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Nurse who worked for 18 years with sick children is unmasked as a vile sexual predator who groomed, molested and drugged his young victims and bragged about it online Y27世界播



A paediatric nurse has been revealed as a serial paedophile who molested and drugged vulnerable children. Y27世界播


James 'Jim' Geoffrey Griffin, 69, spent almost three decades grooming and abusing his young victims, and worked at the Launceston General Hospital children's ward from 2001. Y27世界播

现年69岁的詹姆斯·吉姆·杰弗里·格里芬(James“Jim”Geoffrey Griffin)花了近30年的时间梳理和虐待年轻的受害者,从2001年开始在朗塞斯顿综合医院(Launceston General Hospital)儿童病房工作。Y27世界播

Griffinwas finally charged with more than a dozen sexual offences against children as young as 11 in October last year. Y27世界播


Two weeks later Griffin died in hospital after taking a cocktail of dangerous drugs. A coroner found his suicide was motivated by the charges he was facing. Y27世界播



James 'Jim' Geoffrey Griffin (pictured) was exposed as a serial predator after working for almost 18 years as a nurse in the Launceston General Hospital Children's ward Y27世界播



Griffin (pictured) groomed and drugged vulnerable children and was hit with over a dozen charges relating to sexual offences against children as young as 11 in October last year Y27世界播


The charges dated back to when Griffin was a volunteer for the Tasmanian Ambulance Service in 1987 and carried through up to 2019. Y27世界播


While Griffin worked at the Launceston General Hospital he also volunteered as a 'medic' for a children's sporting team. Y27世界播


One victim, Keelie McMahon, was 14-years-old whenGriffin - her mother's co-worker - began to groom her. Y27世界播

其中一名受害者基利·麦克马洪(Keelie McMahon)在14岁时-她母亲的同事约翰·格里芬(Griffin)-开始为她理发。Y27世界播

Ms McMahon said the grooming escalated on a night in 2011 when she was attending a group sleepover at Griffin's home. Y27世界播


'There were a fair few of us there watching movies and then once we decided to go to sleep, that's when he decided to take it a bit further with me,' Ms McMahon toldThe Mercury. Y27世界播


Griffin approached Ms McMahon where she was lying and sexually assaulted her with other children sleeping nearby. Y27世界播


'I remember waking up the next morning and going out to the kitchen and Jim just acted like nothing had happened. He just kept talking to me normally and went about his day, which made me second guess what had happened,' she explained. Y27世界播


Griffin, then aged 62, sexually assaulted Ms McMahon again six months later on a shared family camping trip. Ms McMahon initially did not report the incidents. Y27世界播



Griffin's (pictured) child abuse charges range from when Griffin was a volunteer for the Tasmanian Ambulance Service in 1987 up to when he worked at the hospital in 2019 Y27世界播

格里芬(如图)虐待儿童的指控范围从1987年格里芬在塔斯马尼亚救护车服务中心(Tasmanian Ambulance Service)担任志愿者到2019年他在医院工作Y27世界播

In May last year she learned another young woman had reported being sexually abused by Griffin, beginning in 2009, between the ages of 11 and 14. Y27世界播


Griffin's charge sheet showed the abuse involved 'sexual intercourse' and Griffin 'made admissions of criminal sexual misconduct in relation to her'during a police interview. Y27世界播


Ms McMahon decided to make a report and at least five female victims had come forward with allegations against Griffin by October 2019. Y27世界播


Police located 'a significant' amount of child exploitation material, some of which he had created himself, in a search of Griffin's home. Y27世界播


Detectives also found Griffin's post in an online forum, dated March 2015, where he bragged that he would drug young girls and film himself abusing them. Y27世界播


The 69-year-old was charged on October 3, 2019, but was found unresponsive in his home 11 days later after ingesting a cocktail of drugs. Y27世界播


Griffin was taken to hospital and died four days later. Y27世界播


The coroner's report said Griffin took the drugs 'with the express intention of ending his own life voluntarily and alone' and was 'motivated' by the charges he was facing. Y27世界播


Tasmania Police declined to comment as the investigation is part of a coronial inquiry. Y27世界播



Griffin died from a deadly mix of drugs in October 2019 (Launceston General Hospital pictured) Y27世界播


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