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Liverpool's intensive care wards are at 95% capacity and medics expect patient numbers to surge past those seen in the pandemic's first wave 'in ten days', councillor warns C3o世界播



Liverpool's intensive care wards are running at 95 per cent capacity as patient numbers in the city are expected to surge past the highest seen during the pandemic's first wave 'in the next 10 days,' a councillor has warned. C3o世界播


During the first peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Liverpool saw 400 patients hospitalised as they fought the disease. C3o世界播


Councillor Paul Brant, cabinet member for adult health and social care at Liverpool City Council, said there were around 277 confirmed cases currently in hospital -leaving its intensive care units running at around 95 per cent of capacity. C3o世界播

利物浦市议会负责成人健康和社会护理的内阁成员、议员保罗·布兰特(Paul Brant)表示,目前约有277例确诊病例在医院-使其重症监护病房的运力达到95%左右。C3o世界播


Covid-19 patients are filling up beds at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, and other medical sites across the city, with local health bosses predicting the city could have more than 400 in-patients with coronavirus within the next 10 days C3o世界播


Rising cases over the coming days could see other appointments and procedures cancelled to ensure Covid patients are given priority, as a health boss warned staff they were facing a 'critical point'. C3o世界播


Around half of the intensive care beds across the Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are currently occupied by those being treated for the virus. C3o世界播


Mr Brant said: 'We're expecting to see rates of inpatients continue to rise and probably surpass the levels in March or April within the next seven to 10 days. C3o世界播



Hospitalisations across the country have been rising since the end of August, yesterday reaching levels higher than the start of June C3o世界播


'There were 277 inpatients with Covid diagnosis yesterday, about 96 or so are awaiting tests. I think the previous peak was about 400 or so.' C3o世界播


He added: 'What will happen is they will stop the elective surgery, stop diagnostic procedures and stop screening services in order to free up beds that would otherwise be used for that activity, to ensure that any sort of surge capacity in relation to Covid is accommodated.' C3o世界播


As there is not a temporary Nightingale hospital in the area, Mr Brant said wards in the half-built new Royal Liverpool Hospital were utilised as overfill capacity for patients during the first wave. C3o世界播


On Monday, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust chief executive Steve Warburton told staff in a memo that it had reached a 'critical point'. C3o世界播

周一,利物浦大学医院NHS基金会信托首席执行官史蒂夫·沃伯顿(Steve Warburton)在一份备忘录中告诉员工,它已经到了一个“临界点”。C3o世界播

He said the trust was scaling back planned procedures, adding it was 'taking a phased approach to reducing our elective programme, while exploring options with other providers to maintain some of this work in alternative locations'. C3o世界播


He added: 'We will continue to prioritise surgery based on clinical need, with a view to maintaining urgent and cancer surgery where possible. C3o世界播


'We will continue to maintain access to outpatient appointments wherever possible, and maintain diagnostic activity.' C3o世界播


Liverpool is one of a host of cities to be placed under Tier 3 lockdown laws, sparking outrage among local businesses. C3o世界播


The Empored FIT gym in Wirral declared it was planning to ignore new laws and stay open. C3o世界播





Chris Ellerby-Hemmings, one of the owners, told The Times around 40 Merseyside gyms were planning to do the same. C3o世界播

克里斯·埃勒比-海明斯(Chris Ellerby-Hemmings)是健身房的所有者之一,他告诉时报,大约有40家默西塞德健身房也计划这样做。C3o世界播

He said: 'Obviously there might be some enforcement that happens, maybe the council will come, and the police will come, C3o世界播


'We would have a discussion and explain that we're doing this — to make a stand — and ask the council leaders to give us evidence to prove why gyms should be closed.' C3o世界播


Fitness chain Pure Gym has seven gyms in the area and has warned it may take legal action of the Government-enforce closure. C3o世界播

健身连锁店Pure Gym在该地区有七家健身房,并警告可能会采取政府的法律行动-强制关闭。C3o世界播

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