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Race for coronavirus cure hits reality as clinic complications mount lJm世界播



The need to find viable treatments and ways to arrest the spread of the virus is becoming more pressing. lJm世界播


WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) - The sprint to find medical breakthroughs to contain Covid-19 stumbled this week, as a pair of pharmaceutical giants working to develop treatments and vaccines suffered setbacks in the clinic. lJm世界播


On Tuesday, Eli Lilly & Co. said that enrolment in a government-sponsored clinical trial of its antibody therapy had been paused out of safety concerns. That came less than 24 hours after Johnson & Johnson said research on its experimental vaccine was paused after a study volunteer fell ill. lJm世界播

周二,礼来公司(Eli Lilly&Co.)表示,出于安全考虑,政府资助的抗体疗法临床试验的注册已经暂停。不到24小时前,强生公司表示,在一名研究志愿者生病后,暂停了对其实验疫苗的研究。lJm世界播

The developments are likely to heighten worry that the pursuit of products to prevent and treat infections is moving too quickly. lJm世界播


Regulators and drugmakers have faced questions about whether political pressure was overwhelming scientific rigour ahead of the presidential election on Nov 3. lJm世界播


Last week, President Donald Trump, trailing in the polls, touted antibody treatments as a cure, and his administration has pushed hard for the rapid approval of the treatments and a vaccine. lJm世界播

上周,在民调中落后的唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统吹捧抗体疗法是一种治愈方法,他的政府一直在努力推动这些疗法和疫苗的迅速批准。lJm世界播

However, the trial complications are happening in an environment of intense scrutiny, executives and industry observers said, and the highly public nature of the hunt for vaccines and treatments is magnifying events that in other studies would be considered routine. lJm世界播


"I'm not surprised at all that these pauses are happening. Where I would be surprised is if they weren't happening," said Greg Poland, director of the Vaccine Research Group at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. lJm世界播

明尼苏达州罗切斯特市梅奥诊所疫苗研究小组主任格雷格·波兰(Greg Poll)说,“我对这些暂停的发生一点都不感到惊讶。如果它们没有发生,我会感到惊讶。”lJm世界播

The US has poured nearly US$18 billion (S$24.4 billion) into Operation Warp Speed, its programme designed to hasten the development of virus drugs and inoculations. lJm世界播


Companies have been moving at unprecedented speeds to develop complex and innovative products for a virus that has killed more than 215,000 Americans. lJm世界播


The need to find viable treatments and ways to arrest the spread of the virus is becoming more pressing. lJm世界播


Cases are climbing again in the US and Europe ahead of what public-health officials have warned could become a dangerous winter with Covid-19 circulating unchecked alongside seasonal influenza. lJm世界播


More virulent outbreaks could spur the need for more economically damaging infection-control measures. lJm世界播


J&J's vaccine was considered one of the frontrunners in the race for an inoculation. Along with rival shots made by Pfizer Inc. and partner BioNTech SE, Moderna Inc., and AstraZeneca Plc and the University of Oxford, its safety and effectiveness is being studied in a large trial. lJm世界播

强生的疫苗被认为是接种竞争中的领跑者之一。以及辉瑞公司(Pfizer Inc.)制造的竞争对手的疫苗。与合作伙伴BioNTech SE、现代公司、阿斯利康公司和牛津大学合作,其安全性和有效性正在进行大规模试验研究。lJm世界播

Hope for the shot's effectiveness has been high, since it is expected to be delivered in a single dose. Some rival shots will require a second injection. lJm世界播


J&J Chief Financial Officer Joseph Wolk said in an interview the company doesn't know whether the person who was sickened had received the vaccine or a placebo. lJm世界播

强生首席财务长约瑟夫·沃尔克(Joseph Wolk)在接受采访时说,公司不知道患病的人是否接种了疫苗或安慰剂。lJm世界播

He said that J&J is sticking to its development time-line and plans to be able to produce 1 billion doses a year. lJm世界播


"Everybody is anxious to get a vaccine to the pandemic, for the right reasons," Wolk said, "but nobody is cutting corners or suggesting that there be undue pressure to make that happen." lJm世界播


The stakes in a vaccine trial are especially high, since inoculations are given to people of all ages, many of whom are otherwise healthy. lJm世界播


Poland, of the Mayo Clinic, said he had never seen a vaccine trial under as much scrutiny as the Covid-19 trials. lJm世界播


"No one wants to misstep here," he said. "The decisions we are making will affect our children, our parents, our families. We aren't making decisions in a void." lJm世界播


Wall Street analysts who follow the drug industry said pauses are a common feature of clinical trials, and earlier data on J&J's vaccine and Lilly's antibody treatment had been encouraging. lJm世界播


"Trial halts are fairly common, and although we don't know the exact reason for this stop, the majority of safety incidents aren't usually related to the vaccine," Shore Capital analyst Adam Barker wrote in a note about J&J's temporary halt. lJm世界播

Shore Capital分析师亚当·巴克(Adam Barker)在一份关于强生暂停试验的报告中写道:“试验暂停是相当常见的,尽管我们不知道停止试验的确切原因,但大多数安全事件通常与疫苗无关,”Shore Capital分析师亚当·巴克(Adam Barker)在一份关于强生暂停试验的报告中写道。lJm世界播

J&J shares declined 2.2 per cent on Tuesday to lose at US$148.36 at 4pm in New York. Eli Lilly shares ended the day down 2.9 per cent at US$150.08. lJm世界播


Presidential Push Lilly's drug is part of a promising class of therapies known as monoclonal antibodies, which top US infectious-disease expert Anthony Fauci has called a bridge to a vaccine. lJm世界播

总统推动礼来公司的药物是一种被称为单克隆抗体的有前途的疗法的一部分,美国顶级传染病专家安东尼·福奇(Anthony Fuci)称这种疗法是通往疫苗的桥梁。lJm世界播

Last week, the company asked the US Food and Drug Administration to grant it an emergency-use authorisation after data from earlier studies showed the drug could reduce hospitalisations. lJm世界播

上周,该公司要求美国食品和药物管理局(US Food And Drug Administration)批准其紧急使用,此前来自早期研究的数据显示,该药物可以减少住院人数。lJm世界播

The National Institutes of Health is testing Lilly's treatment in Covid-19 patients in and out of the hospital. Preliminary data from the trial, known as Activ-3, isn't yet available. Lilly is developing its antibody with Canadian biotechnology company AbCellera Biologics Inc. lJm世界播

美国国立卫生研究院正在测试礼来公司在医院内外对新冠肺炎患者的治疗。这项名为Activ-3的试验的初步数据尚未公布。礼来公司正在与加拿大生物技术公司AbCellera Biologics Inc.合作开发其抗体。lJm世界播

The treatment is similar to one being developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. that was given to Trump after he tested positive for coronavirus. He credited the Regeneron drug for his recovery and vowed to make it and Lilly's treatment widely accessible. lJm世界播


Trump's illness and his endorsement of antibody drugs have put a spotlight on the two therapies, which prior to his stint in the hospital had taken a back seat to vaccines in the public eye. As the campaign intensifies in its final weeks, and Covid-19 case counts rise, drugs like Lilly's will be increasingly at centre of attention. lJm世界播


"Normally this stuff never makes the news," said the Mayo Clinic's Poland. "This is under a microscope and every sneeze and hiccup gets reported." lJm世界播


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