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Williamson lays off entire campaign staff, Castro exits race pOs世界播


Former Housing Secretary and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro dropped out of the Democratic race for president Thursday, and spiritualist author Marianne Williamson laid off her entire campaign staff amid rumors she was close to ending her campaign. pOs世界播

周四,前住房部长、圣安东尼奥市长朱利安·卡斯特罗退出了民主党总统竞选,灵媒作家玛丽安·威廉姆森(Marianne Williamson)解雇了所有竞选人员,有传言称她即将结束竞选活动。pOs世界播

The news from the two low-polling Democrats came on the same day that their top-tier competitors released hefty fourth-quarter fundraising hauls. pOs世界播



Marianne Williamson campaigning in Iowa in September. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images) pOs世界播

玛丽安·威廉姆森(Marianne Williamson)9月份在爱荷华州的竞选活动。(图片来源:斯科特·奥尔森/Getty Images)pOs世界播

WMUR in Manchester, N.H., reportedthat Williamson, citing a lack of financial support, had laid off her staff. Sources told the outlet that, at its height, the campaign had a total of approximately 45 paid staffers. Paul Hodes, the candidate’s former state director in New Hampshire,told CBS Newshe expected Williamson to continue her campaign on her own. Williamson confirmed that expectation in astatementreleased Thursday evening. pOs世界播

新泽西州曼彻斯特的WMUR报道称,威廉姆森以缺乏资金支持为由解雇了员工。消息人士告诉该报,在其鼎盛时期,这场运动总共有大约45名受薪工作人员。候选人在新罕布夏州的前州主任保罗·霍兹(Paul Hodes)告诉CBS新闻,他预计威廉姆森会继续自己的竞选活动。威廉姆森在周四晚间发布的一份官方声明中证实了这一预期。pOs世界播

“I am not suspending my candidacy,however; a campaign not having a huge war chest should not be what determines its fate,” she wrote, adding that “in the meantime, it’s amazing what you can do with volunteers. pOs世界播


Williamson, known for her offbeat personality and regarded by some as a representation of New Age liberalism, found brief viral fame after her performance at the first two Democratic debates over the summer — so much so that Republicans, ironically or otherwise, donated to her campaign in the hopes that she’d be present for the subsequent debates. Their strategy did not pan out, as Williamson failed to meet the Democratic National Committee’s debate criteria. pOs世界播


In an interview with Yahoo News this fall, Williamsonmaintainedthat her already minuscule campaign apparatus would not suffer as a result of her being left off the debate stage. pOs世界播

在今年秋天接受雅虎新闻(Yahoo News)采访时,威廉姆森坚称,她本已微不足道的竞选机构不会因为她被排除在辩论舞台之外而受到影响。pOs世界播

“My campaign is like a bonsai tree,” she said. “A bonsai tree has everything that a big tree has. But it’s within the limits of those glass walls. So I have everything every campaign has, just less of it. I’ll have three field organizers, somebody else has 90.” pOs世界播


Despite establishing herself in Iowa, Williamson was unable to raise enough money to compete with her rivals, many of whom were raking in eight-figure sums per quarter. From July through August of last year, Williamson’s campaign raised only $3 million, putting her in the bottom fundraising tier of the primary. pOs世界播


Earlier Thursday, Castro announced that he was ending his campaign. The lone Hispanic candidate remaining in the race, Castro had failed to qualify for the last two debates. He had focused his campaign on issues such as immigration, poverty and police violence against minorities, but drew the ire of some Democrats for his debate attacks on former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas and former Vice President Joe Biden. pOs世界播

周四早些时候,卡斯特罗宣布他将结束竞选活动。卡斯特罗是唯一位留在竞选中的西班牙裔候选人,他在过去的两场辩论中未能获得资格。他的竞选重点是移民、贫困和警察对少数族裔的暴力等问题,但他在辩论中攻击德克萨斯州前众议员贝托·奥鲁尔克(Beto O‘Rourke)和前副总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden),招致了一些民主党人的愤怒。pOs世界播

“I’m not done fighting," said Castro in a video announcing his decision. “I’ll keep working towards a nation where everyone counts, a nation where everyone can get a good job, good health care and a decent place to live.” pOs世界播


With Castro’s withdrawal, the once overcrowded Democratic field has been whittled to 14 candidates, with the Iowa caucuses just over a month away. pOs世界播





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