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Vaccine reluctance linked to belief in coronavirus hoaxes: Study hiT世界播



The World Health Organisation has warned that the pandemic has been accompanied by a damaging "infodemic". hiT世界播


PARIS (AFP) - Up to a third of people in certain countries may believe coronavirus misinformation and in turn be less open to immunisation, scientists said Wednesday (Oct 14), warning that development of a vaccine "might not be enough". hiT世界播


Researchers in Britain and the Netherlands conducted surveys in the UK, United States, Ireland, Mexico and Spain and found that while most people rejected Covid-19 conspiracy theories, some of these false stories had taken root in "substantial sections" of the population. hiT世界播


The World Health Organisation has warned that the pandemic has been accompanied by a damaging "infodemic" that has made it hard for people to cut through the misinformation. hiT世界播


The study found the conspiracy most believed by participants was the claim that the virus was deliberately engineered in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the epidemic first emerged. hiT世界播


Between 22-23 per cent of respondents in the UK and US rated this assertion as "reliable", rising to 33 per cent and 37 per cent Mexico and Spain respectively. hiT世界播


The hoax that Covid-19 symptoms are worsened by 5G phone networks was deemed reliable by 16 per cent of respondents in Mexico and in Spain, 12 per cent in Ireland, and 8 per cent in both the UK and US. hiT世界播


The study, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, found "a clear link" between believing coronavirus conspiracies and hesitancy around any future vaccine, said co-author Sander van der Linden, director of the Cambridge University Social Decision-Making Lab. hiT世界播

剑桥大学社会决策实验室主任、合著者桑德·范德林登(Sander Van Der Linden)表示,这项发表在“皇家学会开放科学”(Royal Society Open Science)杂志上的研究发现,相信冠状病毒阴谋与对未来任何疫苗的犹豫不决之间存在“明确的联系”。hiT世界播

"As well as flagging false claims, governments and technology companies should explore ways to increase digital media literacy in the population," he said. hiT世界播


"Otherwise, developing a working vaccine might not be enough." hiT世界播


Researchers conducted two surveys in the UK in April and May with 1,050 and 1,150 participants respectively, while there were also 700 participants each in the US, Mexico, Spain and Ireland. hiT世界播


They were also asked to rate the reliability of coronavirus claims on a scale of one to seven. hiT世界播


On average, the study found that an increase by one-seventh in someone's perception that misinformation was reliable was associated with a drop of 23 per cent in the likelihood they would agree to get vaccinated. hiT世界播


By contrast, a one-seventh increase in trust in scientists was associated with a 73 per cent increase in the likelihood of getting vaccinated. hiT世界播


Jon Roozenbeek, the lead author and a postdoctoral fellow at Cambridge's Department of Psychology, said people were dealing with "a deluge of statistics" in the pandemic. hiT世界播

该研究的主要作者、剑桥大学心理学系博士后研究员乔恩·鲁森贝克(Jon Roozenbeek)表示,人们正在应对大流行中的“大量统计数据”。hiT世界播

"The fostering of numerical skills for sifting through online information could well be vital for curbing the 'infodemic' and promoting good public health behaviour," he said. hiT世界播


Researchers found that high levels of trust in scientists and numeracy levels were "significantly and consistently" associated with imperviousness to misinformation across all countries studied. hiT世界播


Trusting politicians' ability to tackle the crisis predicted a higher likelihood of believing conspiracies in Mexico, Spain and the US, but not in the UK and Ireland, the study found. hiT世界播


A study from Cornell University earlier in October found that US President Donald Trump was the world's biggest driver of Covid-19 misinformation, because of his promotion of what the researchers termed "miracle cures". hiT世界播


This month also saw Facebook announce a ban on accounts linked to QAnon, a conspiracy movement centred on the unsubstantiated belief that the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshippers. hiT世界播


Its followers have alleged, without proof, that the coronavirus is a conspiracy to control people using vaccines and 5G. hiT世界播


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