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Virginia governor also a possible target of anti-government plot: FBI hb1世界播



Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia and other officials were targeted because of their aggressive lockdown orders to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. hb1世界播

弗吉尼亚州州长拉尔夫·诺瑟姆(Ralph Northam)和其他官员成为目标,因为他们发布了激进的封锁命令,以限制冠状病毒的传播hb1世界播

WASHINGTON (NYTIMES) - Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia was discussed as a possible target by members of an anti-government group charged last week with plotting to kidnap the Michigan governor, the FBI said on Tuesday (Oct 13). hb1世界播

华盛顿(纽约时报)-美国联邦调查局(FBI)周二(10月13日)表示,一个反政府组织的成员上周被控密谋绑架密歇根州州长拉尔夫·诺瑟姆(Ralph Northam),讨论将弗吉尼亚州州长拉尔夫·诺瑟姆(Ralph Northam)作为可能的目标。hb1世界播

During a hearing in US District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Special Agent Richard J. Trask II of the FBI said that Northam and other officials were targeted because of their aggressive lockdown orders to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. hb1世界播


Last week, 13 men accused of involvement in the alleged plot against Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan were charged with a variety of state and federal crimes including terrorism, conspiracy and weapons possession. They also talked of planning to storm the Michigan state Capitol and start a civil war, authorities said. hb1世界播

上周,13名被控参与密歇根州州长格雷琴·惠特默(Gretchen Whitmer)的阴谋的男子被控犯有包括恐怖主义、阴谋和持有武器在内的各种州和联邦罪行。当局说,他们还讨论了袭击密歇根州议会大厦并发动内战的计划。hb1世界播

During Tuesday's hearing, authorities said the suspects also spoke about "taking" the Virginia governor because of coronavirus lockdown orders that restricted businesses. hb1世界播


Trask said that some of the suspects held a meeting in Dublin, Ohio, several months ago where they "discussed possible targets" for "taking a sitting governor". hb1世界播


The FBI alerted members of Northam's security team throughout their investigation, Alena Yarmosky, Northam's press secretary, said in a statement. The governor was not informed, "per security protocols," Yarmosky said, but added that "at no time was the governor or his family in imminent danger." hb1世界播

诺瑟姆的新闻秘书阿莱娜·亚莫斯基(Alena Yarmosky)在一份声明中说,联邦调查局在调查过程中向诺瑟姆的安全团队成员发出了警报。亚莫斯基说,州长没有得到通知,“根据安全协议”,但他补充说,“州长或他的家人在任何时候都不会有迫在眉睫的危险。”hb1世界播

Last spring, critics lambasted Whitmer, a Democrat, for her March 24 lockdown, particularly since the stay-at-home orders for rural Michigan, with relatively few cases of Covid-19, were the same as those for Detroit and other cities. Conservative and anti-government groups in Michigan were among the first in the country to organise protests against the coronavirus restrictions. hb1世界播


In Virginia, Northam, also a Democrat, issued a similar order on March 30, instructing residents to leave their homes only for work, medical attention, family care, shopping for essentials and "outdoor activity with strict social distancing requirements." hb1世界播


Northam started reopening much of Virginia on May 15, but as cases rose again over the summer, he implemented restrictions on bars, restaurants and public gatherings. hb1世界播


President Donald Trump had openly encouraged right-wing protests of social distancing restrictions in Virginia, Michigan and other states with stay-at-home orders, right after his administration had announced guidelines for governors to set their own timetables for reopening their communities. Among his tweets were calls to both "Liberate Michigan!" and "Liberate Virginia." hb1世界播

唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统在弗吉尼亚州、密歇根州和其他有居家命令的州公开鼓励右翼抗议社会距离限制,就在他的政府宣布州长为重新开放社区设定自己的时间表之后。在他的推文中,有人呼吁“解放密歇根!”和“解放弗吉尼亚”hb1世界播

Yarmosky referenced the president's tweets in the statement from Northam's office and said that the "rhetoric coming out of this White House has serious and potentially deadly consequences." She added: "It must stop." hb1世界播


Earlier this month, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that a 1945 state law Whitmer had been using to issue her emergency orders was unconstitutional and invalidated them. Most of the orders had been lifted on June 1, but after the ruling, emergency orders were issued through the health department, which kept in place mask requirements as well as limits on gathering sizes and business capacities. hb1世界播


On Tuesday, Trask also provided additional details about the alleged plans to kidnap Whitmer. One of the suspects, Adam Fox - identified by Trask as one of the leaders of the plot - spoke about a plan to take Whitmer out on a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan, and leave her stranded with the engine disabled so that someone would have to "come rescue" her, Trask said. hb1世界播

周二,Trask还提供了有关涉嫌绑架惠特默计划的更多细节。Trask说,其中一名嫌疑人亚当·福克斯(Adam Fox)-Trask确认他是这起阴谋的领导者之一-谈到了一项计划,将惠特默带到密歇根湖中央的一艘船上,让她被困在引擎关闭的情况下,这样就必须有人来营救她,Trask说。hb1世界播

The other alternative had been to take Whitmer to Wisconsin or another unspecified state and to put her on trial. The accused had referred to her as "a tyrant." Last week, authorities said the men were affiliated with an extremist group called the Wolverine Watchmen, which court documents called "an anti-government, anti-law enforcement militia group." The group met many times for tactical and firearms training and practiced building explosives, the FBI said, and spoke about attacking law enforcement officers. hb1世界播

另一种选择是将惠特默带到威斯康星州或另一个未指明的州,并对她进行审判。被告称她为“暴君”。上周,当局表示,这些人隶属于一个名为金刚狼守望者(Wolverine Watchman)的极端组织,法庭文件称该组织是“一个反政府、反执法的民兵组织”。FBI表示,该组织多次会面进行战术和枪支培训,并练习制造炸药,并谈到了袭击执法人员的问题。hb1世界播

Trask and the prosecutor mentioned several other men who they said were involved in the surveillance and the discussion of the plot, including one from Wisconsin, but who were not among those arrested. hb1世界播


The testimony also indicated that the participants were suspicious that government informants were monitoring or had infiltrated their group, changing encrypted messaging platforms and giving each other code names in hopes of escaping such surveillance. hb1世界播


At one point after a planning trip to case the governor's vacation home and the surrounding area, Fox asked that all the participants be scanned with a device that is supposed to identify if anyone was wearing a transmission wire or a recording device. hb1世界播


The effort apparently failed, Trask said, with the group eventually infiltrated by four informants or undercover agents who continued to document what the group was planning. hb1世界播


The FBI has more than 100 hours of secretly recorded audio acquired throughout the investigation, Trask said. hb1世界播


Sally Berens, a US magistrate judge, denied bail for three of the defendants after their lawyers argued that the alleged plots were more "inflammatory rhetoric" than substance. hb1世界播

美国地方法官萨利·贝伦斯(Sally Berens)拒绝保释其中三名被告,此前他们的律师辩称,所谓的阴谋更多的是“煽动性言论”,而不是实质内容。hb1世界播

Although their weapons and training were not illegal, the men sought to overthrow the government by force, and interrupting one plot did not eliminate future efforts, Berens said. "It is the plot along the way that is clearly very dangerous," she said, stressing that the men remained a danger to the community. hb1世界播


The detention hearing for Fox and Ty Garbin, two of the six men facing federal charges, is scheduled for Friday. A federal court in Delaware on Tuesday ordered Barry Croft, a Delaware resident who was arrested there, extradited to Michigan to face charges. hb1世界播

福克斯和泰·加宾(Ty Garbin)是面临联邦指控的六人中的两人,他们的拘留听证会定于周五举行。周二,特拉华州一家联邦法院下令将在那里被捕的特拉华州居民巴里·克罗夫特(Barry Croft)引渡到密歇根州接受指控。hb1世界播

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