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Shocking Russian baby 'masseur' is shown clamping screaming child's head between his knees and violently twisting body 180 degrees in horrifying video of his 'dangerous' treatment techniques xUJ世界播



A baby masseur is under investigation in Russia after a shocking video emerged of his 'dangerous' treatment techniques. xUJ世界播


Mikhail Mikhnyov, 61, was caught on camerasqueezing a screaming child's head between his knees before violently twisting the body around 180 degrees. xUJ世界播

61岁的米哈伊尔·米赫尼奥夫(Mikhail Mikhnyov)被摄像机捕捉到,他将一个尖叫的孩子的头夹在膝盖之间,然后猛烈地将身体扭曲180度。xUJ世界播

The masseur, who says he has three decades of experience, claims the child was not in pain during the treatmentin his home city of Novosibirsk. xUJ世界播


But he is now facing a law enforcement probe amid backlash from parents and senior surgeons. xUJ世界播



Mikhail Mikhnyov, 61, was caught on camera squeezing a screaming child's head between his knees then violently twisting the body around 180 degreesin Novosibirsk, Russia xUJ世界播

在俄罗斯新西伯利亚,61岁的米哈伊尔·米克尼奥夫(Mikhail Mikhnyov)被摄像机拍到将一个尖叫的孩子的头夹在膝盖之间,然后猛烈扭曲身体约180度xUJ世界播

Mikhnyov insists his controversial technique is safe and claims to have cured 8,000 babies of infant torticollis, commonly known as wry neck, a condition involving a tilted head or trouble turning the neck. xUJ世界播


He says his 'massage' is based on Soviet-era 'dynamic gymnastics' and added that he has a queue of parents seeking treatment for their newborns. xUJ世界播


One mother told Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP): 'The child was hysterical and screamed for the entire session. xUJ世界播

一位母亲告诉KomSomolskaya Pravda(KP):“孩子整个过程都歇斯底里地尖叫。xUJ世界播

'And in the end (the baby) was limp... I sobbed. I pray that these three sessions will not negatively affect my child's health.' xUJ世界播



The Russian Investigative Committee has since launched a probe into Mikhnyov's baby 'massages' xUJ世界播


Elena Gubina, head physician of the Novosibirsk Institute of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery, said his technique has 'no sane explanation'. xUJ世界播

新西伯利亚创伤、整形外科和神经外科研究所的首席医生埃琳娜·古比娜(Elena Gubina)说,他的技术“没有合理的解释”。xUJ世界播

'When I saw what was happening on the video, my first thought was - this is a stupid joke with a doll,' she said. xUJ世界播


'When I realised that it was a child, I almost dropped my phone.' xUJ世界播


She added: 'I can only compare this with the Inquisition. xUJ世界播


'I will not bore you with medical terms as to why this is unacceptable... Just imagine that it is your head clamped in giant knees.' xUJ世界播



Mikhnyov (pictured) insists his controversial technique is safe xUJ世界播


Renowned Moscow baby masseur Igor Novokrinitsky said: 'This is not a massage but some technique unknown to me. xUJ世界播


'I have never seen this. It is absolutely impossible to use with children.' xUJ世界播


He warned: 'The neck is the most tender area in the baby's body. It is exposed to the big danger even during childbirth. xUJ世界播


'It is terrible, just terrible.' xUJ世界播


Paediatrician Maria Gerbutova warned of the risk of injury to the cervical area. xUJ世界播

儿科医生玛丽亚·格布托娃(Maria Gerbutova)警告说,颈部有受伤的风险。xUJ世界播

Babies were in danger of 'subluxation of the vertebrae, hyperextension of the soft tissues of the neck, micro-tears, muscle tears, compression of vital blood vessels of the neck, injury to the shoulder region, and damage to the brain,' she said. xUJ世界播


But the baby masseur said he had many certificates to prove his qualifications and blamed 'jealous rivals' for the attack on his techniques. xUJ世界播


He added: 'A person must be gifted to engage in therapeutic massage. Babies scream and cry not from pain but from surprise. xUJ世界播


'Even surgeons slap the child on the bottom with terrible force before heart surgery. xUJ世界播


'The buttocks take over the outflow of blood but this saves the child's life. If mad mothers saw this, they would kill.' xUJ世界播


One mother Maria Arkhipova denied her child, six months, was traumatised. xUJ世界播

一位母亲玛丽亚·阿尔希波娃(Maria Arkhipova)否认她6个月大的孩子受到了精神创伤。xUJ世界播

'Was my daughter crying? I can't say she was crying a lot.' xUJ世界播


The Russian Investigative Committee has since launched a probe into Mikhnyov's baby 'massages'. xUJ世界播


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