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Union Voters at Center of Trump vs. Biden Battle for Pennsylvania 5ND世界播



A union member listened as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke in New Alexandria, Pa., on Sept. 30. 5ND世界播

9月9日,一名工会成员在宾夕法尼亚州新亚历山大市聆听民主党总统候选人乔·拜登(Joe Biden)的讲话。30.5ND世界播

JOHNSTOWN, Pa.—Barry Hixson has one of the tougher jobs in battleground politics: convincing rank-and-file union members across central and western Pennsylvania to flip on President Trump. 5ND世界播

宾夕法尼亚州约翰斯敦--巴里·希克森(Barry Hixson)的工作是战场政治中最艰巨的工作之一:说服宾夕法尼亚州中西部的普通工会成员背叛特朗普总统。5ND世界播

“Trump supporters are very, very vocal. The people who have had enough of the show, the drama and the politics aren’t as much,” said Mr. Hixson, president of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 459 based in Johnstown. 5ND世界播

“特朗普的支持者非常非常直言不讳。那些受够了这部剧、电视剧和政治的人就没那么多了,“总部设在约翰斯敦的国际电气工人兄弟会(International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 459)主席希克森说。5ND世界播

The fight over the union vote in Pennsylvania and other Rust Belt states could be key in determining the next president and is challenging Democrats, who for decades relied on labor support only to be shocked by the allure of Mr. Trump’s message. In 2016, he earned a national level of backing from union members no Republican had reached since Ronald Reagan, exit polls showed. 5ND世界播

宾夕法尼亚州和其他铁锈地带州围绕工会选票的斗争可能是决定下一任总统的关键,也是对民主党人的挑战。几十年来,民主党人一直依赖劳工的支持,结果却被特朗普传达的信息的诱惑力所震惊。出口民调显示,2016年,他获得了自罗纳德·里根(Ronald Reagan)以来从未获得过共和党人支持的工会成员在全国范围内的支持。5ND世界播

Given that Mr. Trump won Pennsylvania by only 44,000 votes out of 5.9 million cast and that current polling shows him trailing in the state, he cannot afford many defections. Roughly 12% of the state’s workers belong to a union and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, a Scranton native, is pushing to regain lost ground. 5ND世界播

鉴于特朗普在590万张选票中仅以4.4万票的优势赢得宾夕法尼亚州,而且目前的民调显示他在该州落后,他承担不起太多叛逃的代价。该州大约12%的工人属于工会,民主党候选人乔·拜登(Joe Biden)是斯克兰顿人,他正在努力收复失地。5ND世界播

Mr. Hixson didn’t vote for Mr. Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton four years ago. “I ended up staying home out of pure disgust,” he said. Now he’s working to inform workers on what he sees as the president’s failed promises, such as saving the coal industry, and antilabor policies. 5ND世界播


It has been a struggle. “Trump’s hitting all the hot buttons. He’s not going to touch anybody’s guns. He’s got people believing he loves Jesus,” Mr. Hixson said. But he said he is finding support. “They’ll pull me aside after a meeting and say, ‘I’m not doing that again.’” 5ND世界播


Support for Mr. Trump is readily apparent in Johnstown, home to steel- and coal-plant workers, and his packed rally here Tuesday night—two weeks after a visit by Mr. Biden—displayed that enthusiasm and a campaign strategy to maintain a base of white, largely working-class voters. 5ND世界播


Cambria County, anchored by Johnstown, narrowly went for Barack Obama in 2008, but four years later Mitt Romney won by 18 percentage points. Mr. Trump blew it open by 37 points. 5ND世界播



Support for President Trump is readily apparent in Johnstown, Pa., where he spoke at a packed rally on Tuesday night. 5ND世界播


“What has Biden done for us? He had 47 years,” said Greg Polosky, 62, who sat in his truck scratching lottery tickets on a recent afternoon before a shift at Liberty Wire Johnstown, a steel mill. He grew up a Democrat but four years ago cast his first GOP vote for Mr. Trump and said he would again. 5ND世界播

“拜登为我们做了什么?62岁的格雷格·波洛斯基(Greg Polosky)说,最近的一个下午,他坐在卡车里刮彩票,之后在钢铁厂Liberty Wire Johnstown值班。他从小就是民主党人,但四年前,他第一次投了共和党人的票给特朗普,并表示他会再次投票。5ND世界播

United Steelworkers, the union Mr. Polosky belongs to, endorsed Mr. Biden. But he said he sensed most of the 200-plus workers at the mill back Mr. Trump, reflecting a division between labor organizations and rank-and-file members across the country. 5ND世界播

波洛斯基所属的美国钢铁工人联合会(United Steelworker)对拜登表示支持。但他说,他感觉到工厂里的200多名工人中的大多数人都支持特朗普,这反映出全国各地的劳工组织和普通成员之间的分歧。5ND世界播

“President Trump’s 2016 victory sparked a realignment of blue-collar workers who were tired of politicians like Joe Biden showing blind loyalty to union bosses while implementing policies that hurt workers and families,” Trump campaign spokeswoman Samantha Zager said, referring to deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement. 5ND世界播

特朗普竞选团队发言人萨曼莎·扎格(Samantha Zager)在谈到北美自由贸易协定(North American Free Trade Agreement)等协议时表示:“特朗普总统2016年的胜利引发了蓝领工人的重新调整,他们厌倦了乔·拜登(Joe Biden)这样的政客在实施伤害工人和家庭的政策时盲目忠于工会老板。”5ND世界播

The president will return to the state the coming Tuesday for a rally in Erie, another union stronghold. 5ND世界播


During this past Tuesday’s rally in Johnstown, Mr. Trump pounded his rival, saying he opposes hydraulic fracking, the technology that allows oil and gas to be extracted from shale rock; Mr. Biden has called for a limited ban on fracking, ending its use on federally controlled lands. Mr. Trump portrayed himself as an outsider taking on establishment Washington and fighting for American jobs. “If Biden wins, China wins,” he said. And he emphasized support from law-enforcement unions. 5ND世界播


An endorsement by the union representing firefighters and paramedics in Philadelphia provided another boost for Mr. Trump, though it triggered demands for a retraction from some members, many of them Black and Latino. The union is part of the International Association of Fire Fighters, which has endorsed Mr. Biden. 5ND世界播

代表费城消防员和护理人员的工会的支持又给特朗普带来了提振,不过也引发了一些成员要求撤回的要求,其中许多成员是黑人和拉丁裔。该工会是支持拜登的国际消防员协会(International Association Of Fire Fighters)的成员。5ND世界播


Democratic candidate Joe Biden spoke with union members in Detroit last month. 5ND世界播


Mr. Biden is strong with public-sector unions, who account for nearly half of union members nationally. But he faces the task of trying to dampen support for Mr. Trump among builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers and miners—largely white men. Mrs. Clinton lost them in droves, contributing to a 9-percentage-point drop from President Obama performance among union members in 2012. 5ND世界播


Union leaders say Mrs. Clinton didn’t campaign enough in western Pennsylvania and focused on the wrong message. “Donald Trump said I’m going to create jobs. Her campaign was ‘Look at how bad he is,’” said Rick Bloomingdale, president of the state federation of the AFL-CIO. 5ND世界播

工会领导人说,克林顿在宾夕法尼亚州西部的竞选活动不够,而且重点放在了错误的信息上。“唐纳德·特朗普说我将创造就业机会。她的竞选活动是‘看看他有多糟糕’,“美国劳工联合会-产联(AFL-CIO)州联合会主席里克·布鲁明戴尔(Rick Bloomingdale)说。5ND世界播

“We couldn’t pay a member to wear a Hillary shirt or take a yard sign. Even if they were going to reluctantly vote for her, they didn’t want to flaunt it,” said Joe Hughes, organizing director of an International Union of Painters and Allied Trade chapter near Pittsburgh. “Now we have members calling us asking for Biden signs. Anyone who thinks a simple repeat of 2016 is on the horizon, I’ve got to strongly disagree. I don’t like saying that too much because it’s time to pound the pedal to the floor.” 5ND世界播

“我们不能付钱让会员穿希拉里衬衫或做庭院标志。即使他们将不情愿地投票给她,他们也不想炫耀,“匹兹堡附近的国际画家和联合贸易联盟分会的组织主任乔·休斯(Joe Hughes)说。“现在我们有会员打电话给我们,要求拜登签名。任何认为2016年即将重演的人,我都强烈反对。我不太喜欢这么说,因为现在是踩踏板落地的时候了。“。5ND世界播

Mr. Hughes and other organizers are highlighting Mr. Trump’s actions, such as appointments to the National Labor Relations Board that unions say tipped rulings in favor of employers, and a failure to push through a massive infrastructure spending plan. A flier being distributed at construction sites around Pittsburgh blames the government for failing to pass additional coronavirus relief. 5ND世界播

休斯和其他组织者强调了特朗普的行动,比如任命全国劳资关系委员会(National Labor Relations Board)成员,工会称这些裁决有利于雇主,以及未能推动一项大规模基础设施支出计划。匹兹堡周围建筑工地散发的传单指责政府未能通过额外的冠状病毒救济。5ND世界播

“For an administration that boasted about improving our health care system, it has not done anything in nearly 4 years,” the flier reads. It doesn’t mention the president by name. Union organizers say they are working to appeal to members through issues, not a “Trump sucks” message, as Mr. Hughes put it. 5ND世界播


“We’re talking about the bread-and-butter issues that keep working families up at night, like being able to save for retirement and afford health care,” said Erika Dinkel-Smith, the Biden campaign director of labor engagement. 5ND世界播

拜登竞选团队负责劳工事务的主任埃里卡·丁克尔-史密斯(Erika Dinkel-Smith)说,“我们谈论的是让工薪家庭彻夜难眠的生计问题,比如能够为退休储蓄,支付得起医疗费用。”5ND世界播

Mr. Biden has emphasized his working-class upbringing. “I’m a union man, period,” he said in launching his campaign in spring 2019 at a Teamsters hall in Pittsburgh, calling for a higher minimum wage and repealing tax cuts for the wealthy. 5ND世界播



Mr. Trump won Cambria County, where Johnstown is located, by 37 percentage points in 2016.. 5ND世界播


Mr. Trump’s campaign had long seen this appeal as a threat and has tried to cast Mr. Biden as too far left, but polls suggest that effort hasn’t eroded Mr. Biden’s standing. 5ND世界播


Since June, Mr. Biden has visited Pennsylvania 13 times, five of which have been focused on union issues. A train tour earlier this month included several stops in western Pennsylvania and ended in Johnstown, where the former vice president framed the election as Scranton vs. Park Avenue. 5ND世界播


“I promise you this: I see you. I hear you. I respect you. I grew up with you,” he said. 5ND世界播


The campaign is targeting union-heavy ZIP Codes in Pennsylvania with Facebook and YouTube ads touting Mr. Biden’s union endorsements. 5ND世界播


It won’t win over Bob Shaffer, who recently retired from the Johnstown wire mill after 44 years. A registered Democrat who twice voted for Mr. Obama, he will cast a ballot again for Mr. Trump. But he said he has noticed around town more support for Mr. Biden than Mrs. Clinton had. “He’s learned the mistake she made. He’s starting to talk what Trump talked,” he said. 5ND世界播

它不会赢得鲍勃·谢弗(Bob Shaffer)的支持,他在任职44年后最近从约翰斯敦线材厂退休。作为一名曾两次投票给奥巴马的注册民主党人,他将再次投票给特朗普。但他说,他注意到全城对拜登的支持比克林顿更多。“他已经认识到她犯下的错误。他开始说起特朗普说过的话了,“他说。5ND世界播

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