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Italian teenader Carlo Acutis, who died in 2006, could be Catholic Church's first millennial saint 44U世界播



In many ways, Carlo Acutis was a typical teenager. He loved his PlayStation and making videos of his dogs. He favoured Nikes and jeans, and he had a cellphone and an email address. 44U世界播


But in one significant respect, Carlo " who was just 15 when he died of leukemia in 2006 " stands out from his peers: He is on his way to becoming the first millennial to be recognised as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. 44U世界播


Carlo, who lived in Milan, was beatified, or declared "blessed" by the pope, on Saturday after a miracle was attributed to him earlier this year. The ceremony, in Assisi, Italy, was the second-to-last step before Carlo can be canonised as a saint. 44U世界播


Since his death, Carlo has become known in some Catholic circles as the patron saint of the internet for his facility with computers and his early and enthusiastic embrace of the web, which he used as an expression of his Catholic faith. 44U世界播


When he was 9, Carlo began studying computer science textbooks and taught himself computer programming and graphic design, his mother, Antonia Acutis, said in a phone interview. In the months before his death, he created a website that cataloged miracles. 44U世界播

他的母亲安东尼娅·阿库蒂斯(Antonia Acutis)在接受电话采访时说,卡洛9岁时开始学习计算机科学教科书,并自学计算机编程和平面设计。在他去世前的几个月里,他创建了一个记录奇迹的网站。44U世界播

"Carlo was the light answer to the dark side of the web," his mother said, adding that some admirers have called him an "influencer for God". 44U世界播


Her son's life, she said, "can be used to show how the internet can be used for good, to spread good things". 44U世界播


After his death, the Diocese of Assisi, where his family had a second home, petitioned the Vatican to recognise Carlo as a saint. The diocese dug into his emails and computer search history, and interviewed witnesses. Then they waited for miracles. 44U世界播


Acutis said that people from all over the world had told her about medical miracles, including cures for infertility and cancer, that happened after they prayed to her son. In February, Pope Francis attributed the unexplainable healing of a boy with a malformed pancreas to Carlo after the child came in contact with one of his shirts. 44U世界播

阿库蒂斯说,来自世界各地的人告诉她,在他们向她的儿子祈祷后,发生了一些医学奇迹,包括治愈了不孕不育和癌症。今年2月,教皇方济各(Pope Francis)将一名患有胰腺畸形的男孩在接触到他的一件衬衫后莫名其妙地痊愈归功于卡洛。44U世界播

Now that he has been beatified, Carlo could become a saint if a second verified miracle is attributed to him and is recognised by the pope. A formal canonization ceremony would follow. 44U世界播


If that happens, Carlo would be joining an elite group. Among the more than 10,000 saints recognised by the Roman Catholic Church, just 120 died as children or teenagers, the National Catholic Register reported in 2017. 44U世界播


The time between beatification and sainthood varies widely, and sainthood might not happen at all, said Kathleen Sprows Cummings, a professor of American studies and history and the director of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame. For some saints, including Joan of Arc, who died when she was about 19, centuries pass between death and canonisation. 44U世界播

圣母大学(University Of Notre Dame)美国研究和历史教授、库什瓦美国天主教研究中心(Cushwa Center for the Study of American天主教)主任凯瑟琳·斯普罗斯·卡明斯(Kathleen Sprows Cummings)说,宣福礼和圣徒身份之间的时间差别很大,圣徒身份可能根本不会发生。对于一些圣徒来说,包括圣女贞德(Joan Of Arc),她在大约19岁时去世,死亡和被封圣之间经历了几个世纪。44U世界播

Hundreds of masked devotees, including Carlo's parents and siblings, gathered in Assisi on Saturday for his beatification ceremony, which was postponed from March because of the coronavirus. Many watched on screens that were spread throughout the town's piazzas as a church official read a letter from Pope Francis that declared Carlo "blessed." 44U世界播

周六,包括卡洛的父母和兄弟姐妹在内的数百名蒙面奉献者聚集在阿西西,参加他的宣福仪式,由于冠状病毒的原因,仪式从3月份推迟了。许多人在遍布小镇广场的屏幕上观看,一名教会官员宣读了教皇方济各(Pope Francis)的一封信,信中宣布卡洛“受到祝福”。44U世界播

"Already Carlo, he's only just been beatified, but already he's a worldwide phenomenon," said the Rev. Will Conquer, a Catholic priest and missionary in Cambodia who has written about Carlo's path to sainthood. "What makes it so extraordinary is that he was ordinary. We're telling people the guy you should be following is a guy very similar to you." 44U世界播

柬埔寨天主教牧师、传教士威尔·康奎尔(Will Conquer)说,“卡洛刚刚被宣福,但他已经是一个世界性的现象。”他曾写过卡洛的圣徒之路。“让它如此不同寻常的是,他很普通。我们告诉人们,你应该跟踪的人是一个和你非常相似的人。”44U世界播

Carlo's body, which was exhumed for veneration this month, was displayed in a nearby church with his preferred wardrobe of Nikes, jeans and a sweater. 44U世界播


Those signs of modernity resonated with many young people who see themselves in him, said Paul Jarzembowski, who leads the US Council for Catholic Bishops' youth and young adult ministries. Carlo was not a theological writer or world leader, he said, but rather an ordinary young person with compassion, a drive to integrate faith into his daily life and "a dedication to make the world a better place." 44U世界播

这些现代性的迹象引起了许多年轻人的共鸣,他们在他身上看到了自己,美国天主教青年和青壮年事工委员会(US Council For天主教青年和青壮年事工委员会)负责人保罗·贾姆博夫斯基(Paul Jarzembowski)说。他说,卡洛不是神学作家或世界领袖,而是一个有同情心的普通年轻人,有一种将信仰融入日常生活的动力,“一种让世界变得更美好的奉献精神”。44U世界播

"He is truly a patron for our self-isolating, digitally reliant times, and for other young people who are now accompanying all of us as we enter more fully into this new normal," Jarzembowski said. 44U世界播


Born in London to Italian parents, Carlo moved to Milan with his family as a child, his mother said. He enjoyed soccer and video games, including Pok:copyright:mon and Mario Kart, limiting himself to one hour a week with those games, his mother said. 44U世界播


He was inquisitive about Catholicism from a young age, inspiring his mother, who was not a practicing Catholic at the time, to return to the faith. He attended daily Mass from the time he was 7, never missing a day, she said. 44U世界播


Carlo sought ways of helping poor, older and disabled people, and refugees. On the way to school, he would stop to chat with people about their problems, she said. He took meals and sleep 44U世界播


At Carlo's funeral, the church overflowed with people whose lives he had touched, she said. 44U世界播


"People are gravitating to the idea of a young person becoming a saint at a time when young people are leaving the church, becoming disenchanted with the church," Cummings said. 44U世界播


And, as people worry about the corrosive effects of social media on young people, it is notable, she said, that the church is recognizing a person who used the internet to promote the faith. 44U世界播


Francis has embraced the internet and called it a "gift from God". Writing to young people last year, he commended Carlo as an example for his use of the internet and quoted him as saying, "Everyone is born as an original, but many people end up dying as photocopies." The pope added, "Don't let that happen to you!" 44U世界播


On Monday, the pope wrote on Twitter that Carlo's example showed that "true happiness is found by putting God in first place and serving him in our brothers and sisters, especially the least." 44U世界播


Francis, who has been known to embrace the internet " notably with Twitter and Instagram accounts " has been outspoken about the harmful effects of social media and the depravity of internet culture. 44U世界播


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