chance of overturning the results. 29W世界播

阿扎尔指的是一个被称为“确定”的过程,这是GSA面对明显的总统胜利而进行的例行承认,这将使官方过渡开始。但是,尽管主要新闻网络在近两周前就宣布拜登当选,但唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统的竞选团队在几个州发起了可能性很小的法律挑战,尽管他们推翻选举结果的可能性很小。29W世界播

Sources have told CNN that Emily Murphy, the Trump appointee leading the GSA, is working to interpret vague agency guidelines and follow what she sees as precedent to wait to sign off on the election result. But she has not publicly said what the definitive line will be, and states are still in the process of working to certify their results. 29W世界播

消息人士告诉CNN,特朗普任命的GSA负责人艾米莉·墨菲(Emily Murphy)正在努力解读该机构含糊的指导方针,并遵循她认为是先例的做法,等待签署选举结果。但她还没有公开表示最终的界限是什么,各州仍在努力证明他们的结果。29W世界播

Meanwhile, an administration official tells CNN that HHS staffers have been informed that if anyone from Biden's team contacts them, they are not to communicate with them and should instead alert the deputy surgeon general of the communication. 29W世界播


It's not clear how widely the instructions were disseminated at the department, and HHS referred a request for comment to the GSA. A spokesperson for the agency described the instructions as routine said the direction is "given for every transition prior to an ascertainment." 29W世界播


Biden criticized the Trump administration on Wednesday for not officially declaring him the winner, and warned that vaccine distribution could lag as a result of his transition team not being able to work with the administration. 29W世界播


"Soon, we're going to be behind by weeks and months being able to put together the whole initiative relating to the biggest promise we have with two drug companies coming along and finding 95% effectiveness, efficiency in the vaccines, which is enormous promise," he said. 29W世界播


Some leading health experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have emphasized the need for greater cooperation between the Trump administration and Biden's team. Co-chairs for the President-elect's Covid-19 advisory board have stressed that their lack of real-time access to data and information on the supply of therapeutics, testing supplies, personal protective equipment, ventilators, hospital bed capacity or the Strategic National Stockpile is hampering their efforts. 29W世界播

包括安东尼·福奇(Anthony Fuci)博士在内的一些领先卫生专家强调,特朗普政府和拜登团队之间需要加强合作。当选总统新冠肺炎顾问委员会的联席主席强调,他们缺乏实时获取治疗药物、测试用品、个人防护设备、呼吸机、病床容量或国家战略储备供应的数据和信息,这阻碍了他们的努力。29W世界播

"We haven't been able to sit down with the Trump administration at all, to be able to understand what plans are already in place, where the gaps are, where help is needed, and how we can make sure there's a smooth hand-off after January 20, where the bulk of these vaccines will be administered after that date," Dr. Rick Bright, a member of Biden's Covid-19 Advisory Board, told CNN's John Berman on "New Day" Wednesday. 29W世界播

拜登新冠肺炎顾问委员会成员里克·布莱特博士在周三的“新年”节目中告诉美国有线电视新闻网的约翰·伯曼:“我们根本无法与特朗普政府坐下来,了解已经制定了什么计划,差距在哪里,需要帮助的地方,以及我们如何确保1月20日之后顺利交接,因为大部分疫苗将在1月20日之后进行接种,”拜登的新冠肺炎顾问委员会成员里克·布莱特(Rick Bright)博士在周三的“新年”节目中告诉美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)的约翰·伯曼(John Berman)。29W世界播

Trump has repeatedly refused to recognize his election loss, even though Biden won by the same margin in the Electoral College that the President did four years ago and handily won the popular vote. Trump's administration has so far refused to cooperate in other areas, including national security, where Biden has been blocked from receiving intelligence briefings that are customary during a transition. 29W世界播


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