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McConnell announces he will hold vote on small business loan bill as stimulus impasse continues CRV世界播



Why Covid-19 relief funds went to some members of Congress CRV世界播


Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced on Tuesday that Senate Republicans will attempt to move forward on a "targeted" coronavirus relief bill when the Senate returns to session next week -- a sign that prospects for broad stimulus agreement have all but faded before Election Day. CRV世界播

多数党领袖米奇·麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)周二宣布,参议院共和党人将试图在参议院下周重新开会时推进一项“有针对性的”冠状病毒救济法案--这一迹象表明,在选举日之前,达成广泛刺激协议的前景几乎已经消退。CRV世界播

"Republicans do not agree that nothing is better than something for working families," McConnell said in a statement referencing the small business loan Paycheck Protection Program. "The American people need Democrats to stop blocking bipartisan funding and let us replenish the PPP before more Americans lose their jobs needlessly." CRV世界播


McConnell, speaking in Kentucky on Tuesday, said the GOP proposal will include PPP funds, liability protections and funds for schools and hospitals. The key elements would roughly line up with past GOP proposals that have been rejected, with this proposal totaling roughly $500 billion, McConnell said. Democrats have rejected scaled-back GOP proposals up to this point. CRV世界播


"So far they have said if we can't do everything we want to do we won't do anything," McConnell said of Democrats. "That doesn't solve the problem." CRV世界播


The move by Senate Republicans is the latest in months of back and forth between the two parties and the Trump administration -- with the partisan majorities in both chambers passing or attempting to pass their own preferred legislation, only to have it rejected out of hand by the opposite side. Throughout the Trump administration has made several attempts to negotiate with House Democrats, but a breakthrough has remained far out of reach throughout the course of the summer. CRV世界播


The stakes can't be overstated. Unemployment remains elevated, small businesses throughout the country face an epidemic of closures and the direct payments and enhanced unemployment insurance that helped float families and individuals throughout the pandemic-created economic shutdowns are no longer in effect. The pending result, according to economists, could be devastating if Congress and the Trump administration do not reach an agreement. CRV世界播


But despite the urgency expressed throughout the country, the negotiations have only appeared to get further away from a resolution in recent days -- and significantly more confusing. While President Donald Trump offered a momentary boost to the prospects of an agreement last week when he called for a "big" deal and proposed a $1.8 trillion offer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has rejected the effort as insufficient on several major fronts and the talks are once again stuck without a clear path forward. CRV世界播

但是,尽管整个国家都表达了紧迫性,但最近几天谈判似乎离达成解决方案越来越远,而且明显更令人困惑。虽然唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统上周呼吁达成一项“重大”协议并提出1.8万亿美元的提议,为达成协议的前景提供了短暂的提振,但众议院议长南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)拒绝了这一努力,称这一努力在几个主要方面不够,谈判再次陷入僵局,没有明确的前进道路。CRV世界播

Senate Republicans, in a private conference call over the weekend, ripped the Trump administration's proposal as far too expensive and filled with policies they found objectionable, sources on the call told CNN at the time. The blowback led Trump's top two negotiators, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, to ask lawmakers to pass a standalone small business aid bill. CRV世界播

参加电话会议的消息人士当时告诉CNN,参议院共和党人在周末的一次私人电话会议上抨击特朗普政府的提案过于昂贵,并充斥着他们认为令人反感的政策。这一反弹导致特朗普的两名最高谈判代表,财政部长史蒂文·姆钦(Steven Mnuchin)和白宫幕僚长马克·梅多斯(Mark Meadows)要求议员们通过一项独立的小企业援助法案。CRV世界播

Yet mere minutes after McConnell announced that's exactly what Senate Republicans planned to do, Trump tweeted: "STIMULUS! Go big or go home!!!" CRV世界播


Sen. Richard Durbin, the second-ranked Senate Democrat, tweaked Republicans on the clear divergence of approaches when asked about McConnell's new effort. CRV世界播

当被问及麦康奈尔的新努力时,排名第二的参议院民主党参议员理查德·德宾(Richard Durbin)微调了共和党人在方法上的明显分歧。CRV世界播

"What I hear from Sen. McConnell is once again take a little piece and be satisfied," Durbin told reporters during a break in the Supreme Court nomination hearing before the Judiciary Committee. "What I hear from President just the opposite. Can the two have them sit down and agree? Wouldn't that be a breakthrough?" CRV世界播


PPP has bipartisan support and has received broad backing for fund replenishments and an extension of its deadline in the past. But the other likely elements of the new GOP proposal -- most notably liability protections -- have run into objections from Democrats and, more broadly, the idea of moving forward on anything below $2 trillion has been viewed as a non-starter up to this point. Democrats, should they stick with the strategy they've utilized up to this point, are likely to block the effort. CRV世界播


Democratic leaders have repeatedly rejected piecemeal approaches to the next relief effort, including a roughly $300 billion Senate GOP relief bill, which Democrats voted unanimously against last month. Instead, they have insisted on a broad, comprehensive response to the twin economic and public health issues facing the country. CRV世界播


Pelosi, in a conference call with House Democrats on Tuesday, made clear she was unwilling to agree to any proposals she deemed insufficient, according to two people on the call. CRV世界播


"We cannot get an agreement just by folding," Pelosi told her members, the people said. CRV世界播


The broader negotiations have remained at a stalemate for months. While President Donald Trump offered a momentary boost to the prospects of an agreement last week when he called for a "big" deal and proposed a $1.8 trillion offer, Pelosi has rejected the effort as insufficient on several major fronts and the talks are once again stuck without a clear path forward. CRV世界播

更广泛的谈判几个月来一直处于僵局。虽然美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)上周呼吁达成一项“重大”协议并提出1.8万亿美元的出价,为达成协议的前景提供了短暂的提振,但佩洛西拒绝了这一努力,称这一努力在几个主要方面都不够,谈判再次陷入僵局,没有明确的前进道路。CRV世界播

Pelosi, in a letter to her House Democratic colleagues Tuesday, listed off a myriad of significant issues with the latest Trump administration proposal. CRV世界播


The California Democrat laid out eight key areas where tangible differences exist between the two sides, and the issues largely mirror the splits between the two sides that have existed for more than three months. CRV世界播


Pelosi also made clear that those eight areas "are not exhaustive of our many outstanding concerns." CRV世界播


"Significant changes must be made to remedy the Trump proposal's deficiencies," Pelosi wrote to her colleagues CRV世界播


The Senate GOP move, which aides have said was under discussion for several days, follows a written request to lawmakers from Mnuchin and Meadows to hold a vote to bring the small business program back online. The PPP was designed to bridge the pandemic-driven shutdowns and help businesses keep employees in their jobs -- and in turn, the loans taken out would be forgiven, essentially shifting into a grant. It came to an end with roughly $130 billion in funds unspent. CRV世界播


It also provides another opportunity for Senate Republicans in danger of losing their seats in November to vote on more relief -- something several frontline Republicans have repeatedly pressed McConnell and their colleagues to move forward on in recent months. CRV世界播


This story has been updated with additional developments Tuesday. CRV世界播


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