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Could Suzy Lamplugh murder finally be solved after 34 years? Suspect was spotted hurling a suitcase into a canal in Brentford three days after the estate agent vanished in 1986, re-opened investigation reveals Q8z世界播



The suspected killer of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh was spotted hurling a large suitcase into a canal in west London three days after she vanished, a retired detective has revealed. Q8z世界播


Ms Lamplugh, 25, disappeared 34 years ago, it is believed after going to meet a client who called himself 'Mr Kipper' in Fulham, south west London. Q8z世界播


Killer John Cannan, 66, is currently serving three life sentences at Full Sutton Prison in York after being convicted of murder, attempted kidnap and rape in 1988. Q8z世界播

杀手约翰·坎南现年66岁,在1988年被判谋杀、绑架未遂和强奸罪名成立后,目前正在约克郡的Full Sutton监狱服刑三次无期徒刑。Q8z世界播

He has never been charged in connection with Ms Lamplugh's murder, but is believed to have told a former girlfriend that he strangled her and buried her body in concrete. Q8z世界播


Now former detective superintendent Jim Dickie, who was in charge of a re-investigation into the case, says he was told last year that Cannan was seen dumping a big trunk into the Grand Union Canal in Brentford. Q8z世界播

现在负责重新调查此案的前侦探局长吉姆·迪基(Jim Dickie)表示,去年他被告知,有人看到坎南将一个大箱子倾倒在布伦特福德的大联合运河(Grand Union Canal)中。Q8z世界播


Killer John Cannan (left), 66, is currently serving three life sentences at Full Sutton Prison in York but has never been charged in connection with the murder of Suzy Lamplugh (right) Q8z世界播

杀手约翰·坎南(左)现年66岁,目前正在约克郡的Full Sutton监狱服刑三次无期徒刑,但从未因谋杀苏西·兰普鲁(右)而被起诉Q8z世界播


Former detective superintendent Jim Dickie says he was told last year that Cannan was seen dumping a big trunk into the Grand Union Canal (pictured above) in Brentford, west London Q8z世界播


A lorry driver is said to have witnessed the scene while on his way to work at 5am, three days after Ms Lamplugh vanished. Q8z世界播


Cannan was alleged to be seen with the suitcase on a trolley, and ran away after a splashing sound was heard. Q8z世界播


Mr Dickie told The Sun: 'I believe the canal sighting is the best piece of information to have emerged about Suzy’s potential whereabouts since she went missing more than 34 years ago.' Q8z世界播


Cannan was jailed for life with a minimum of 35 years in April 1989 for the rape and murder of Shirley Banks, 29, in Bristol. Q8z世界播

1989年4月,坎南因在布里斯托尔强奸并谋杀29岁的雪莉·班克斯(Shirley Banks)而被判终身监禁,至少35年。Q8z世界播

The former detective drew similarities between the two cases, noting that Ms Banks' body was found in a rural location near a main road, while the Grand Union Canal is close to the A4 and M4. Q8z世界播


He added: 'We think that after leaving the bail hostel, Cannan had a room somewhere where he took Suzy and murdered her before hiding the body. Q8z世界播


'There were warehouses around that area at the time where he could easily have got a trolley.' Q8z世界播


Ms Lamplugh's carwas found in the evening on the same day she disappeared, parked in a Fulham street a mile from the house, with its handbrake off but with her purse still in the door pocket. Q8z世界播



Police activity in July last year on a roadside verge adjoining a field near Pershore, Worcestershire, in connection with the murder of the estate agent 34 years ago Q8z世界播


Six years later, the Metropolitan Police revealed its prime suspect in the case to be serial rapist and convicted killer Cannan – but the Crown Prosecution Service ruled there was insufficient evidence to prosecute. Q8z世界播


Ms Lamplugh was officially declared dead, presumed murdered, in 1994 and her parents Paul and Diana both died without finding out what happened to their daughter. Q8z世界播


The estate agent's disappearance is one of the most puzzling cases of the 20th century. Q8z世界播


Witnesses reported seeing a woman meeting her description arguing with a man outside a property in Shorrolds Road at about 1pm on July 28, 1986. Q8z世界播

目击者报告说,1986年7月28日下午1点左右,看到一名符合她描述的女子在Shorrolds Road的一处物业外与一名男子争吵。Q8z世界播

In August 2010, police began searching a field off the B4084 between Pershore and Drakes Broughton, about three miles from the former Norton Barracks in Worcestershire, where a search had previously been carried out in December 2000 and February 2001. Q8z世界播

2010年8月,警方开始搜索位于珀尔肖尔和德雷克斯·布劳顿(Drakes Broughton)之间的B4084号公路外的一块田地,距离伍斯特郡的前诺顿兵营约3英里,此前曾在2000年12月和2001年2月在那里进行过搜索。Q8z世界播

In December 2000, police had also searched a nearby brickworks, which had been mentioned in several of the original witness statements. Q8z世界播


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