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Supreme Court grants Trump administration's request to halt census count while appeal plays out 52P世界播



The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted a request from the Trump administration to halt the census count while an appeal plays out over a lower court's order that it continue. 52P世界播


The administration had asked the high court for "immediate relief" because a lower court order would have required the census count to continue until October 31. The Trump administration argued that would have prevented Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from delivering a count of the nation's population to President Donald Trump by December 31. 52P世界播

政府已经要求高等法院“立即救济”,因为下级法院的命令将要求人口普查持续到10月31日。特朗普政府辩称,这将阻止商务部长威尔伯·罗斯(Wilbur Ross)在12月31日之前向唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统提交美国人口统计数据。52P世界播

The ruling is a win for the administration, which argued the shortened deadline is necessary to give the Commerce Department enough time to meet the December deadline. The administration noted that the count had been delayed by Covid-19 but that if the time spent counting were shortened, that deadline could still be met. 52P世界播


Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented from the order, fearing that the shortened timeline would produce inaccurate results. 52P世界播

大法官索尼娅·索托马约尔(Sonia Sotomayor)对这一命令持不同意见,担心缩短的时间表会产生不准确的结果。52P世界播

"Because the harms associated with an inaccurate census are avoidable and intolerable, I respectfully dissent from the grant of stay," she wrote. 52P世界播


No other justice noted a dissent. 52P世界播


Tuesday's order is just the latest twist in what's become a long-running political dispute and is likely to fuel fresh scrutiny over the accuracy of the bureau's US population count. 52P世界播


The Trump administration has exerted unprecedented political influence over the survey in ways that critics say will advantage Republicans in upcoming elections, including by rushing the process and seeking to exclude undocumented immigrants. 52P世界播


In late July and early August, Ross directed Census officials to come up with a plan to condense the door knocking operation, shorten the number-crunching process and meet the December 31 deadline. 52P世界播


Officials warned in internal emails reviewed by CNN that such a count would be of tally of "unacceptable quality" with "fatal flaws" and carry the stain of "politically manipulated results." 52P世界播


In one email, Ross asked if a shortened schedule would allow the numbers to be produced during Trump's presidency. That suggested a concern that Republican leadership, rather than a potential Joe Biden presidency, make determinations over who is counted, while also risking a significant undercount of the population in as many as 10 states. 52P世界播

在一封电子邮件中,罗斯询问缩短的时间表是否会允许在特朗普总统任期内产生这些数字。这表明了一种担忧,即共和党领导层,而不是潜在的乔·拜登(Joe Biden)总统,会决定谁被计算在内,同时也有可能严重低估多达10个州的人口。52P世界播

The political showdown over the census has played out alongside the coronavirus pandemic, which took hold in the US as the massive once-a-decade count was getting underway. 52P世界播


The agency suspended field operations for a time, although that work eventually resumed in some areas. 52P世界播


The census determines how many representatives each state gets in Congress and how billions of dollars in federal funding is spent. Schools, roads and other important things in communities will gain -- or lose -- funding over the next 10 years depending on this official population tally. 52P世界播


And while this year's census has relied more heavily on collecting responses by phone, mail or online, the operation still needs a robust field operation to reach minority communities as well as students on college campuses, seniors in assisted living facilities and people experiencing homelessness. 52P世界播


Not only are these groups at high risk for coronavirus infection, they're also among those most in need of in-person outreach. 52P世界播


This story has been updated with additional background information Tuesday. 52P世界播


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