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Philadelphia Police Shooting: Who Was Walter Wallace Jr., and What Happened? oxe世界播



Demonstrators and riot police Oct. 27 during a rally after the death of Walter Wallace Jr., a Black man shot by police in Philadelphia. oxe世界播

10月27日,示威者和防暴警察在费城被警察枪杀的黑人小沃尔特·华莱士(Walter Wallace Jr.)死亡后的集会上oxe世界播

A citywide curfew will take effect at 9 p.m. Wednesday in Philadelphia as officials try to restore order after two nights of protests and looting. oxe世界播


Protests and looting began Monday, after a video was distributed on social media showing police fatally shooting Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old Black man who was holding a knife. oxe世界播

周一,在社交媒体上流传的一段视频显示,警察开枪打死了持刀的27岁黑人小沃尔特·华莱士(Walter Wallace Jr.)后,抗议和抢劫开始了。oxe世界播

On Wednesday, city officials said police have arrested more than 170 people on felony or misdemeanor charges since Monday. Most of the arrests were for commercial burglaries, officials said. More than 50 officers have been injured, and one remained hospitalized Wednesday afternoon, officials said. Also, 17 police or fire vehicles have been damaged. oxe世界播


On Tuesday night in New York City, protests over the shooting turned violent when demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear. Thirty-two people were arrested and five New York Police Department officers were injured, police officials said. oxe世界播


Bystander video showed Mr. Wallace, who was holding a knife, stood on a sidewalk while two police officers pointed their guns at him. At one point, a woman appeared to try to stop Mr. Wallace as he crossed the street. Officers fired several times when he re-emerged onto the street from between two parked cars and walked toward them. oxe世界播


A police spokesman said officers ordered Mr. Wallace to drop the knife before they fired their guns. The two officers each fired about seven rounds, police Chief Inspector Frank Vanore said. He said he didn’t know how many bullets struck Mr. Wallace. oxe世界播

警方发言人说,警察命令华莱士在开枪前放下刀。警察局长弗兰克·瓦诺尔(Frank Vanore)说,这两名警官每人开了大约七发子弹。他说,他不知道有多少子弹击中了华莱士。oxe世界播

Shaka Johnson, a lawyer for the Wallace family, said Mr. Wallace had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was taking lithium under a doctor’s care. oxe世界播

华莱士家族的律师沙卡·约翰逊(Shaka Johnson)说,华莱士被诊断出患有躁郁症,目前正在医生的护理下服用锂。oxe世界播

“The man was suffering,” he said. “When you come to a scene where somebody is in a mental crisis, [and] the only tool you have to deal with it is a gun, that’s a problem.” oxe世界播


Mr. Johnson said police had been called to the Wallace home several times earlier Monday. The deadly confrontation came after Mr. Wallace’s brother had requested an ambulance, Mr. Johnson said, but the police got there first. oxe世界播



Police and protesters clashed for a second night in Philadelphia after the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr., and some businesses were looted in the city. City officials say they have been preparing for potential unrest around the Nov. 3 election. oxe世界播

在警察击毙小沃尔特·华莱士(Walter Wallace Jr.)后,警方和抗议者在费城连续第二晚发生冲突,该市一些企业遭到抢劫。市政府官员说,他们一直在为11月3日选举前后可能发生的骚乱做准备oxe世界播

Mr. Wallace had eight children, and his wife, Dominique, whom he married three weeks ago, was due to give birth imminently, Mr. Johnson said Wednesday. oxe世界播


Online court records show Mr. Wallace had been arrested several times in Philadelphia since 2013. He was convicted of crimes such as robbery and simple assault, and was awaiting trial on a charge of making terroristic threats, according to the records. oxe世界播


Like other large U.S. cities, Philadelphia had been preparing for potential violence around the Nov. 3 election, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said. oxe世界播

警察局长丹妮尔·奥特洛(Danielle Outlaw)说,与美国其他大城市一样,费城在11月3日大选前后一直在为潜在的暴力事件做准备。oxe世界播

The first of several hundred Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers were expected to arrive in the city Friday, with a primary mission to safeguard property and prevent looting. oxe世界播


Ms. Outlaw said Wednesday she planned to release the audio of 911 calls related to Mr. Wallace’s shooting, as well as body-camera footage of the two officers involved, “in the near future” and after sharing them with Mr. Wallace’s family. oxe世界播


“I think it’s safe to say that once officers were on the scene, people were saying that there may have been mental issues there,” Ms. Outlaw said Wednesday. She said investigators would explore what the officers knew about Mr. Wallace’s mental condition and how that information shaped their response. oxe世界播



People near the scene of the Oct. 26 shooting. oxe世界播


District Attorney Larry Krasner said his office would investigate the incident along with the police department. oxe世界播

地区检察官拉里·克拉斯纳(Larry Krasner)表示,他的办公室将与警察局一起调查这起事件。oxe世界播

During a campaign trip to Arizona Wednesday, President Trump said his administration was looking at the Philadelphia shooting. “It’s a terrible thing. What I’m witnessing is terrible,” he said. oxe世界播


He said the federal government would assist if asked to help, but also said the “Democrat-run” city should be able to handle it on its own. oxe世界播


“You’ve got to have law and order. You’ve got to have respect for our police,” Mr. Trump said. oxe世界播


Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday afternoon in Wilmington, Del., that “there is no excuse whatsoever for the looting and the violence, none whatsoever.” oxe世界播


Mr. Biden said protesting was “totally legitimate, totally reasonable, but I think that the looting is just, as the victim’s father said, ‘Do not do this… you’re not helping, you’re hurting, you’re not helping my son.’ ” oxe世界播


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