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Furious Donald Trump lashes out as Cory Booker puts HIM on trial at Amy Coney Barrett hearing by asking her about 'peaceful transfer of power' and whether president can self-pardon hqy世界播

愤怒的唐纳德·特朗普猛烈抨击科里·布克(Cory Booker)在艾米·科尼·巴雷特(Amy Coney Barrett)听证会上对他的审判,询问她关于“和平移交权力”的问题,以及总统是否可以自我赦免。hqy世界播


Sen. Cory Booker tried to put President Donald Trump on trial during intensive questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett at her confirmation hearing Tuesday – and immediately drew an angry response from his target. hqy世界播

周二,在法官艾米·科尼·巴雷特(Amy Coney Barrett)的确认听证会上,参议员科里·布克(Cory Booker)试图让唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统接受审判,但立即遭到了目标的愤怒回应。hqy世界播

Trump lashed out at Booker after the Democrat cornered Barrett for 30 minutes of questions more than eight hours into her Senate appearance for her Supreme Court confirmation. hqy世界播


Booker not only queried her about hot court topics like abortion and same sex marriage – but dove into topics that Trump on the spot – including his refusal at the first presidential debate to condemn white supremacy and his refusal to pledge a peaceful transfer of power. hqy世界播



Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) hit Amy Coney Barrett with a series of questions that put her on the spot for statements President Donald Trump either made or refused to make hqy世界播

参议员科里·布克(新泽西州民主党)。用一系列问题打击艾米·科尼·巴雷特(Amy Coney Barrett),这些问题让她陷入唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统发表或拒绝发表的声明的现场hqy世界播

'I wish out president would say that so resolutely unequivocally as well,' he told Barrett, after she did condemn white supremacy in response to a question. hqy世界播


When Booker was done, Trump accused him of making 'false charges,' called him an 'empty suit,' and accused him of not living in Newark when he was mayor. hqy世界播


'How dare failed Presidential Candidate (1% and falling!) @CoryBooker make false charges and statements about me in addressing Judge Barrett. Illegally, never even lived in Newark when he was Mayor,' Trump said in a pair of tweets as soon as Booker finished. hqy世界播


'Guy is a total loser! I want better Healthcare for far less money, always...protecting people with Pre-existing conditions. He has done nothing on Healthcare, cost or otherwise, or virtually anything else. An empty suit!!!' hqy世界播


Booker, employing a soft tone and a smile even as he repeatedly delved into fraught topics, tried to get Barrett – who held up her status as an 'originalist' during her hearings – to split with Trump on demanding a peaceful transfer of power. hqy世界播



Trump's comments about white supremacy and a peaceful transfer of power became fodder for Judge Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearings hqy世界播

特朗普关于白人至上和和平移交权力的言论成为法官艾米·科尼·巴雷特(Amy Coney Barrett)确认听证会的素材hqy世界播


Trump lashed out a Booker immediately after his questioning time hqy世界播






Unlike some members on the committee, Booker used much of his time to ask Barrett a series questions about loaded political topics hqy世界播


Trump for days would only say he would agree to a peaceful transfer if there were a 'fair' election. hqy世界播


'To the extent that this is a political context right now, as a judge I want to say out of it,' Barrett told him. hqy世界播


'In light of our founding fathers, in light of our traditions … I’m just asking you should a president commit themselves like our founding fathers I think had the clear intention … to the peaceful transfer of power,' Booker tried again. hqy世界播


Barrett responded only that: 'One of the beauties of America ... is that we have had peaceful transfers of power,' whereas many other nations don't, she said. hqy世界播


Booker then hit Trump's Supreme Court nominee with an arcane question that is also debated by scholars: whether the Constitution permits a president to pardon himself. hqy世界播


It is a potential issue, as Trump investigation by federal prosecutors in New York, and the New York Times obtained Trump tax returns that experts said could open him to investigation for potentially fraudulent tax deductions. Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the Times reported. hqy世界播


'That would be a legal question. That would be a constitutional question,' Barrett told him on the pardon. 'I think I agree with you. That it is an issue right now that our president may seek to pardon himself,' Booker said. hqy世界播


It was one of several topics Barrett sought to dodge, and it is one she might have to consider if she makes it to the high court and Trump does take the action. hqy世界播


The Booker asked about Trump's reported multi-million debts to foreign entities. 'I think it’s disturbing that we’re having this conversation,' he told the witness. hqy世界播


'Presidents should reveal what their debts are. Especially if it’s to foreign nations,' Booker told her. hqy世界播


Booker began quoting former Trump Defense James Mattis calling Trump a 'danger to our democracy.' Mattis blasted Trump in June after the clearing of protesters across from Lafayette Park. hqy世界播

布克开始引用前特朗普辩护律师詹姆斯·马蒂斯(James Mattis)的话,称特朗普是“对我们民主的威胁”。今年6月,在拉斐特公园对面的抗议者被驱散后,马蒂斯抨击了特朗普。hqy世界播

'The legitimacy of our institutions are at stake,' Booker said. 'It’s not normal that the president would further cast a shadow over your nomination,' he added. 'It’s an illegitimate process. Most Americans think that we should wait.' hqy世界播


Trump's attack appeared to revive a 2013 claim by Booker's former opponent, although his campaign shot back that property records and other evidence established Booker lived in Newark from 2006 through 2013 while he was mayor. Bookers campaign provided rent checks as well as payments from his security detail, which lived on a floor of a home following threats. hqy世界播

特朗普的攻击似乎重新唤起了布克前对手2013年的一项主张,尽管他的竞选团队回击了财产记录和其他证据,证明布克在2006年至2013年担任市长期间曾住在纽瓦克。Bookers Campaign提供租金支票以及他的安保人员的付款,在受到威胁后,他的安保人员住在一所房子的一层。hqy世界播

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